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  1. The Protector

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    You can grab their bounty to
  2. well still makes no sense to me to allow them to get my bounty ... but then again i shouldn't be allowed to get his/hers
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  3. Robert Belrose

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    You better disable the messaging system and the chat feature for those that enable the protection, that is how most of them get into that predicament, and if a feature is implemented for one group of players why not make it for all? If you are trying to make the game less attractive to the people that have allot of time in and have worked up the ranks you are doing a fine job.
  4. Protection is a bad joke.

    If someone is only online for a few mins each day they can be hammered the whole time they're online and still not be eligible for protection even though their entire gaming experience for the day has been ruined. And shorter times would also mean that it could go on indefinitely.

    The converse being that most of the people that need protection have brought whatever is raining down on them on themselves. Either through game play styles (hit and hiding, suspected cheats, etc) or through opening their mouths in chat and challenging someone that they have no business challenging.

    Since making it available to everyone isn't an option that works for the higher levels, apparently, and making the limit lower to enable it doesn't work either, I suggest you just get rid of it. I've played many years without "protection" and I've survived the experience. Even recently having to adjust how to distribute my skill points to shake a bigot and his drunken sidekick off my tail.

    Set counters, traps, and move on. Prepare, Adapt, and Overcome. Sheesh!
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  6. Zoonie

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    A few questions:

    Will axe slaps and bounties be combined ie. 1 bounty = 67 axe slaps?

    Are Guild Wars (1) guild members exempt from this?

    Can the protected player still attack their tormentor whilst protected (after all they will be 1,000 attacks / 15 bounties behind just to even the score)?

    Why is the number of attacks/bounties the same for all levels? At my level I cannot see anybody able to do 1,000 attacks in 24 hours.

    When I attack someone who is at full health I can do 6 maybe 7 attacks before they end up in hospital. Once there they will typically take at least an hour before they recover enough for even a single attack.
    Even if the were obliging enough to heal each time and not attack back. At a this rate it would take 142 heals to reach this target in 24 hours on the rivals list. The boredom would be unbelievable. Surely a sliding scale would be better.
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  7. Monica Hlif

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    Has this feature been disabled? I should qualify and can't see the option in either of the places mentioned.

    Erling Gunnlaf
    Level 7869 Conqueror

    Attacks from: 1009 attacks,1 axe slap in 27 minutes Last attacked: 17 seconds ago
    Attacks against: 4 attacks,1 bounty attack,1 axe slap in 1 minute Attacked first: 28 minutes ago Last attacked: 27 minutes ago

    Exactly when is it that I'm supposed to be asked if I'd like to go under protection?
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  8. mi7ch

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    There are a few circumstances under which you might not be able to get Protection, such as already having Protection against another player or you're higher than the average level of the top of the Leaderboard (which not be the case, it is just an example of where protection may not apply). If another player has taken out Protection against you recently then it will be harder for you to receive Protections against others. Additionally if 24 hours go by without an aggressive action, the threshold is reset.
  9. Orez

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    I got the "get Protection" button once I got attacked 1000 times but in order for you to use it, is to go through the rivals list and click on Protection tab I(which will only show up if you are able to apply a protection against another player) or going to the attackers profile page and click the "Get Protection" Button.
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  10. Rodney Rangel

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    i've used protection for stupid reasons like after 10 bounties on me and after, they throw a temper tantrum about it
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  11. HJM

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    Never seen that feature, but then again wasn't even looking for it. Knew only about the 60 days protection.
  12. Justin the killer

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  13. Sir Opinion Alot

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    Id like to see the number raised more than 1 total that needs adjusted if that many cause so much grief why cant you take it on each one that qualifies
  14. Sir Opinion Alot

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    guess you havent been in the world of LCN lately. There is some people that seem to leave there script on with your gamerlink attached. Used to you really not needed people didnt act this way but i dont know what has gotten over people and there abusive nature (worded as nice i can) anymore.
  15. Sir Opinion Alot

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    yea and I saw a pig fly last night too
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