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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Dylan Mcallister, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. OK so here goes,

    This idea might not be that popular with the high level players, but I think something like this is needed, after all we do not want players to leave the game, and this is a possible solution.

    Game Shields (In All Games)

    Currently new users have a 30 day protection when they start the game.

    Based on this I think shields should be implemented as a godfather option.

    24 Hour shield
    48 Hour Shield
    72 Hour Shield
    7 Day Shield
    14 Day Shield
    28 Day Shield

    These can all be bought from the godfather and limited to how many you can use in a certain period of time, no one likes a genuine bully hiding, but new players and bullied players need some form of protection, this way there is no 'Blacklist' and interaction between players isn't blocked altogether.

    This is just a base idea, and would obviously need some work on the godfather point amounts needed, and when and how players can use them.

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    first thought , is No , will give it more thought, but too many hide or just come out to do dgps and gone all day, so alot of time there is so little chance of retaliation :(
  3. Delta

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    Here is a variation that I have come up with due to those who seem to enjoy abusing the system for the purposes of long-term bullying:

    Give players the option to "hide" for let's say 2 to 3 weeks from an individual attacker. In other words, make them temporarily invisible. It would be two-sided so the attacked player can't blindly attack the attacker. They would be hidden from each other for the designated period. You can put a limit on it to prevent people from abusing it. Something with the same rule as the stamina and energy boosts (can only hold 5 and use 1 per 24 hours.)
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    what exactly are you shielded from?

    Also ZS only have 7 days of protection.

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