[LCN] Raid Boss [BETA] Walkthrough and Feedback

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    The Raid Boss [BETA] is tomorrow, so here’s a more detailed overview of how this new feature works.

    Summoning the Boss

    Raid Bosses are unlocked using a combination of 4 different keys. Keys drop when doing jobs in four specific Locations. Each of the four locations will drop a different Key. Jobs with higher energy costs have a higher chance of giving a Key.


    For this Raid Boss, Keys can be found in the London, Las Vegas, Moscow and Dubai locations.

    Once all four Keys have been acquired, the Raid Boss can be opened. Because Raid Bosses are fought in teams of players at different levels, the strength of the Boss will be the same in each fight, regardless of who summons it.

    When doing jobs in locations that drop Raid Boss keys, you will be able to see how many of each Key you’ve currently got. You can also jump straight to the other Key locations to do jobs there.


    When the event ends, any unused Keys in your inventory can be turned in for XP.

    Keys are not useful for anything other than unlocking Raid Bosses - for example, they can’t be equipped or used in crafting, so you might as well turn them in for rewards. :)

    Raid Group Mechanics


    Raid Bosses are cooperative events, fought in Parties made up of Mobsters at three different level tiers. Up to 10 Mobsters from each level tier can join the Raid, for a maximum Party size of 30 players.


    Raid Bosses can become more difficult if members of the Party are absent or not keeping the Health bar up, so we recommend players hand-pick their Party members for the best possible team.

    Try to include some Mobsters with defense-oriented builds to help balance out the Party and provide a solid base of Health for the fight.

    Three invite links provided in the Invite Tab on the Raid Boss Fight page. To invite a Mobster to join your Party, send them the link that fits the level of the player you are inviting.

    If you wish, you can also close off previously sent links. Click the Invalidate Link button to close off the previous URL and generate a fresh one. Anyone with the previously sent link will will be unable to use that same URL to join your Raid Party.

    If you just want to fill up your slots quickly, you can also turn on Public Sharing. This opens up your Raid Party positions to be filled by any player who visits your Raid Boss page, regardless of whether or not you have invited them.

    Once someone has joined the Raid you are stuck with them for the rest of the fight, so use Public Sharing with caution!

    Raid Group Health

    The Raid Party has a shared pool of health, which is calculated based on members’ total Health and Defense skills at the time they joined the Raid. As new members join, the max health of the Party will be updated.

    Party members can use Energy to replenish the Party’s Health. Keep a close watch on the Raid Health Bar, as the Boss will hit back whenever someone attacks it, and will hit back hard!

    As the Raid Party’s Health is reduced, member’s attacks will do less damage. If the Party’s Health ever hits zero, the Party has been wiped. The Boss will heal when it wipes the Party, so watch out!

    We recommend that players try to include Mobsters with defense-oriented builds in their Party to establish a solid base of Health for the fight.

    Raid Boss Mechanics

    Fighting the Boss


    The Attack and Barrage buttons are used to deal damage to the Raid Boss. The Raid Boss will hit back when you attack, and in a twist unique to the Raid Boss if it manages to wipe the Party’s Health, the Boss will heal back up to the last checkpoint.

    Checkpoints for Boss Health take place in 10% increments. So for example, if a Boss is down to 74% Health and succeeds in wiping the party, it will heal back up to 80%. The Raid Boss will always round up to the nearest 10% increment when it heals.

    Every time your Party wipes, the amount of XP awarded for actions is reduced for everyone, so make sure to keep the Raid Group healed!

    Players who keep attacking when the Party is at low health and cause a wipe are tracked, and will get benched if they do it repeatedly. Anyone who has caused the party to wipe 2 times will be unable to make any further offensive actions against the Boss and won’t be able do anything but Heal for the remainder of the fight.

    Boss Kill Rewards


    Loot is claimed when the Raid Boss is defeated. If the fight timer runs out before the Raid Boss has been killed, the Boss will escape without dropping any items.

    The Raid Boss has 6 loot items, each with a Common version and a Superior version. Superior items are stronger and rarer. Everyone who hits the minimum of 250 actions will get at least a Common drop out of the Raid Boss in addition to the Cash and XP earned during the fight and as a result of the kill. Superior drops are awarded to the Raid Group at random and also under certain special conditions. For example, the player who summons their very first Raid Boss will get a Superior drop when it is defeated.

    General Tips

    The Raid Boss is meant to be a challenging event, and requires cooperation between Party members if they want to take it down efficiently! Don’t expect to be able to burn down a Raid Boss quickly; you will have to coordinate attacks and healing to keep the Party alive and prevent the Boss from regaining Health.

    It might take some time to summon a Raid Boss as the Keys drop randomly from doing Jobs. If you haven’t received a Key yet, keep at it! Remember to do the highest Energy requirement Job in a Location for the best shot at getting a Key.

    It is highly recommended that you keep your Raid Group private and use the Invite Links we provide to add members to your Party.

    Even though the Boss does have Health checkpoints, try not to let the Boss wipe the Raid Group too much as this can lead to diminishing XP returns for everyone.

