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  1. Hello Guys,do I need to make a petition TO HEAR US?on vikings we left a bunch of players who want to keep this game alive but you guys,don't help us.the recent quests was a mess.I spent a lot of fv points to gain only 55!!!it's not fair.On mob wars it's not like here(there,I gain with 1% all the quest,allmoust 85 fv p),the players have more support,why?My guild,also gain under 85 fv p(each member).So I ask you,where it's the fun?why the rewards on quests is so small,compared to previous months? why we have limmit on raids(50)?PC and LCN,don't have!Also the quest's are verry hard(Complete 5,000 Adventures,how?)if we are 25 members with 12 k energy+daily bonus 12 k,we connot finnish it! simple math 24000:320=74 adventures each,thats mean 1850 at day(but only 2 days left to complete)!!it's verry hard to complete them.Also a hard quest is Battle Bosses 600,000 Times,on LCN IS Fight Bosses 400,000 Times,why?
  2. I agree the rewards are too low.It would also be nice if we had a screen similar to Guild wars that showed who was helping and who did not. I don't mind if a player doesn't spend Fv p but they need to contribute something.
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    I would actually like to see a full length video of the kano developers sitting around playing and beating the quest to prove to us it can be beat. As a rule of thumb from my own experiences, a developer should never put out a game, asking others to beat it if they themselves can not. If they can create a full syndicate and prove it to us all, no one should complain anymore but I highly doubt they will accept this challenge. :rolleyes: As it can not be done righteously.

    For the record LCN is no better. Most syndicates fail to finish boss fights. 400,000 is almost impossible if you are not in a top syndicate. We should all just be happy with our 500 energy from the easy case and move on with our lives. :D
  4. Mike Dragonetti

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    I mean, on the hard crates yeah I do agree they do need to be upgraded a little. It's low rewards for high level players who are knocking out these quests.
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    Simple solution. Dont spend favour points on the quests. If that means you dont get the hard quests done..so be it. After all, the rewards aren't adequate as mentioned by everyone else here
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  6. In quest you have a med quest that needs 2500 adventures then you have a hard quest that needs 5000 adventures - All adventures are going towards the Hard quest so we can't finish the med. before we finish the hard quest _NOT RIGHT !
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    more whinning boo hoo, all quests done here. save your loot chests for energy simple! boo hoo
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    Loot chests seem to have drop rate decreased from energy drops to lotto tickets my side drastically on energy drops.

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