[LCN] Raid Boss BETA # 2, Feedback

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mi7ch, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. AXXO

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    I think it's fair enough to allow even the lower levels to open up their own raid. killing it takes skill and brain. you need to communicate, keep in touch and make friend. if not on the other hand, can level fast. so it's good if can kill but better if they realized they can't kill their own boss. still there's a chance they can join someone else raid. it's choice. however I think since it's already going by 4 locations at a time raid we might get on
    • Return to Paris
    • Istanbul
    • Seoul
    • Antarctica
      may be very rare and will be the real deal. so then only the higher ones will get and hopefully, they will not forget 1st tiers. in different words, lower tiers might get ages to reach that unless paid the way up. so similar situation like if they are not given a raid. so their only chances might be these raids, unless they make friends with the top. Or 1st tier should join recognized syndicates. they will not abandon any member of the family. and plenty of raids sharing and 90% of them get killed in 1-2 days.
  2. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    must be nice to see 90% killed i see about 70% not being killed and 1 day left and no hope as i see it. Tops off to you and ur crew if u got a 90% rate going
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  3. I just feel sorry for mi7ch when he reads all these comments as i dont think kano Devs are really taking onboard what we the "players" are saying to him. So why do we not have the guy who was helping make the raids possible in here now listening to us or is the heat too much for him now?

    SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE FAST kano or you will lose even more of the faith players kinda have in you unless you sort this out and stop trying to make it so costly to complete.

    drop the energy cost and sort the tiers or lose us, that is not only my feelings I can be sure!!!
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  4. Dcasso

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    For some strange reason players seem to stay even though there is so much not working very well in the game, so they must have done something right :)
  5. JADES

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    I agree, Mitch does a very good job on the forums (prop's Mitch) but it would be nice if GRYPHON chimed in every once in a while, to give some insight being head DEV on these raid bosses.
  6. AXXO

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    well I have one last question, I tried to figure this out from the beginning please if anyone knows the answer let me know. emmm what the point of giving some amount of coins as a reward? :D:D:D:D:p:p:p:p EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  7. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    man, these raids are tough! very hard to do without help. impossible to do without buying fps.
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  8. Gogolak

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    i didn't have any problems with mine. but i didn't open one myself. i joined someone else's.
  9. Sir Opinion Alot

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    i for one like the raids but when you break it done for leveling its not worth it you have to buy energy refills and that does not make for easy leveling makes for costly leveling and if aint change i dont think i will do another raid i can get same xp just buy joining a low regular boss and doing 20 attack and get same xp just do alot more little boss's and wont have to refill energy to continue thats a joke im not really happy at all, i try and try to find a reason to keep doing them but i see no reason, yes alot of drops but i can gain just as much and save fps by getting top level boss drops may take a few more but still easier to come by than the items for the raids. And yes aint no way no how can these things be beat without spending and thats not cool. Im over the raids last run for me, and i got the nickname Raid King in lcn and when the raid king says hes done something aint right
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  10. JARVIN

    JARVIN Active Member

    these suck! the majority of the player base does not have the resources to finish these off without spending money! can i just send you guys the cash and you can add 100 levels to my account, so i don't have to get carpal tunnel?
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  11. GATMAN

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    I took the time to get in quite a few raid bosses this time and that probably wont happen again since there are so few players willing to put in the effort and the money to make it happen: That being said, the expense in healing is to great. If i was the decision maker, healing would be set to 10 points per heal with no changes to the amount healed! There is up to 10 players in a raid boss that will have virtually nothing to offer the fight, based on low energy and stamina, another 10 in the second tier that can help but their assistance is minimal unless they spend a fortune in real money on refilling

    The payouts are still "STUPIDLY" done.