    That just about covers the Raid Boss! You can expect to see it live in game tomorrow morning. Any feedback you have during the event can be left in this thread. Good luck!
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  2. AXXO

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    In case if we were reckless, we can get killed right? so hope we don't have cap of maximum heals lol. exciting!! and really looking forward. Tomorrow is it? :):):)
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  3. Sir Opinion Alot

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    no caps on refill, rule thumb worked well in VC 10 attacks, heal, rinse and repeat
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  4. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I don't play LCN, but can someone please watch/grab stat's on different stamina attacks (damage dealt to raid versus bosses health) 1st test run on VC, it was worth while using 20 stamina because would do way more damage to boss health versus raid health of using a single stamina attack=way less energy healing the raid health.
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    I'm excited about this... but oof, thought the upper tier would be a bit lower than that. There's only 37 active people on the entire server 2 that are above level 2.6k, a lot of the fights will not go out with a full complement of high levels.
  6. biden2012

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    Btw, as it has been announced as a beta "event", and keys drop apparently randomly, is there a timeframe after which Kano will pull the option to summon the raid boss? The fact that keys will not be collected for future summons indicates to me that the expectation is that most players will summon one boss and one boss only.
  7. AXXO

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    Thanks for the info Jamey. new day is 1 hour away. hope to summon the boss asap.lol
  8. Easy To Remember

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    Looking forward to this and VERY excited to see firsthand what the new Raid Boss is all about! @Jamey Kean - you better include me in your first Raid Boss, as you will be very helpful having been in one on VC! I will likely just let you collect all of the Keys to be in yours first (before I "summon" one of my own - it sounds like you should probably only be in one of these at a time)! Get those keys Gangsta'! :D
  9. RedTurtleGames

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    I may have missed it, but... How long will these new bosses be active? Just one day?
  10. Guardian Angel

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    Looks complicated, But lets wait and see...
  11. Reesy901

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    I agree with Red in my slight confusion, what time frame are we looking at for taking down a raid boss? Also, how long is the BETA being rolled out for? One piece of possible improvement right off the bat would be adjusting how you add players to your boss. There are only a small number of players on Kong over level 2660 so couldn't it be scaled for the same number of 1000<level , more at level<1000 and slightly fewer at level<2660 as I feel it would allow us to have the largest number of players in each boss and hopefully make the most of the rewards from this trial period. Either way I'm excited, let's have some fun!
  12. Kirsten

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    I believe it changed to 3 days ,it was longer in the VC one,but I forget if it was 5 or 6 days :confused: but don't quote me
  13. Kirsten

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    At least I have some experience with the raid boss, lol
  14. Realdeal

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    really looking forward. Tomorrow is it? :):):)
  15. Gazember

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    In VC started with 3 days, and after some complaints they changed the Time Left To Defeat The Boss to 7 days.
    I am curious how this boss will scale to the LCN players, as In VC the level of the players its a lot bigger, at least with double health, attack, defense and stamina and in VC they could level up a lot more time to have an extra of 500 energy for healing, as there the XP needed to level its a least 5-7 times lower.
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  16. ExtremeRules

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    i see 1 major problem with this raid boss, and that is that you will be isolating people further away from each other outside of their syndicates, as SOB,ANG,FKIT,DOA and every other syndicate in LCN will just keep their raid bosses within there groups which is separating people from what looks like a community thing, lower levels or people that don't get along or have beef against any other syndicate will not get the full reward from these type of bosses as like i said they will be kept amongst there own group and the very high level bosses(players) you will maybe have a 2 per cent chance of getting in, unless you nag/pester them which they will more likely just remove you. but on the other hand i suppose LCN is for quite selfish people that are mainly out for them selves so this might work but i doubt it......rant over Kano
  17. AXXO

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    That's nothing to do with Kano. we just care for our own people.
  18. Kirsten

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    Well for your information it was a very social event, so there your assumption would be wrong,Many people will open a boss, just like you can, so you are not hindered, there are tiers and they will allow certain levels in ,in VC it was 10 players per tier for a total of 30 members for each raid boss, so lowers are in one of those tiers,mid level in another and higher ups in the last one,so everyone is needed, regardless of level to take on the raid boss Read up alittle more on it and you will see that.But the reason for knowing and being choosy as to who you invite is because in the VC one everyone went public at first cause the invite code was alittle wonky and if anyone joined who did not understand how the boss worked, they were killing the raid boss out of ignorance and then being listed by others who had joined , also there were players who did that just to be mean and nasty,so going public did not work well, ya don't want an enemy on your own raid boss, as too many killed the raid health and the raid boss reset and it was even harder to take it down. The important thing to remember is to heal the raid health as you attack it ,there are two health bars,ya gonna need energy and stamina,so be sure to take care of your DGP's before working on a boss,especially if ya energy and stamina is not that high.
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    Raid Boss starts at 9:00 am PST (or thereabouts) on November 13. It lasts for four days, although it can go for a week if you summon a Raid Boss on the final day of the event.
  20. Hmmm. Keys seem to be available now.
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