[ZS] Raid Boss #1 [BETA] Walkthrough and Feedback Thread

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  1. cooterbrown

    cooterbrown Active Member

    I have seen several accts created in the past few days on raid bosses. Im gonna have to agree with slave.
    If you are a higher level player and attack a boss the xp is capped out at 75% of your total xp so it doesnt reward us for doing more than the 2000 required actions.
  2. Yeah I have to agree with slave. The raid boss is actually encouraging alts as having the low levels who basically end up with unlimited stamina and energy hammering on the thing. We watched a low level get chained and still manage to level 100s and i do mean more than 200 times on just one raid boss. The medium tier people struggle to get their heals and attacks in as they dont have the stats to get their actions in as easy as low and even high level players
  3. Xtina

    Xtina Member

    Well if anything the raid bosses seem to be helping with my ZS addiction. Hard to play when you're out of stamina / energy when you've put them into something that leaves you miles short of leveling. Has dramatically cut down my game play time... thanks for having your own form of zombie slayers anonymous built right within your game. Smart thinking Kano!
  4. Alice Prospero

    Alice Prospero Active Member

    A few notes on Raid Bosses in ZS from me. I haven't read the thread so this might be suggested before but if so, at least then we know that several people are looking for the same thing. First of all, the Raid Boss works great and it's great fun. In theory. It has flaws and needs tweaking.
    1. Leave the drop rate random. It's actually good and prevents from item inflation. It's extremely important to keep a balance between existing boss drops, shop items and Raid Boss drops. Having a 100% drop rate with raid bosses and items that are far better than any other item reward you can find in game would destroy it by crating hyper inflation on items. Instead make the drop rate increase with damage dealt. This would make it more profitable for players to concentrate on a boss and do more damage instead of joining 30-40 bosses and do minimum damage and hope that someone else takes responsibility for killing it. Lots of players want to do good and help out. Let those players be those who benefit most.
    2. Raise the xp gain for mid and top tier players. With decent XP gain I, and several people i talked to, can live with the fact that we don't get drops every time, the xp will compensate for that. Right now you make very little xp and you get behind in doing what you normally do (outbreaks, boss killing, hunting, attacking etc) just because its very stam and energy wasting to do raid bosses. All that for very little xp. If i use my energy to help on a boss raid i miss out on the skill points that i would have gotten if i had done my outbreaks instead.
    3. Lower the xp gain for bottom tier players. There is no way good for the game when players can gain 600-700 level during an event. Sure, there are drawbacks with fast levelling and sure, you can always argue that its very reasonable that low level players should level easier but this is just ridiculous. I have a feeling that KANO agrees on this though.

    I actually believe those three simple suggestions would do wonders. The Raid boss event is great. Loads of fun and people work together and even find new friends (and enemies) this way. You have done a very, very good job, KANO. Now please make it great :)

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  5. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    So....when does this 'event' end? :p I got keys to cash in. :)
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  6. Ray Tarr

    Ray Tarr New Member

    My own two sense, and a slight change on Michael:

    1. Change the tier for levels.
    - 1-1000 10 players
    - 1001-1999 10 players
    - 2000 and up 10 players

    2. An XP increase for second and third tier of players. First tier gets the same XP as right now, second tier gets 15% increase over tier 1. Third tier gets a 15% increase over tier 2. This would encourage slightly more participation, and make it more worthwhile for higher-end players.

    3. I actually like the random drops. As has been stated, ZS is different from VC, LCN, or PC.... we don't bring our entire group of chieftains/mobsters/I Don't know the phrase for PC; we bring, at max, 40 slayers with us, 20 recruited and 20 hired. The common items, unless ramped a bit, would pale in comparison to calendar drops, or UN sale items. However, the drop rate could use a slight tweaking in drop rate. Since there are 6 superior items, with 3 being more offensive, and 3 geared towards defensive... make those who go way overboard on attack have a higher drop rate for offensive items, and those who do more healing have better chance at defensive items; those who do balanced have an equal chance at any item.

