[LCN] Raid Boss [BETA] Walkthrough and Feedback

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. robbin gordon

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    The Hacker Ring was defeated in 13:18:05, you dealt 88109798 damage and healed the raid for 3329110 life. Based on these results you have been rewarded with the following:
    Rusted Wireframe Vespa

    119 Attack

    155 Defense

    Owned: 1

    13455522 coins
    837657 XP

    r u kidding me ????????????? i got 1 half assed piece of **** for all of that ? and gee, a whopping 13 million fake dollars.... oh, gee, tell me where i will spend it all. did i say epic failure.... ? i take it back.....

    it's disgusting. i spent over 500 gf's for THAT ???? i will not touch these anymore, done with it, and deeply disappointed in this game.
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  2. gods people

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    lol that is so bad. glad i did not participate.
  3. Gazember

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    After in VC I had like 1 weapon drop from 8-10 bosses, now I spent like 20FPs only to help on a boss, my goal now was only to get the achievement.
    I recommend to expect nothing more from this boss other, than the XP you get at the moment when you attack them.
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  4. Kirsten

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    I was a little luckier as I had 4 drops in VC.
  5. Mi7ch, I hope the fact your raid was left completely ignored is a sign of the defiance of how much of a money spinner this has been concocted as.
  6. ben

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    i learn the 1st time on vc ... right there i said never again ... its just to over rated and not worth it at all ... and if ya do get a reward it not worth it for what you have to spend for it ...
  7. Mirana

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    hhmmm Mitch...... i think i dont have to say something

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    Kano have left the building... with a big bag of swag....Their silence is deafening
  9. Kirsten

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    It is the weekend and they are home, someone may pop in but tomorrow they open the doors around 9:00 Pacific time
  10. gods people

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    This is mine. As you can see i did not start it.

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  11. I suggest a Raid Boss group that unlocks one or two and takes that one down, not everyone unlocks their own and it doesn't get defeated.
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  12. Sir Opinion Alot

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    levels should be rethought tiers are good idea to bring in help from top to bottom to beat this, time frame could be longer, if you get a group of people willing to put in a small amount I found about 12 to 20 people and we use communication and understand the physics and now we go from raid to raid killing them yes it takes times thats a problem first 12 hrs or so is getting the group together, various reason, I enjoy the raid xp is great better than going thru abunch of boss for xp, The rewards could be better at end money and xp wise. The energy random drops i think should be higher it is very hard for upper levels to get the 500 energy for a level up. VC was 75 if im not wrong but best in lcn was 36.
  13. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    i used it to lvl and found its great faster than other xp boss's we call them and lp and for me saving time is great. i would do them more often if i could i carry to much stamina as it is great way to burn some off :) thanks
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  14. Reefer

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    We need item drops for attacks as well. It sucks when you put fp's into the battle and your final reward is a common drop. Still think that we need 5-8 days to beat the boss, the recruiting takes up time.
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  15. coolestcool

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    Exactly. This is the way forward. Unfortunately, most have not realized this and may never. A lesson learnt the hard/costly way.
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  16. Demonik1

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    What? Thats not good? I dont see what the problem is :p how many levels were you able to scrounge out of it? I did pretty good on levels in vc but the exp was diff for your game
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  17. Go on, there's no need to hold anything back. I can take it, I promise I won't cry. Good on you for being a half-full glass kinda person, but do you really feel it helps in this situation? In fact, whilst you might be the perfect customer because you always seem to respond in a positive way to a change/introduction of a new feature, this doesn't really help here. We should all take a time to applaud you for admitting which job position you wouldn't excel in, but in fact, despite Kano probably appreciating you standing up for them, the reality is that they or any other game developer would never hire you as a beta tester. 'Hey what do you think about us deleting every feature in LCN bar doing and assisting jobs?'. 'Sweet, I can concentrate on doing job help then. A huuuuuuge plus to Kano for this move. Can you also change characters into a Hello Kitty theme? That would be sooooo awesome.'

    You really think we all come on here to moan just for the sake of it? Not at all. Funny you had to cry about it on the council forum too. Thing is, we all would like this game to be as popular as it was before. After all, most have spent loads, and it's a nice hobby to have when you'e taking a break from the hectic real life. What you fail to see is that so far it has been 99,9% negative reviews from the LCN Community on this feature. The defense consists of one player that by his own words quit LCN several years ago and Miss Happy-Go-Lucky that at best is a part-timer on the relevant platform. But of course, that 99,9% is just a bunch of moaners.

