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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by FancyPants, Sep 12, 2019.

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    1) It's incredibly frustrating not having a thread for Quests.

    2) Our first and second level quests are STAMINA HEAVY.
    * L1 - Hitlist 50 mobsters = stamina
    * L2 - Win 7,000 fights = stamina
    * L2 - Fight Bosses 200,000 times = stamina

    Why isn't it a mix of energy and stamina requirements???
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    Thats a good point FancyPants. There is randomness to which quests you get and your Syndicate got all Stamina requirements as you noted.. I will bring this up to the team to see if we can guarantee some variety so it is not all Stamina or all Energy.
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    200,000 stam is about 8000 stam per player required (at full 25 player cohort). I noticed it was pretty heavy, but doable in about a day. 7000 fights is only 280 stam per player, that really is not stamina heavy. A mix would be nice at times but you also have to factor in there are a lot more things you can do with stamina than energy. Stam is used for fights, bosses and hitlists. Energy is only used in jobs (and sort of in rigging ignitions but that stamina as well).

    I think the lack of an official quests feedback thread like syndicate wars would be beneficial. The July 18-22 Changelog is the closest to that at current but I think the forum would benefit from that being closed and a separate feedback thread being written up with the Quests brief as current and a quick FAQ listed within i.e This is quests, what the potential quests will look like and how they are assigned. Although off topic, I think quests are great. Not perfect, but a solid addition nonetheless.
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