    4. A kick option would be stellar.

    5. Stamina drops when healing, energy drops when attacking, would be simply amazing.
  7. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Raid is not working well in Zombie, to manny stamina refils needed to pass 1 single level, and the fact that you get no weapon at the end also is wrong. Im sure the rate of defeated raid bosses is verry low
  8. RainSunGone

    RainSunGone Well-Known Member

    i cant even level on the things, yet i see lowers getting 4-500 levels in a day... hello what is up w/ that...xp payouts are crap unless you're a lower to mid level...disappointing all the way around...
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  9. RainSunGone

    RainSunGone Well-Known Member

    agree w/ all a total flop...
  10. RealPog

    RealPog Member

    I have to agree , theres been amazing feats ..going on

    mid level range was not good , they are not built to PAY you To Play THEY are built for FREE
    and in all of the 11 bosses i entred THERE was no spending my mid levels,,,NONE , so i will say complain about no drops ...MEH if you didn't do 5000 attacks ...what do you want

    YOUR WEAPONS clearly show the Kano team DO NOT PLAY zombies they are worse than calendar drops ...insulting

    as for not ...thinking that other games dont need drops
    CREATE a WEAPON a SERIOUS weapon and give it back to all those that played ....you KNEW on the outset that there was an issue
    you have had 3 days to sort out an apology for another CASH GRAB

    careful kano PEOPLE won't come up here but the chat is ......... NEVER AGAIN

    explain if you can HOW the top levels had to do so much FOR SO little a return ....many are seeing the light

    and your not on the horizon
  11. Guardian Angel

    Guardian Angel Active Member

    Unfurtunally in Zombie stamina bar is 30/attack and Xp is like for 20/attack if we compare to raid bosses from other games not counting the huge amount of Xp needed to advance to next level. I spend 1 full stamina in 30 seconds:))
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  12. I didn't get any of the weapons vehicles or gear that's in the pretty pictures :rolleyes:. I personally wish it would at least give us a destructive weapon drop during the fight like so many other boss fights inside KANO games and that would be worth something while fighting the raid boss even if you don't get one of the advertised weapons. Something likes 500 or 700 attack. I spent everything I had on the raid boss that I had fought and to come out of it with no weapons. I felt like I wasted my stamina and energy and time. Also I DO NOT LIKE THE IDEA that someone is going to sabotage your raid boss on purpose. That shouldn't even be possible and needs to be corrected.
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  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    After doing them on the other three games, many, many of them, I joined one in ZS and it was defeated that is just unreal.
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  14. Survival Streak 0

    Survival Streak 0 Active Member

    it's over! yaaaaay! :D 0.5% of my level for the keys :p pffft i get twice that for helping a shooter :p
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  15. Xextreem

    Xextreem Active Member

    I agree the most what i get is 1 item from my own raid. And a 30 stam 5k xp per hit is not that bad. Well to my own raid. I join 4 of them and the are beltween 3 a 4k every 30 stam thats lower than my own bosses and i get a final reward when the bosses die and there are allot easyer to kill. So far is helping some one els not worthty at all. I geuss you increase the kill timer(tbh is a little low) or increase xp or increase chance to get a item drop? Just a suggestion.
  16. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    gave up on my own raid helped many others only 1 drop out of 5 or 6 if you ask me the exp is crap now i hate to compare but 10un a level in ba if kano could match that or even closeer to 20un a level id blast them them jokers lol....if played smart and a good team there very much killable the exp for high level players is crap like xex said some give 5 to7k most give 3 to 5k exp per 30/stam just isnt worth it..
  17. denishar

    denishar New Member

    My faction already killed 10-12 raid bosses and we will kill 4 more we opened the last moment, great xp, tx kano:), the only thing it must change are the level tiers, they are too low, i would suggest for armorgames server 0-1500.1500-2500. 2500+ level tiers
  18. cooterbrown

    cooterbrown Active Member

    I agree the level tiers are off. I also think if your not level 250 in the game you shouldnt be able to join a raid boss this will cut down on all the alts that are being created. So something like level 250-1499, 1500-2499, 2500+ level.
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  19. Sour_Rubbish

    Sour_Rubbish Member

    If you remove the random drop items. Add Items Drop for the damage caused. For example: 1 item - 15 million of damage; 2 - 30 million of damage; 6 - 90 million
  20. Xtina

    Xtina Member

    I'm all for the idea of adding in rewards for damage dealt but on that same hand give back to those are higher energy. Some of the low energy players wouldn't be able to get that amount of damage if they didn't team up with energy players to heal while they attacked.
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