Raid Boss Ideas (PC/ZS)

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Gobbler, Aug 13, 2015.

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    These suggestions are specifically for Zombie Slayer and Pirate Clan as those are the only 2 games I play. I do not know how Raid Bosses work in either Mob Wars or Viking Clan.

    1. Attack for Pirate Clan raids upped to 30 Stamina

    2. A completion notice in the "Bosses" Section similar to the regular bosses that show you have performed the necessary minimum hit/heal requirements.

    3. A higher chance of superior item drop the higher hit/heals performed.

    4. Add more random drops during hits/heals, instead of just Energy. For example, add a small amount of Stamina, or an existing worthwhile Destructive (Zombie Slayer) or Matey/Ship/Weapon (Pirate Clan). An easy way to make this work would be to find an existing drop related to the boss's description/story/personality.

    5. Increase the amount of XP for healing by about 15%-25%. Not too much, but a noticeable difference.

    6. Make the open to public players switch similar to the regular bosses. What I mean by this is when the regular boss is advertised in "Jobs" or World" Chat, a player that is friends or clan can attack it and those who are not are denied access. This would prevent sworn enemies from attacking your raid boss. Currently when the raid boss is advertised and the switch is turned off, no one can attack it, even your friends. You must send out invites individually. If the switch is turned on, all players can attack it. This improvement/change would improve a player's chances of increasing their Captains size in Pirate Clan.

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