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    Capricorn is due to surface tomorrow! Here’s a more detailed overview of how Raid Bosses work.

    Summoning the Boss


    Every Raid Boss is the same strength, regardless of the level of the player who unlocks it.

    Raid Bosses are unlocked using 4 different Keys. Keys drop from Adventures in four specific Locations, each yielding a different Key. Adventures with higher energy costs have a higher chance of dropping a Key.

    When doing Adventures in locations that drop Raid Boss Keys, you will be able to see how many of each Key you’ve currently got. You can also jump straight to the other Key locations to do Adventures there.


    Capricorn Raid Boss Keys can be found in the Peking, Barbary, Atlantis, and Port Royal locations.You can unlock the Raid Boss as soon as you have one of each of the 4 Keys.

    When the event ends, any unused Keys in your inventory can be turned in for XP.

    Keys are not useful for anything other than unlocking Raid Bosses - for example, they can’t be equipped or used in crafting, so you might as well turn them in for rewards. :)

    Raid Group Mechanics

    Raid Bosses are powerful opponents intended to be fought in large Parties of players. Pirates are divided up into 3 level tiers. There are 10 Party Positions available for each Tier of player, for a max Party size of 30 Pirates.

    We recommend your Raid contain at least 20 committed Players. Raid Bosses can become more difficult if members of the Party are absent or not keeping the Health bar up, so you may want to hand-pick your Party for the best possible team.

    Try to include some Pirates with Defense-oriented builds to help balance out the Party and provide a solid base of Health for the battle.


    Three invite links provided in the Invite Tab on the Raid Boss battle page. To invite a Pirate to join your Party, send them the link that fits the level of the player you are inviting.


    If you wish, you can also close off previously sent links. Click the Invalidate Link button to close off the previous URL and generate a fresh one. Anyone with the previously sent link will will be unable to use that same URL to join your Raid Party.

    If you just want to fill up your slots quickly, you can also turn on Public Sharing. This opens up your Raid Party positions to be filled by any player who visits your Raid Boss page, regardless of whether or not you have invited them.

    Once someone has joined the Raid you are stuck with them for the rest of the battle, so use Public Sharing with caution!

    Raid Group Health

    The Raid Party has a shared pool of health, which is calculated based on members’ total Health and Defense skills at the time they joined the Raid. As new members join, the max health of the Party will be updated.

    Party members can use Energy to replenish the Party’s Health. Keep a close watch on the Raid Health Bar, as the Boss will do damage back every time someone attacks it.

    As the Raid Party’s Health is reduced, member’s attacks will do less damage. If the Party’s Health ever hits zero, the Party has been wiped. The Boss will heal when it wipes the Party, so watch out!

    It’s a good idea to include some Pirates with defense-oriented builds in your Party to help establish a solid base of Health.

    Raid Boss Mechanics

    Battling the Boss


    The Attack and Barrage buttons are used to deal damage to the Raid Boss. The Raid Boss will hit back when you attack, and in a twist unique to the Raid Boss if it manages to wipe the Party’s Health, the Boss will heal back up to the last checkpoint.

    Checkpoints for Boss Health take place in 10% increments. So for example, if Capricorn is down to 75% Health, then succeeds in wiping the Raid Party, it will heal back up to 80%.

    Every time your Party wipes, the amount of XP awarded for actions is reduced, so make sure to keep the Raid Group healed!

    Players who keep attacking when the Party is at low health and cause a wipe are tracked, and will get benched if they do it repeatedly. Anyone who has caused the party to wipe 2 times will be unable to make any further offensive actions against the Boss and won’t be able do anything but Heal for the remainder of the battle.

    Boss Kill Rewards


    Loot is claimed when the Raid Boss is defeated. If the battle timer runs out before the Raid Boss has been killed, the Boss will escape without dropping any items.

    The Raid Boss has 6 loot items, each with a Common version and a Superior version, the latter being stronger and rarer.

