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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Blackcat, May 25, 2018.

  1. Blackcat

    Blackcat New Member

    Once again KANO might as well wear a stripey top and carry a swag bag because if im reading the forecast for the last raid event NO ONE will get anything extra because we somehow got to believe them that we didnt meet this plucked out the sky number of 400 killed off raids...Nooooooooooo...We all according to the figures only killed 397,3 short of the magical number.In other words instead of at least giving us something extra for ending the amount we did seeing You did not meet the raid kill goal. is like saying to everyone who took part ahh well,too bad,you didnt do enough .Better off offering us nothing extra at the start than actually promising something if we chase that carrot on a stick enough and dont quite get there just for us to get nothing.But i guess offering us nothing extra at the start would not equal possible higher usage of fps
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  2. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    No one forces anyone to chase a carrot, that is on you and anyone else who chooses to do so, and believe me I know from others from the first holiday raid, the prizes were nothing to brag about, so ya not missing much at all.
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  3. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    I would not say it was picked at random; rather it was a conservative projection based on the trends of Raids opened/killed on server 2 over the past four or so months.

    It is unfortunate that the goal was not met, however the fact that it was so close also says that it was not entirely unfeasible. It's definitely something to keep in mind when we design it for next time, although I will note that Facebook and Kong/Armor met their goals, and exceeded them. The Raids still have all the regular rewards associated with them such as XP, Gold and drops from Boss completions, so that was not withheld.
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  4. Steven Jordan

    Steven Jordan Active Member

    I play Mobile app/server one and received the rewards
  5. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    This is for server 2, Facebook and Kong/Armor successfully met their kill goal(s).
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  6. Blackcat

    Blackcat New Member

    A projection is a number picked based on what if scenarios and if i remember properly im sure the projected number that was put on another one that was run started at 250 and was then adjusted up as each band was surpassed and that one was connected to amounts of free loot boxes offered at the end of the raid and even though you say it was not entirely unfeasable that is worth exactly zero when the difference between getting something and getting nothing is 3 .Keeping the good will of the players that are left should be at the top of priorities for both those that still enjoy playing no matter how small and unbraggable the prizes are and also KANO for having revenue and advertising
  7. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    I just want to clarify that the Christmas event had "staged" kill rewards. I think there were about 7 stages to hit, each one unlocked a new reward. Our "projection" never changed during this event so what I mean by that is the last stage goal was set when the event started even though it wasn't immediately visible.

    In terms of our projection for this event the process was the same, the difference being that there were not "stages" this time and just the final end goal to hit. So having said that we set the goal to be something that was certainly reachable.

    I completely understand the frustration, especially given that it was so so close to hitting the goal. As Mi7ch said we will certainly keep this in mind for future events.
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  8. Blackcat

    Blackcat New Member

    What should also be kept in mind and taken into the projection and any future predictions for targets is the exodus of players who used to play at christmas and now no longer play and every month i see less and less of players who you could rely on to be a bit "raid nuts" What might have been a certainty few months ago is no guarantee of any future targets that are reachable .For all anyone knows making people frustrated with this past raid could have a knock on effect towards the next one on top of the guaranteed players that will give up before the next one even starts
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  9. Seppo

    Seppo Active Member

    and changed rewards to only based on actions?? nto healing and attacks section. that lead that people will high nrg just healed these actions and heavy stamina couldnt keep up with actions and give up killing raids... kano didnt think this really well... and kp2 has to pay it now....good job kano!!...use your math kano at least once....
  10. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    well if server 2 cant meet requirements then why even bring out the event over there?? why not just bring it out the way it used too be problem solved!!! an which i do find it unfair that we didnt get nothing outta of it only but level ups which i think we still should be owed for all the hard work we put in...cause u know that some players do not play the same platforms so therefore they shall be rewarded with the effort an time being put in? if i am wording this correctly!!

    P.S. This is why alot of players as quit over the years due too unfairness that you kano as done wrong an that cant be undone!!
  11. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    I agree. Odd thing is I helped kill a lot more bosses on server 2 than I did on Facebook, and yet Facebook gave me 12 chests, and server 2 gave me nothing! It is not the fault of the players on server 2 for not killing the required number of raids. It is Kano's fault for over projecting the number they thought we should be able to kill. They came close, but how were we whom tried so hard suppose to pull another 3 raids out of our hat to meet the kill requirement Kano stipulated? If anything, with the low player base on server 2 where good boss drops are not as easy to come by, we may have been even more appreciative of a chance for chests to help us get stronger than the players on Facebook. It would have went a long way to help player moral rather than offering us a chance at something that in the end was futile to try for.
  12. RafeDavid

    RafeDavid Well-Known Member

    3 short of the goal.... OUCH!!!!!

    Create more alts and have them open raids next time. <------- Sarcasm
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  13. Clio Muse

    Clio Muse New Member

    the collecting of the keys to summon a raid maybe should be extended further for next time because after Monday no one could summon a raid unless they already had the keys and some were trading in their unused keys for xp and we still had a few days left to go with 3 kills left to reach the reward checkpoint that could have easily been done, just another option to think about for next time
  14. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Well the event is over to open raids when allowed to accept keys for exp., so I see this as a null point. So let's say have keys and can't summon a new raid=purpose? Do you wan't raids extended more than period of a week to open?

    Although missing out on projected rewards might suck, I feel that KANO made a good assumption for raids killed from previous events.

    It should be a challenge and BTW no one got rewards, so it's not hindering any ones play, not receiving extra rewards that are basically brand new to the game.
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  15. Snowtiger

    Snowtiger Well-Known Member

    I realize no ones game was hindered due to the fact no person got the rewards. But for a server already dripping with stagnation, it was a disappointment not only to the newer players testing out this sever, but the older players trying to help them gain extra inventory by way of chests. I also remember a time when world bosses were not being killed in time. You could say it should have been a challenge just as people are saying about the shortfall here. Kano listened then and made adjustments. All I am asking is that they look closely about what happened this time with raids, and rethink and adjust accordingly. Just because a certain amount of raids were killed in the past does not mean we will certainly look at any new goal as a challenge. To many variables such as how many people quit, or how many refuse to spend more Fps on more raids to get them killed in time. But for what ever reason, all the players who opened a raid this season, or helped kill a raid this season will continue on in this servers world of stagnation, or just move on......Only time will tell.
  16. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    After over 7 years, I've already made that decision.
  17. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    We 100% agree. I just want to clarify that our projection was not solely based on the Christmas event and took into account raid participation in the events that have followed since. It is a fine line between making the event challenging and not too easy to achieve. I think we came pretty darn close here but obviously it skewed towards being a little too challenging for Kano Play - Server 2.
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  18. Blackcat

    Blackcat New Member

    ??? Makes it sound like our fault people are stopping playing this app on the server 2 base.Im sure if players had been left in posession of their keys they had sitting after the monday cut off point until the following day then all of this would have been moot
  19. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Monday has always been the cut off point, if ya playing on server 2 then you know how quiet it has been there for years.
  20. Blackcat

    Blackcat New Member

    Played on server 2 coming upto 5 years and just because in the past a Monday has been the cut off point on what can be looked at in comparison to the amount of time the app has been running as a recent update.an extra activiity,it should not be ruled out making an adjustment to offset the decreasing amount taking part.If the gameplay doesnt adapt to suit then the app will die even more than it already has.

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