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  1. Eric Thunderbone

    Eric Thunderbone Active Member

    I went and added up the total damage dealt by all my boss's attackers. It was roughly 45 million. The total number of "actions" to get that 45 million damage was about 25K. 45 million is roughly 1/20th of the boss's total health. If it never reset even once, it would take about 500K "actions" to kill it. FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND. Don't you think that's more than enough to warrant not imposing the death penalty every time someone kills your character?
  2. Lasinagol

    Lasinagol Active Member

    I joined several Raid Boss battles to increase the likelihood I would get a desirable drop. The EXP alone is worth it to me. But, it would be nice to see improvement instead of content added to draw in more people. What about keeping the ones that are already here?
  3. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Lasinagol - the experience I can get from bosses - and will get drops from bosses which I can craft making me a stronger Viking. There is nothing desirable about the RAID boss - other than I will be glad in 6 days and 6 hours when this stupid thing is over and done.
  4. Lasinagol

    Lasinagol Active Member

    To each their own...I agree overall with your sentiment, but in my case I am trying to get past my tormentors. To do that I need to be more then level 5k and the faster I do that the faster I can torment them back.
  5. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Well then good luck getting past your tormentors!!!!!! I will grant you doing this boss is leveling me more quickly than usual - but at a horrible financial cost - A COST I AM QUITE UPSET ABOUT AND WILL BE WRITING AGAIN TO KANO ONCE I KILL THIS THING. My RAID boss will likely be the only KANO PLAY SERVER 2 RAID boss killed. And that's only because I'm a butt head who won't back down from a challenge
  6. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    OH - did I forget to mention that each time 2 people hit the boss at the same exact time, the stamina per hit automatically resets to a single stamina attack - making this much more annoying than it should be. I've had to reset my stamina setter 20x today. Slows me down.
  7. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Not to mention that lovely Screen Freeze is starting up again. Care to find any other ways to piss me off today?
  8. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Oh and another KANO screw up with the RAID boss - since KANO is allowing for RAID boss sharing with non clan members - what's to stop someone from going to an enemies boss - and killing themselves on the boss - thereby (your words not mine) resetting the RAID bosses health??????

    Y'all really need to think about what you're doing before you put a product out.
  9. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    FYI - just finished the RAID boss - and got basically no drops. Wasted 200 + favor points - heck I could have done better than that leveling with bosses - and gotten alot of drops also. THANKS FOR NOTHING KANO!!!!
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  10. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    Can you clarify something for me? It sounds as if you're displeased. Would that be an accurate statement?
  11. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    No Jared that would not be an accurate statement. I am beyond livid. 2 entirely different things.
  12. JustCute

    JustCute New Member

    Just managed to kill that Raid Boss.. And Burned lots of energies/stamina.... Got the achievement 10sp thats all! Ended up NO DROP!
  13. LillyAnne

    LillyAnne New Member

    Raid Group Info
    Levels 0-2000 : 6
    Levels 2001-3999 : 9
    Levels 4000+ : 16

    Why is this possible on some of the bosses?
  14. Deblovscats1

    Deblovscats1 Active Member

    Well these Raid Bosses are a BIG disappointment!! I love to level fast but these thing are a pain in the patootie!! It is not fun at all like the other Bosses! With the other ones you get drops that you can use & make yourself stronger! There are other ways to level fast if you want to!
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  15. Lasinagol

    Lasinagol Active Member

    I ended up out of my weight-class because of these things. I spent almost four hundred FP's on them as a total and now people are slapping me around where I used to be the boss of my level. Maybe if they had a drop like one of the Godly Tirals Bosses it would be more appealing to the people that hit and run. I have almost twenty people who got the minimum actions on my boss and haven't done **** to it otherwise. I feel that they shouldn't get the drop when five other people besides myself are putting in almost 99% of the effort.
    I do have to acknowledge that the ten percent checkpoints are a significant improvement.
    The xp is absolutely wonderful, at least people won't need a partner to gain more then a hundred levels throughout the week.
    I do sincerely look forward to the next Raid Boss. No sarcasm there. All the bugs would have been worked out and the items are still worth it no matter what.
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  16. Kehvyn

    Kehvyn Member

    I agree with you on all of this. The raid boss was an excellent feature, but it came with too many bugs and still needs a considerable amount of tweaking. I'm looking forward to the next one when all of these things are fixed. :)

    That didn't stop me from taking up the solo challenge, Mitch.....;)
  17. Nic21

    Nic21 Active Member

    I also think they need more work done on it. I have heard there are some people just working to make sure people don't finish theirs. So getting the RB damage to go down by over 100,000,000 was pointless and using 300 FP to do that.
  18. Lasinagol

    Lasinagol Active Member

    I thought that everyone on my boss was working together and knew what they were doing. I still gained over 120 levels from it, so it wasn't a complete waste.
  19. Janne Engström

    Janne Engström New Member

    Haah, I just love this Raid Boss.. finally my big energy and stamina are of some use
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  20. Lasinagol

    Lasinagol Active Member

    I was in a party that killed one, finally, and the rewards I got were very disappointing. I didn't even get an item even though I was third as far as actions go. Over 5k unique actions. Got the achievement and skill points, so that is pretty sweet.
    Overall, I still love it.

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