[VC] Raid Boss Walkthrough and Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Maybe this was asked before, but I will ask again.
    On the Raid Boss I like to use the Bigger buttons, just above the Boss Image as they are bigger and closer to each one, and its a lot more practical then the small upper ones, when you need to walk a few hundred times between them, but the problem is that the Energy Drop makes the big lower buttons to keep jumping up/down.

    Can you move the Energy Drop text to be in line with the upper heal button and not under them to prevent this jumping?

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  2. mi7ch

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    This is sort of already a part of the Raid Boss; XP payed out on Attack gets lower the lower the Party Health gets.
  3. I think there should be advance placement ads ingame about a couple of weeks before a raid boss is posted. Sort of like Battle Arena or Guild Wars has advance ads that prompt you to be prepared. Otherwise you could be doing dailies the night before a raid and burn your entire energy & stamina boost. You also can save your daily rewards to make sure you have enough to help defeat one.
  4. mi7ch

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    New Raid Boss June 18 at 9 am PDT: Sæhrímnir!


    No major changes from previous Raid Boss outside of the usual adjustment to Boss Health.
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  5. Lester peterson aka Pete

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    do not like it sam i am I do not like it with green eggs and ham indeed I don't like greedy raid bosses stealing my stamina and energy
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    There is any reason why you dont update the Tiers in fb? From the last time since they where changed many players progressed thousands of lvls....
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    I hope you made a penalty like decreasing 30% XP level for any player that killed a raid boss... so there will be no childish act to kill random raid boss for fun...
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    Yes, there is a penalty for everyone else on that boss, for every player the Xp will drop with 10% for every raid reset, for every further action.
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    As Gazemember said there is a penalty, for everyone else, in some circumstances , we have to take responsibility for the raids we join, cause joining a public raid is a risk, on the other hand getting invited and then having the owner invite a known vampire or raid killer, the owner should be taken to task for his own action of inviting that type of player and not sure but he should also suffer the penalty of less XP. In VC I am only in a few each event , rarely join a public one and 99% are invites and seem to be a tight knit group who invite only their friends that they trust, and then no problems, not to say someone won't make a mistake, but highly unlikely. In PC the amount of raids I can join safely is much higher. There are FB groups that are specifically for raid bosses and those that ruin it for other, well ,their links are posted and kept track of .
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    The health was majored again? As the drops have no improvement, they have the same strength as the drops from 2 months ago from Grendels Mother....
  11. just a suggestion. Maybe the last 23 hours of a raid open so anyone can fill up the tiers (maybe limit it to 5 players) so more bosses can be finished off. Some lower level players have a hard time finishing.
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    I'm sure it's probably not an issue on FB but on server 2 it is , the 10 tiers for 1 -1000 is pretty much useless you may get one maybe two people in that tier and that's once in a blue moon most players at tat level don't have the energy or stamina to compete in a Raid and those spots generally go to waste . Why not make the 1 - 1000 tier only5 spaces and move the extra spots to the next tier ... Just a thought With the Raid bosses everyone is leveling way more Kano is lacking in the gamesprogress new worlds etc. I see the FB people complaining like crazy over it and its bad on server 2 as well for us . I think it's time to focus on the advancement of the game as a whole lots of things need updating achievement updates are long over due that's for sure and don't continue to be lazy with it , by skipping from achievements for every 5000 levels to 20, 000 to avoid putting in the work . Find the way and get it done maybe pass on 3 or 4 calendar 's every month and put focus on other things , no offense but Kano is getting a lil lazy with all the recycled weapons and warriors lately , when that starts to happen its probably time to start scaling some things back .
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  13. mi7ch

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    Raid Boss July 16 at 9 am PDT: Eldjotunn!


    Changes from the previous Raid Boss:

    - Adjusted Raid Boss Health
    - Changed level tiers on Kano Play and Facebook:

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    I like that new set of tiers! Nice change Kano!
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  16. Elias

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    Its a start on the tier change probably should 've been a lil higher the two guys I was referring to at that level are already passed 2500 after the last Raid Boss maybe should 've been 3500 or higher . Everyone levels so much now because of bosses this may help I dunno well see .....
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    i wanna see how this is going to go
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    should still be higher kano but ure slowly starting to listen
  19. Englander

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    its a start, lets see how it goes.
  20. richylufc

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    raising to 2500 can only help

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