Property Calculator for Pirates Clan

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    The blanks I have put here are for public consumption. Feel free to share them.
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    lol i love the days when ya have to buy 1k caves to balnce the sheet, sometimes I cheat and load up on lower properties just so i dont have to keep goin back and forth
  3. Mark Spicer

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    I do the same thing... sometimes I would buy several thousand, just to push them way down the list...
  4. Mark Spicer

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    I worked out the problem with the Analysis sheet, which also provides income projections... the .zip file contains both an .ods and an .xls, for Apache OpenOffice and Excel 97/2000/XP...

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  5. Sal the foot has the best Multi game app there is, it operates on a 365 day cookie so you should never really lose your data, as long as you remember to save your data.

    I operate a spreadsheet for LCN due to the standard progression model for each city it is easy to add locations as you move up.

    However, I think that the maths is not as linear with Pirates and so I let Sal do all the calculations.

    By the way, it is almost always better to buy property from older locations even after you open up a new one to begin with. The great thing about Sal the Foot is that there is a ROI indication, green for good, red for bad to help with your understanding of where to purchase next
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    It's been said but salthefoot works really well.
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    The calculator has been updated and moved to its own domain on a new server for 2018. Please update your bookmarks.
    See link here...

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