    Anyway, over to this feature. I noticed Kano made some tweaks so I decided to join a few to see what the fuzz was all about. And from that experience it is clear that:

    a) Lower level players can get GF items (sometimes also the 25 GF ones) by ease and they can level very fast without spending on refills. So far so good.

    a) Tiers: On FB the set tiers is a joke. There's way too many available on the top tier, but only a handful at the lowest two. Increase the number of top-tier players significantly or change it to something like 0-2000, 2000-4000 and 4000+. And while you're at it, increase the number of top players that can participate from 10 to 20. Only alts and part-timers are in the lowest tier on FB, unless you have one or two that just started playing.

    b) The healing: 25 energy for healing is way too much. How about making the bosses all stam, since most have higher stam than energy?

    c) It's extremely tiresome to hit a boss. Not that important I guess but I thought it was worth a mention.

    d) And last, but not least, there's no way this boss CAN BE KILLED WITHOUT SOMEONE SPENDING LOADS. Sorry, my caps lock got stuck there for a second. Atleast in BA people could do very well without spending, but you clearly set up this feature to lure out the big spenders. The problem is that these spenders doesn't find it worthwhile or get too tired of having to save bosses by doing loads of refills and we will end up with the majority of bosses unfinished. This feature, as opposed to calendars and BA where your Average Joe can finish/do well without spending, is nothing but an attempt to lure loads and loads of cash from the players. You really can't do well as a team in this feature if none of the team members spend on refills.
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  18. Jess

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    Well said my friend, well said.

    To briefly sum it up: the bosses are way too overpowered. Either extended the duration they run for, or boost the players damage. Also it is true, that without investing shitloads of $$$ into this, you won't be able to defeat the raid. That's sad. I know it's a BETA, but still...
    Drops from attacks would be highly appreciated as well. Energy drops that occur 1/15 times aren't enough. Players would love to defeat their own bosses, not let them hang in there, just because they aren't Pay-to-play players...
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  19. Sir Opinion Alot

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    ok boss raids seem to be overwhelming i get it First thing these are made for level purpose only, not to get weapons, or alot of drops if they did would be a mess. The time limit could be longer. For healing 25 is good idea but the drops should come with higher amount than 16 to 36 energy drops not very good most was low end. You dont have to spend a fortune of fps to kill em. You cant put focus on more than 1 at a time if you want the rewards. Sorry but xp for 20 stamina was way better than any xp boss, again these are not made to just beat and run over them. Levels is what they was made for, i am not mistaken wasn't BA and SW's made for more chance to level and not really the rewards. I like the idea of only 1 reward for boss either its your boss or not if they made it to where owner got the best rewards no one would help others boss's. To keep cost low on FPS you need to communicate with your raid and not rush these boss's. We jumped in one and with BA going it was full we did nothing to it while BA was running but afterwards with 20 people working hard and not dropping a fortune we almost got this one beat. All I know is i found a great team we are not going broke and I have so far be in part of 7 boss's that was defeated and got insane levels without the usually insane amount of fps used for what we call XP boss's. SO kano i like the boss only thing is the time frame and the energy besides that i enjoyed it even if it did not get beat. One thing else is the tiers top level was easy to fill other 2 was very hard.
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  20. robbin gordon

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    lol ;) for real, i think i was able to eek out 5-7 levels on that one i posted.... and got maybe 3 off my own. so, approx. 10 levels.... ( i am well over 1.6 mil xp needed per level. i personally do better off regular bosses..... if i get enough good ones, i can level off every 2 full stam refills, but usually takes me 2 1/2 refills per level. considering this took me over 500 fp's for those levels.... i think i can honestly say this wasn't good for my level. oh, and i didn't even mention how much energy i wasted on low level bosses which did NOTHING for me, and i wasn't able to use those in a city that would have given me drops i could have used to progress my game along.

    as capt. of industry noted above, ( hysterically so, in fact ;) ).... this is a blatant rip off of players. i put in tons to help my friends out in the boss i helped defeat, as i saw one player had put TONS in, and dollars spent, and i refused to watch that boss and that player not get rewards due. in doing so, i hurt my own game, and got crap for it. so much for helping friends - i helped kano take a 100 dollar bill right out of my pocket.
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