Punishments on Raid Bosses

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Paul M. McCormick, May 21, 2015.

  1. Brosnik

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    I see what you are saying but I don't think Kano will take you up on this. It is just part of the game play to sort out your friends and co-players from the wallys and the losers. You learn tactics on how to improve play. If aspects of the game were made too idiot proof it would be really sanitized, dull and boring. There will always be uncertainty and wild cards in any war game or it would not work. You just have to gain experience and skill and get on with it...or leave and find a nice safe sanitized game with no threats and nothing to upset you - any ideas? LoL;)
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  2. ThunderStruck

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    ioioio or something like that does his minimums, then he only attacks taking the health down (but not killing it) to force others to heal and then he keeps attacking. Kano needs to do something about banning those who do excessive attacks and only minimal heals. This has been going on for a while and makes it annoying to get on a raid with him in it. I know there are others but he sticks out the most.
  3. Micaylah

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    I figure if you're going to help attack a Raid Boss, you better bloody well leave it where you found it. o_O
  4. otty22

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    Please add a thing which can use to punish who kill raid!
  5. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Start listing
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  6. Alice Prospero

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    This is an interesting thought. But as it is higher level players are already punished by getting very little xp compared to lower level players and this wold add to the feeling that big players are getting screwed over. It has to be combined with a xp raise. And i'm not sure that is good for the game.
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  7. KurtDexter

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    I'm battle against the raid boss many times like send to he chat menu and my friends battle the raid boss.Having a problem like deplete my health party and the raid boss will replenish the boss health again.And giving a punishment to a hitlist.
  8. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    That is a problem since Raids began, the trick it to not post in the chat, get to know players and who will do the right thing on a raid, and invite them thru ingame messages, and just cause a player is a high level does not guarantee they will do the right thing,once a raid resets too many times, players may not come back to do more on it, as everyone gets less XP each times it resets,not everyone knows how a raid boss works.
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  9. AXXO

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  10. Applejack

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    i remember the days long before the raid clusterfork took place (head on hand in deep thought)... sigh
  11. Micaylah

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    So you invite those you think you trust and yet it's still happening..KANO do something about this. It's not about one person, it's about all the folks who ar helping kill the Boss. This feature needs to be rethought or dropped altogether.

    I JUST had my Boss killed by a trusted person. Im waiting for an explanation but when you bust your butt to help others and then have someone ruin it, that is not fair gameplay. Don't tell me it's all part of the game, IT ISN'T. :mad::mad::mad::mad::(
  12. WorldB

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    I've got to say that I don't understand punishing the people in a party who are trying to kill a Raid Boss because one member of the party kills the RB. I just kind of accepted this when you created this concept, but there's really no reason for it. The only one who should be punished is the person who kills the Raid. Simply changing this concept would make the RBs a positive experience and remove a lot of the complaint about this part of the game.

    There are plenty of options but simply removing the possibility of the "raid killer" (and this doesn't have to mean someone who actually "kills" the party; it's negotiable) getting any reward from the raid should make any raid killer think twice about killing the raid - they would get nothing for their time and we would remove their motivation for purposely killing the raid by removing the penalty to other party members.

    Please think about this and consider sending out a poll as to what would constitute actions that would cause a party member to be blocked from rewards.
    Thank you.
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  13. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    sometimes accidents happen, if your friend did cause the game froze , for example then ask him to take the boss down so no one else loses XP .
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  14. I couldn't disagree more. All the good xp is had when hitting a raid, not healing it. That's why we get selfish people who hit them into the danger category and leave them there. And most people have learned not to post their raids to jobs because of that kind of player. No matter what, you should ALWAYS heal the damage you do.

    On another note, I was laughing when some were saying they had a difficult time knowing whether they had gotten the minimum needed on a raid boss. You can scroll through the list of bosses you're currently on and Kano tells you right there if you have no chance of reward or what. Translation: no chance means you don't have the minimum.
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  15. Sir Opinion Alot

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    With healing its as important as attacking so i believe and i think everyone else would to that healing should carry just as much xp or not more than attacking since energy seems to be the area we have issues with, start with rewarding instead of punishing, if the rewards are good enough half or not all the problems would be fixed, and this should not be a issue to where it was 2 yrs ago when kano said no cause they didnt want crazy leveling, but now they can not use that as an excuse since we have players 1 yrs old in the top of the world leaderboards which proves that fast leveling is going to be there if they dont want it, it is time to listen and start giving the players something in return these raids are mass money makers and we all see it with these raids each season. So in turn kano change the xp and other areas that you said you couldnt because you didnt want insane levels now you dont have that excuse you have no reason to do what we have been asking for.
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  16. Michael Winterkorn

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    I have to agree some punishment is needed. I have used up countless energy to heal the raid before I can even attack and if a punishment is needed I think the individual should lose all exp, gold, and be placed on the bounty list at a cost of the total raid boss health times their current level and furthermore be prohibited from joining a raid for the duration of the event
  17. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    There is the simple solution of lowering attack exp and increasing healing exp, which has been stated forever. A healer should get more exp since using their resources instead of doing adventures, while people who vampire off bosses just get ahead as well accruing more energy=more adv drops.
  18. Jared

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    Can you hear us now?
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