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  1. Allen Sumaran

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    I have a question for KANO Support and everyone in general. . Why do players almost 15k on Viking clan Server 2 need protection? I guess I can see it for low level players who are starting out but by level 15K you should know the game well enough be then to have a clue as to how to protect yourself. Just doesn't make sense to me. Please comment!

    Allen Sumaran
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  2. JADES

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  3. Allen Sumaran

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    Thank you for responding. The player I am referring to is the top 16th player on the World Leader Board for VC Server 2. That's why I have a question about this. The way I understand how this works, this player should be ineligible for protection Am I missing something? Thanks!
  4. JADES

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    You'll need to get Smack to chime in on this one in that case LOL
  5. mi7ch

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    I'll get it looked into, thanks for bringing it up.

    EDIT: Feel free to check my math, but the average level of the top 30 players on the Leaderboard for VC KP2 is 16,083. The player specified falls below that, which is why they have protection.
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  6. Justin the killer

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    why not just turn off the Protection once u reach level 10k would be fair enough all around the kano apps which it is a better solution then too really argue about it if it occurs within your Future of the Time Being!!
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  7. Jay Bonham

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    I have read of this protection, however I am unable to use it in PC. I have a level 10K hitlisting me daily and I am very tired of it. How can I deal with this? There is NO protection button on my profile. I am not in the top level in my range.
  8. Kirsten

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    when you reach the criteria, the button will show up,, since you don't have it means ya have not been hitlisted enough and it also depends on what you do back to that player if anything

    http://support.kanoapps.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/178/0/protection <------ click this link to learn how and when protection works , but be forewarned, if you do get the option and use it , the friends of the person you use it against will prob target you, and if they list you the person you have protection on can still catch that bounty, so think carefully before you use it,
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