    I killed one raid boss doing 40 million in damage and i received 340,000 in exp for that death
    I killed another raid boss, doing 166 million in damage and I received 340,000 in exp for that death!
    *Give us at least a 1% exp payout based off the damage done to the boss, motivates players to do more in damage!
    *Give us a guaranteed superior weapon for those that do 10% of the damage, or more, to a boss. Upon its death of course!
    *Consider finding a way to let us pick our weapon drop so we don't end up with a bunch of the same items, (i would have liked one of each)

    Also consider a favor points sale before the raid boss events so more people can afford this game play option. I've suggested this in the past and was told that from time to time Kano does do this, well in my 1883 days of playing (minus about 500 days of inactivity), i do not recall ever seeing one sale! Perhaps a 50% bonus payout in points for all money values spent!
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  12. meezy

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    What message?? I dont see anything :p
  13. Sir Opinion Alot

    Sir Opinion Alot Well-Known Member

    click on summary it will show there too
  14. Daniel Pejchl

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    Good gosh ... look at all the talking..... all the work u put into raid bosses is this what mw is going to become... lets get some achievements offered for some of the other contests already being done in mw to make partisapation more likely..like reg war and daily contests
  15. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hot off the heels of the Raid Boss, I have a few updates to share for the next round:

    1). 20% reduction in Healing cost with a 15% buff to Health applied to the Raid Party on heal

    2) Increase of the minimum actions needed to qualify for a reward when the Boss is killed. Right now we're looking at a combination of 1,000 overall actions and 1,000 healing actions for a total of 2,000

    3) Level tiers will change again, but I'll be conferring with each network before hand to get a good grasp on what distribution will work the best
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  16. Gazember

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    Usually I make 2 attacks and 1 heal, as 1 heal its almost covers the dmg done by 2 attacks, that's makes a ratio of 40 actions of attack and 25 actions of healing. If you will make the healing more efficient, then you might need to adjust the 1000 / 1000 ratio a little, maybe 1400 attack / 700 healing.
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  17. AXXO

    AXXO Well-Known Member

    and that is what I was talking about. nice, hope to see a good raid. and also drops should be change according to action. what the point of doing 2000 actions (approx.5 million damage) plus heals and getting a loose drop
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  18. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    wow, these take a lot of effort to try to put down. i don't mind helping others out. but i won't be opening my own.
  19. Dcasso

    Dcasso Well-Known Member

    2) Increase of the minimum actions needed to qualify for a reward when the Boss is killed. Right now we're looking at a combination of 1,000 overall actions and 1,000 healing actions for a total of 2,000

    As I read this, you will 8 double the minimum required effort, and not relate it to the persons stam,energy or leveling. Meaning that a low level (which you did focus on a lot in this round based on the tier 1 levels), would have to do loads of levels in which they dump their 50 gained stam into the raid to be able to heal it when they level or be able to find someone to heal for (which is what they actually can do to help out on the boss).
    At the same time high levels will have to focus a lot more on being able to heal since they will need at least 1k energy to participate in 10 raids over 4 days, meaning 2500 energy pr day.

    Both does not seem to work out very well in my mind, since we do see lower levels being healers (because they got no stam) and high levelers looking for some energy players to help them out with the healing :)
    I do find the 2000 actions required to be fair enough, but if you make a low level tier again, they should have a lower requirement (4 levels of healing for a low level, where healing now gets easier, so they will need to coordinate their healing, and we are talking about new players) but the minimum required healing should probably be around 500-700 on a given boss.

    Apart from this the changes you are making looks very nice. You did forget to address one issue. The death of the raid team. I have seen this time around at least 2 raids where some newbie to raids join in, kill the raids twice in two minutes, and after that the raids is kind of screwed. Why would I waste 1000s of stam on attacking it, loosing 20% of my xp reward plus seeing the boss go up in health.
    In my view, it is fair enough that raid gains back health BUT you should not be able to kill it twice in a row. If you kill the raid, you get 12 hours of waiting before continuing on the boss (2 times max raid kill still apply) and YOU get a penalty of 25% xp drop on future attacks (diminishing the idea of them killing it again), healing still give max xp. The other players are NOT getting a penalty drop, because if they do, you will see even more raidswhere new players aren't getting access to them, which hurts those players.
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  20. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Bunch of new players, or idiots that kill the raid, they should be booted from all raids..

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