[LCN] Raid Boss [BETA] Walkthrough and Feedback

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    The Hacker Ring was defeated in 7:52:46, you dealt 170216977 damage and healed the raid for 10743290 life. Based on these results you have been rewarded with the following:


    Trojan Virus
    352 Attack
    153 Defense
    Owned: 1
    9187357 coins
    478958 XP took alot of effort from my whole group but it was done. Communication was major part and alot of healing energy cost was crazy
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  2. I don't like that it heals all the way up when someone in the group doesn't heal....seriously that's stoopid and that has to change and I have seen many people get mad at others in viking clan for the same reason. I spent a fortune of stamina and energy already on this and it's back to full health and the person attacked just enough to get the rewards. That doesn't make common sense to me. Also it's very close to Battle Arena and I want my 7 daily rewards of stamina to go towards that in addition my stamina boost.
  3. JADES

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    Um your lucky this round reset's in 10% increments. Unlike VC 1st round testing that reset full, no matter what boss health was at..

    Edit: you are also guaranteed a drop, which we didn't.
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    The raid boss can be made better by keeping it in a similar way to the world boss. The first 4 days for summoning then the last 10 days for killing. If the hacker ring is killed within the first 4 days, the owner may still summon another but will no longer be able to after the fourth day. With this sort of setup, it will be easier unlike the present where we're to defeat the boss in 3 days. Finally, after the 14th day, the bosses can be summoned once again thus making it a once in 2 weeks event like the syndicate war.
    Energy haven't been that usefull in this game but with this raid boss, those with high energy have a slight edge.
  5. coolestcool

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    Just as JADES pointed out, there is the possibility of members gaining 100s or even 1000s of drops from a single event most especially if something close to my suggestion is made. To avoid such, the minimum required amount of actions for rewards can be increased depending on level tier to something like 3000, 4500 & 6000 actions for lower, mid & higher tiers respectively. In addition to that, the drops may be reverted to how it was on VC, that is, chance of getting the drop as reward.
    Yes you read that right. Chanced/random kill reward. Aren't we all tired of seeing boss drop rewards become useless in as little as 3 to 6 months after they're released depending on how easy they are to get from those who have unlocked them? It is definitely the reason KANO made them as random rewards on VC. It is only a matter of time if not already, some of the gf items will become useless for attack or defense to some players with this continuous release of new city(not that I'm against it, it is the way forward).
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    Stop hitting then, no one is forcing anything... Everything need's to be tweaked, especially when KANO for most part do not play the game's (they code). Think of it this way, they did tweak attack EXP (not sure energy drop's) But this is 2nd run, which should of been tested a lot more before released IMO. I can't even imagine how many more pages this would be, if was trial run on LCN.
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    A little better now. Xp its a little better but not enough . Olso damage when attacking is still low!
  8. biden2012

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    Well, I'll go against the flow and say it's been rather good so far (and an interesting case study for game theory to boot). It should be tweaked a bit, not by a whole lot. What I like in particular is that it is simply impossible to kill the boss with more than 3 or 4 freeloaders in your group, so in the future I hope this is kept. Something I'd like to see is the possibility (even if 0.02%) to get an item drop from fighting and maybe the possibility to get stam drops as well as energy.
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    On a boss with 30 players the XP gets a lot better, around with 30%. For me from the initial of 7100XP goes to 9200XP for a 20 stamina attack, that's like half of the PVP XP / stamina, in my opinion its pretty decent.
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    Kano have started acting like they forget we are real people with real lives. We have to go to work (and sleep). First it was the midweek calendar bosses, now this. The costs in Stam and Energy are totally outrageous. I'm seriously considering giving up LCN the same way I gave up Mob Wars years ago for similar reasons..
  11. Demonik1