    Everyone who does at least 250 actions will be awarded with a Loot item, Cash, and XP when the Raid Boss is defeated. The drop you get is determined by random, however under special conditions a player may be guaranteed a Superior item drop. For example, a Pirate who summons their very first Raid Boss will get a Superior drop when it is defeated.

    General Tips

    The Raid Boss is meant to be a challenging event! Even with a large and dedicated team, it will often take several days to defeat it, so don’t go in expecting an easy win.

    However with care and coordination your Party can take it down fast and more efficiently. Work together, keep your health up and try to do Barrages instead of basic attacks when you can. Don’t let your Party get wiped, or it will set you back!

    It might take some time to summon a Raid Boss as the Keys drop randomly from doing Adventures. If you haven’t received a Key yet, keep at it! Remember to do the highest Energy requirement Adventure in a Location for the best shot at getting a Key.

    It is highly recommended that you keep your Raid Group private and use the Invite Links provided to add members to your Party.

    The Raid Boss does have Health checkpoints, but try not to let your Party wipe as this reduces your XP returns.

    That just about covers the Raid Boss! You can expect to see it live in game tomorrow morning. Any feedback you have during the event can be left in this thread. Good luck!
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    are levels going to be a little different for kong since we are a newer platform and only have a couple people over 4k?

    also the second to last paragraph says does has think it should be does have

    really looking forward to this and hope i get lucky getting the keys really want to collect all the superior items and see how strong they compare to the ones i have bought in the past
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  3. mi7ch

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    @neill1990 The developers are working on the level tiers for Kong/Armor and that should be good to go by tomorrow morning. :)
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  4. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Mitch in that pic the raid health is in a different spot than the two previous raids,is this a change ??
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  5. Debra Otter

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    Alright! Like them bosses. Thank you boys & girls
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  6. mi7ch

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    During the LCN Raid Boss we buffed the player's damage to the Boss; for this one we flipped that around and adjusted the Health of the Boss. :)
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  7. Kirsten

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    Hey Mitch ,a friend is having problems sending the link out, for two of us it worked for but not working for anyone else, I told the person to enable the share button and send them out in a message but that is not working, any ideas ??
  8. mi7ch

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    Well turning on the Share button shouldn't make a difference, I'd have to go and look (or get a dev to) at that person's Raid Boss. If you want to PM me their name or something I can check it out.
  9. Kirsten

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    OK I know enabling it was like a work around in the VC one and the LCN one, was the only way I could get on a few , hold on let me see what is going on
  10. Westcoast Gurl

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    having a hard time getting invites to work. I would rather not have it open to everyone and their dog for this one... any ideas?
  11. neill1990

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    got mine down to 320 mil on FB but dont have any lvl people under 1k sadly but we are killing it fairly quick wich is good liking it so far especially the xp for both healing and attacking :)
  12. mi7ch

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    First thing is to make sure that you are sending out the correct invite for the person's level. Other than that, there was an issue last time with in-game PMs where the link wouldn't come through correctly. In that case try sending it as an FB message or get the recipient to copy/paste the whole link into their search bar, that should take them to your Boss. :)
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  13. neill1990

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    is there going to be some special prize or something for the first group ti kill the raid boss. or just a special announcement?
  14. mi7ch

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    No special prize, but there will be an announcement for world first. :)
  15. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    sounds good i hope i get it lol already at 260 mil
  16. gods people

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    Nothing changes.

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  17. Westcoast Gurl

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    Thanks Mitch. Got it working:D
  18. Gazember

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    Top Poster Of Month

    I made over 150 lvls in less then a hour, got what I wanted, traveled to my next location :p
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  19. shadow hawk

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    I received the first 3 keys no problem. I have not been able to get the 4th key. Mine is located in Port Royal. I have done each adventure 4 times. What am I doing wrong
  20. shadow hawk

    shadow hawk New Member

    I know that I have three keys. I also started with the first adventure in port royal and did each one 4 times and have not got the 4th key. I had to battle bosses to get the energy to do the adventures. If you cant help how about just ignoring the question.

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