[LCN] Raid Boss [BETA] 2 Coming to Mob Wars: LCN Next Week!

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    Another Raid Boss is coming next week! We’ve been retooling this feature with each test and release in each game and are just about ready to launch the next Beta to see how the updates work out in LCN.

    Feature Overview for the Second Raid Boss!

    This limited-time event is 4 days long. During this period, players can unlock a powerful new opponent and assemble an elite team of Mobsters to take them down.

    As before, the Raid Boss is unlocked with Keys, which are dropped from Jobs in specific locations. Jobs which take more energy drop Keys more often. If you find yourself with extra Keys after the event is over, they can be turned in for XP.

    A word of caution: Raid Bosses are tough. They have a lot of health and hit back hard! In order to have a chance at defeating them, players will need to band together in a Raid Party and coordinate their actions.

    Even with a large, dedicated team, many Raid Bosses will take several days to take down.

    Assembling a Raid Boss Party

    Don’t try to take on a Raid Boss all by yourself! We recommend aiming for an Party size of at least 20 dedicated players. Anyone in a Party of less than 15 is likely in for a difficult time.

    Not sure you’ve got enough close, reliable allies around to fill your team? That’s okay! Players don’t have to be in your Mob to join your Raid Party. Many will be on the lookout for standup guys to team up with for the event. Watch the Chat and Forums for players in search of a Party or who have open positions and shoot them a message.

    In previous events, players have found Chat Groups handy for meeting potential party members and assembling teams.

    Don’t count out an potential ally just because they are a lower level than you! Lower leveled players have their attack damage scaled-up when battling Raid Bosses and often make excellent Party Members. Plus, you’ll need some Mobsters from the lower level ranges if you are going to build a full-sized team.

    Raid Party positions are divided into 3 level tiers. You can have up to 10 Party members from each tier for a max party size of 30 players. Keep an eye out for players you feel would make good team members and invite them using the invite links provided on your Raid Boss page.

    If you want, you can also make your Raid Boss Public. However, once someone has joined you are stuck with them for the rest of the fight, so use this option with caution.

    Fighting the Raid Boss

    During the fight, Players can Attack, Barrage (power attack) and Heal.

    The Raid Boss Party shares a common pool of health which participants can replenish using Energy.

    Don’t hesitate to heal! As your Party’s health declines, Attacks and Barrages will be less effective and award less XP. Not only that, Boss hit back hard and can easily wipe a Party if attackers are not paying attention.

    The Boss will regain health whenever a party wipes, and XP rewards for actions will decline, so work as a team and keep your Party’s health up!


    Actions made during the fight, both healing and attacking, give great XP. However there is no advantage to dragging out a fight longer than necessary. If you defeat your own boss, you can join another player’s Party or unlock another Boss of your own as many times as you wish until the 4-day event is over.

    Loot is collected by the participants once the boss has been defeated. Item drops are divided into 2 tiers, Common drops and the rarer and more valuable Superior drops, which have purple backgrounds.

    Don’t join too many Bosses at once! If you stretch yourself too thin you won’t be able to contribute effectively to the fights. You’ll need to do a minimum number of actions to qualify for Loot, and nobody will get any Loot unless the boss is defeated, which is pretty hard to do if Party members aren’t working together.
  2. Aapje

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    Can you tell us if any changes have been made since the end of the last boss?
  3. meezy

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    After doing a few of these..i woud like to see energy AND stam dropped on occasion. considering you spend 20 stam on each power attack..i could see maybe 2-3 stam drops per rotation of 10 attacks per player
  4. Need money for x-mas presents since you try out this s**t once more huh ?? :(
    I wasted more than 200 gf's last time to keep a raid boss alive and kicking and got absof**kinglutely NOTHING coz a low-leveled thought it was ok to attack WITHOUT healing :(
    I'm NOT gonna waste a dime on this anymore !!
    Your game sucks and has done so for ages so i might as well leave this convo and your stupid game to all the plasticcard-gangstas who obviously are allowed to do whatever the like as long as they waste money to raise your salery.............. :eek:
  5. Honestly I hope this doesn't go as terrible as lat time.
  6. The Milk Man

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    I was wondering if we can join in easily instead of going through all that mumbo jumbo as the last time
  7. Aapje

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    Remember that the smart strategy is to let others get the keys and open. There is too little upside to doing it yourself.
  8. Completely agree. On the Kong side, it's already been discussed in the chat rooms it'll be predominantly the highest levels opening them up because there's no point to anyone else doing it, as there's no guarantee it'll be finished especially if you don't pick a well-thought-out party.

    Probably the biggest problem with it to be honest.
  9. Vic

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    that's great. except the highest levels won't be sharing with all of the low to mid level players. so what are we supposed to do?
  10. JARVIN

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  11. thefulla

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    after spending the amount of money i did last time to kill a raid boss only to receive a weapon with 130 attack and even less in defence i will stick to the good sale items that come up occasionally that cost me 17GF points only. these raid bosses are your silliest idea yet KANO. not for me sorry :(
  12. meezy

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    With only previous experience under my belt..it gets better. Ive seen these bosses fall in about 3 days..but everyone has to put in the work. If its left up to the high levels..it aint gonna work cuz they'll be bitter for having to spend all their cash/gf whatever... 5 attacks..then heal. Rinse repeat. Again, this is where party choice comes in. YOu cant expect to take one of these down if some or half of your party isnt willing to put in the work.
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  13. So another BETA test we have to pay a lot of money for ... What's the changes?
  14. Guardian Angel

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    When this raid boss will start? I hope they are real nice improvements especially less energy in LCN for healing, make it complet heal for 25 energy or partial heal for 5 energy, and better Xp would be nice
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  15. Jess

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    The boys at Kano need the cash for christmas gifts, so you better get your credit cards ready for the 2nd beta :D.

    I'm joking (am I?), but if there won't be any noticeable improvement then it's not even worth trying... :(
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  16. gods people

    gods people Active Member

    i hope it is better than the last 1.
  17. williamw125

    williamw125 Member

    the raids need some good tweaking 25 energy to heal is a bit on the high side.and the exp. for using 20 stamina should be a bit better just saying it should be better than what you can average using 20 stamina going singles
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  18. gods people

    gods people Active Member

    i hope so. the raid boss could be a real good feature for this game. and i would like to see it running properly.
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  19. Xipe Totec

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    it would be great if the level division could be adjusted. say 10 mob above level 4500, 10 mob for levels 3500-4499, 10 mob for levels 3499-2500 and 10 mob for below 2500. its not so much about adjusting the damage done by lower mob but the fact that they simply dont have as much Stamina to use for the Raid Boss.
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  20. Bocce

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    This is a change that needs to be done. I only know one person below level 2650, so my last raid boss topped out at 11 people.
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