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    Ok, so this boss is admittedly an event like the ba, g wars and calendars....if thats the case, then why are the coin and exp given when its dead so little? Even finishing 90th in the arena gives me trillions and a ton of exp, why should we get less for spending more on this event?? The coin and exp rewards at the end should at the very least be equivalent to completing a calendar and since it IS a boss we should all have a random chance at a fp payout as well. the rewards on these bosses are severely lacking for what we have to use to take them down....why put all that effort in for anitem we can purchase for 25-30 fps?
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  12. Sir Opinion Alot

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    It didnt not reset in 10% incriments some went back to full health
  13. Sir Opinion Alot

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    Way I look at it as hard as these are and how much it takes you should get 1 of each reward if you do so much damage I spent 200 fps not complaining level's wasnt bad out of the boss but 1 reward did not make up the the hrs of hard work my team and I did to take this down. I believe there should be the common items should drop randomly per so many attacks and not nothng small like 20 maybe every 100 or 200 something like that, for me xp keep getting lower as the more people joined my raid, dont know if that is the way it was to work but it did. It would have been nice to at least get 1 level xp off collecting your own boss, why open a boss when i can go to someones else be the top performer and get the same item for less work. At first it was really insane hard was the changes to effect it did make a little easier, the main problem with so hard to level in LCN to get the extra 500 energy was alittle out there we know its harder to move up in LCN so why didnt we have more better energy drops, not ones that was less than VC. I enjoyed doing this boss it made a few of use communicate more than we normal do I met a few new friends. I dont wanna sy dumb the boss down, maybe take a look at when we level in LCN and maybe raise the energy we and do it by percent of your health when we level that would have helps 500 aint much once you start getting in the upper levels when you are low it does really good. Thanks for something new and different hope the next changes make it to where the players dont have to spend a fortune on energy just to make sure the raid dont die stamina for it was bad enough. The last thing in VC the keys came very easy but LCN why did we use 4000 to 10000 in energy to find the keys. Wasted alot of resources right before you opened the beast. ok LCN player i hope I covered everything I seen wrong
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    then there that sounds like a bug ,write support there are supposed to be benchmarks,so it does not reset all the way to full.
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    finally finished mine but it seems everybody is getting the same reward.......here are my stats on my raider boss...............
    Your Contribution

    dmg dealt:576879151
    num attacks:119230
    healing done:21441430
    num heals:88475
    XP gained:27636670
    cash gained:$29,936,158,438
    last attack:1 second
  16. Hacker Ring Health: 593,640,791 / 597,300,000 <---- this to mee looks like full health.
  17. Kirsten

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    maybe this will shed some light on it
    this if in the first post of this thread

    The Attack and Barrage buttons are used to deal damage to the Raid Boss. The Raid Boss will hit back when you attack, and in a twist unique to the Raid Boss if it manages to wipe the Party’s Health, the Boss will heal back up to the last checkpoint.

    Checkpoints for Boss Health take place in 10% increments. So for example, if a Boss is down to 74% Health and succeeds in wiping the party, it will heal back up to 80%. The Raid Boss will always round up to the nearest 10% increment when it heals.

    Every time your Party wipes, the amount of XP awarded for actions is reduced for everyone, so make sure to keep the Raid Group healed!

    Players who keep attacking when the Party is at low health and cause a wipe are tracked, and will get benched if they do it repeatedly. Anyone who has caused the party to wipe 2 times will be unable to make any further offensive actions against the Boss and won’t be able do anything but Heal for the remainder of the fight.
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    The Hacker Ring was defeated in 12:00:00, you dealt 96310851 damage and healed the raid for 1478076 life. Based on these results you have been rewarded with the following: Rusted Wireframe VespaRusted Wireframe Vespa 119 Attack 155 Defense Owned: 1

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    I said last night, this was a sales tactic. A waste of time, energy, money, etc... Plus this comes from a company that banned me from making purchases even though no complaints were filed. Its a joke! Instead of getting new people u should try to keep the ones u have and recruit new 1s at the same time. Like I said last night, your Sales and Mrktng staff should b sacked. Plz ban me asap:)
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    update... Kano sux b/c they dont ply there own games. FYI... KONG is stupid, just b/c! As Forrest Gump says, " Stupid is, as stupid does."

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