[LCN] Raid Boss Walkthrough and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. drrobert1

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    Can you define the meaning of active? Number of players or stamina/energy used? Lower tiers have limited resources compared to higher levels. You are also ignoring social factor since many within a level range joined and have played together sharing bosses, gifts, etc.
  2. guys pls we still have that issue in raids that when a player opens a coop boss and sets the limit, the raid switches to close to non friends. would it be possible to attend to that situation that started when latency issues start. Do consider people have their raids by choice open to non friends and most leaving for Holiday and not here to switch back soon.
  3. Kirsten

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    just curious is this on FB?? cause I have not experienced this , I have heard one say it during the last FB PC raid.
  4. I can not tell you for sure but do not recall any situation non fb, I will keep an eye and tell you for sure .
  5. kessie570

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    Have I got this right? A relative newcomer to Raid Bosses made a beginner's mistake and let the raid perish.. The raid has since been recovered and is doing pretty well but the person who took it down is only able to heal now - so has zero chance of completing the 2000 attacks and therefore no chance of getting any reward... It has also basically weakened my raid to 29 members... This seems to effectively be punishing the raid owner for someone else's mistake... I think this needs looking at again
  6. Kirsten

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    hahahahahahahah, you are funny, well as the raid owner you should be careful and read the fine print, BTW all your other players get less XP now cause it was perished twice, and that is when a player can no longer attack, so if you think perishing it once would have gotten his/her attention, it did not, that is the best laugh I had all day lololololololololol
  7. Only on FB accounts
  8. Rick B

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    Well - I have seen Kano posting about how to get superior items we should increase our number of actions. I said OK, that I would try this this time around. Been doing double minimum+ and keeping my "rating" great . . . still seeing only commons dropping.
  9. Luis Ferreira

    Luis Ferreira Member

    Well i Got a superior with "Pretty Good" .
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  10. RafeDavid

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    Only guaranteed way to get a superior is open your own boss and do at least minimum actions (this only applies to the first boss you open not multiple) or perform the most actions in your tier. If either of these is the case and you did not get a superior open a support ticket. Nothing can be done about that in the forum.
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  11. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    It's still random regardless of the number of actions you do unless you opened the boss or you have the most actions in your tier. Doing more actions isn't going to significantly increase your chances of a superior drop. If drops are important to you, do the minimum and hope for the best.
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  12. FancyPants

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    AFAIK It's a minimum of 2000 actions, 1000 of which needs to be healing. So all of them could be healing. In your example, the beginner mobster already did attacks and is now relegated to healing. So have him/her do all heals til they get to 2000 actions and they will get a reward if the raid boss finishes on time. As far as penalizing the raid owner, there are 28 other people plus themselves who can deal damage. If they are that reliant on a beginner to help finish it, then they need to invite people who participate more.
  13. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Actually in his example the player didn't get 1k attack actions= will never get a drop before killed raid party twice. Own fault for doing so......... Mandatory 1k attacks, and 1k healing "not either or" to receive reward.
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  14. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    Not correct, you can do 2k heals and get drop. As long as your 2k actions contains 1k heals you are safe for a drop
  15. No is not correct a player can qualify and get the weapon doing 2k actions of healing. We do raids as a team and we often have players that have large energy healing while others hit, to make it faster. 2k actions to qualify 1k mandatory healing
  16. SOHAIB

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    When is the next raid coming Jan-19th ???
  17. mi7ch

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    Yep, the next LCN Raid will be on January 19.
  18. SOHAIB

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  19. Help :D besides the latency issues , and the closing of raid bosses when player launches a coop boss with limit; Some players are having issues with the counter. Either does not work or goes backwards, As we observed is not the hitter account problem but is the owner account problem. Same player has this issue in 1 raid and not in others. Ty
  20. new situation, raid owner can not hit his/hers own raid.

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