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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by neill1990, May 2, 2017.

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    To make raid equip more appealing i think that if a person equips X amount of the legendaries or commons there is a slight bonus to the specific raid. Some examples could be-

    2 pieces equipped: reduction of raid party health damage when you attack
    3 pieces: increased raid damage dealt per power hit
    4 pieces: increased chance of energy drops

    could make it extremely simple like this where doesnt matter what pieces are equipped, it will still give the boost to that select raid the drops came from. Another way would be each piece has a unique perk that is specific to the raid it dropped from that is only activated once equipped.

    The amount of items would not change the stats of the bonus, so say you have 10 of a single drop, the bonus would stay the same, no increase or decrease.

    commons could have weaker bonuses then their legendary counterpart.

    commons could have the single stat bonuses while legendaries have the X set bonuses or vice versa. There is quite alot of possibilities with this that would make raids quite a bit more intriguing.

    some other possibilities of potential bonuses could be:
    • more damage dealt in single attack but party takes more damage
    • increase drop rate of common item
    • bonus amount healed per heal
    • less raid party damage but heals are weaker
    • better heals but lower energy drop rate
    • more gold per attack
    • deduction of heal cost but higher damage dealt to raid party
    • on every 100 total attacks/100 stam, the 100th hit deals double damage
    • on every 100 heals/energy, the 100th heal is doubled
    • every 100 attacks/100 stam raid party damage is nullified
    • every 100 attacks/100 stam raid party damage is halved
    • passive 250 damage per single stam hit up to a max of 5,000 per 20 stam hit
    • unlock 40 energy heal slider that heals 2.1 times more then 20 (base heal 100% * 2= 200% plus a additional incentive of 10% per heal totaling to 210% or 2.1x)
    these are the ones i can think of off the top of my head that could either be tethered to a single piece or bundled by equipping X amount of the set acquired from a select raid. this would add some strategy to people who have acquired several pieces of equip but have no reason to equip them since its weaker then what they currently have equipped.

    The same could be done with the boss equip drops, i know its possible since the original bosses have it so when you equip specific equipment youll gain a slight bonus while fighting them. If properly implemented this is completely balanced without having a effect on the core of the game. Just adds another level of play style for people to differentiate themselves while also making use of equip that wouldnt be used otherwise.
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    Maybe not the last thing we need, but pretty close.

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