Proposed Change to Guild Wars - Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by mi7ch, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Hey folks,

    We have a quick question for you regarding one of the mechanics in the Guild Wars: should you get a reward when another Guild attacks your Guild and dies in the attempt?

    Currently in the Battle Arena when another player kills themselves on you, you get the reward for the kill, however this is not the case in the Guild War where only actions taken by the Guild result in rewards.

    Should you get the rewards for when another Guild kills themselves on yours? Potential downsides would be smaller Guilds intentionally killing themselves on stronger Guilds to give them War Points for little to no effort.
  2. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    I would be against it.
    My team has won several times in a row without getting any external help. This change would promote to pop out a few one player(alts)/guild guilds to help the big guilds.
    But if Kano it's bored and wants more reports and do more checks... go for it. ;)
  3. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    And you think alts don't already help the cheaters out? Lol that's too funny. I'm all for this, whether a guild suicides on you or not you kill them and should be entitled to the reward plain and simple.

    also, does a suiciding guild still lose the kill reward from their last kill? if not then thats another issue that needs to be addressed
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  4. Crisom Melo

    Crisom Melo Member

    Liked it from this idea.

    Out of subject:
    And the war points for who lost when atack could be more space between them. If one guild hit you losting won 3 wps and while you hit and win is 4 wps. I always get this as unfair.
  5. Grizzly D

    Grizzly D New Member

    It seems to me that this is an unattended exploit. What is the point of being able to heal if you can suicide without any penalties or rewards being given? Isn't that part of the integrity of wars. I feel that the rewards and penalties should apply in this situation.
  6. LaScepter

    LaScepter Well-Known Member

    I like the idea...why should a guild committing suicide get away with not giving up their kill reward to the guild they are hitting to die on...?? The guild being hit should be rewarded ! get a BIG yes on this...;)
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    This is a tough one. On one hand its cool the way it is in the BA because its always nice to be able to help a friend if your on your way out and to stick it to the person taking you out, but as Mitch said and most others have always known this aspect has been exploited from day one, not only with alts (but a huge part) but with legit players signing up with no intent of actually playing but with the sole intent of suiciding on a friend to boost their health. Im not sure this was an intended result or not but either way it does seem to be pretty borderline in terms of what the arena was meant/sold to be initially. I suppose it does fall into the category of teamwork which is fine by me if its a legitimate player and not an alt but thats the elephant in the room is it not? Alts are rampant and there doesnt seem to be a realistic solution to that problem on the horizon. Like I said im all for teamwork but but that can/is still be legitimately had without the additional incentive to use alts.

    Im gonna have to vote No on this one because of the whole alt thing. There is a lot on the line in events like the BA n GW in terms of XP, FP, achievements and bragging rights and way to many players that will go to any length to get those things.

    I would go even one step further and consider eliminating this option in part from the BA as well. Perhaps a player should still be able to suicide on another to thwart their attacker but maybe the player that was suicided upon shouldnt be rewarded with the others health. Especially when one considers how much of an imbalance created by defensive stance times and the addition of the multi attack slider. Ive seen many a player with barely the minimum attacks, tons of defense with more than one or two kills which allows them a high ranking for doing basically nothing which I have always believed belies the true purpose of the arena

    MEGAWOLF Member

    LOL sounds like AOA sent this request in since i heard they got mad after we did 10+ suicides on them last war and won the wars.... LOL I'd say no to this because if your not fast enough to get a kill you shouldn't be awarded anything if they kill themselves on you.
  9. ben

    ben Active Member

    A kill is a kill and you should get the credit. Far as alts, they've been around since day 1 and it's up to Kano to catch them. Yes there's cheaters in the games, again, it's up to Kano to catch them. So on this idea, I vote yes,
  10. Off The Reservation

    Off The Reservation New Member

    Well this is easy enough now. Didn't know you didn't lose you last kill when you commite suicide. Pretty sure you die when you commite suicide, and the rules say you lose your last kill when you die. But whatever, rules are not important. Also no point in healing anymore. Just attack away untill you kill yourself!
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    In that case the person who suicides should get the credit...they are after all the one who killed themselves. They could just keep killing themselves, get the kill reward and rack up some pretty impressive kill stats. While were at it we might as well give ones bounty amount to whoever they suicide on as well....or better yet reward it to the one who committed suicide because once again they are the one doing the
  12. James O. Fry

    James O. Fry New Member

    Yes they should......if the attacker dies while attacking, technically it is a kill for the one attacked regardless of how it happens!
  13. Demonik1

    Demonik1 Well-Known Member

    bounties have absolutely nothing to do with the guild wars, your comparison is irrelevent
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    It was tongue in cheek. But now that youve challenged it....obviously bounties themselves have nothing to do with the guild wars but I was speaking to the outcome of one killing themselves which is definitely relevant to the topic of this thread. Why would someone be rewarded for doing the exact same thing (or the lack of doing anything in this particular case ) and not for doing the same elsewhere in the game? At the very least its a perfectly legitimate example to backup ones opinion along the same lines of logic used by the developers of these games.
  15. gene illugi

    gene illugi Active Member

    as far as in the guild war i believe that the dying guild should lose the war points for dying but that the guild you suicide on shouldn't get any rewards because they're not doing anything , not using tokens . rewards and penalties should be rewarded for actions , not for inaction .
  16. cheaters be damned, if you die while attacking a guild, then that guild killed you and points should be awarded to the guild left standing. Also if you suicide you should lose your points for your last kill. What else you got?
  17. Dale Kay

    Dale Kay New Member

    I am for it ... smaller guilds don't have a chance anyway, why not make some team work out of them too?
    Current MySpace tank is what? 800 players? small fish bowl anyway ... wack away ...
    Ragnarok can't be too far away ....
  18. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    If this gets pushed through then perhaps there should be minimum requirements for a guild to join the wars like a minimum number of players in that guild and or a minimum time a guild/account has been in existence What chance does a guild of a small handful have anyways? Make it harder for the cheats and easier for Kano to see a pattern of abuse. Honestly the only legitimate reason I can see for a guild of such a small number of players to join the wars is to give it a test run before joining a true war guild. Perhaps set up a mock/test guild/site/page for players to check it out previously to committing themselves to a participating guild
  19. Dale Kay

    Dale Kay New Member

    Any chance to get points and drops is a good reason for any to join ... it often is not always about winning .... ;-)
  20. Linda

    Linda Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    True enough,in PC my armada is just two of us, we have enough drama in the game,we don't need or want any more members, we just play for xp, don't care about winning.
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