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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Tanis12Man, May 29, 2010.

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    I just noticed something and thought I would mention it. When I perform a Power Attack on a Boss, I am doing Approx 1,453 points of damage for 5 Stamina Points. When I do a Normal attack with 1 Stamina Point, I am doing 607 Points of Damage. While the XP for the Power Attack is Approx 5X what the normal Attack XP is, the Damage is only about 2 Times the normal attack. I do not think this is correct, but thought I would bring it to your attention so that you could verify what I am seeing.

    I am attacking the Passage Keeper using 76 Aegir War Ships, 1 Fire Gauntlets, and 1 Zombie Wolf. I have no other individuals that are attacking with me. I have 110 Attack and 100 Defense.

    If you could look into this or if anyone has noticed this as well, feel free to let me know.

    Thank you
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    This isn't a bug. It is the same on all apps. It has already been mentioned several times in other threads. As Kendall states in another post, The Boss fights are in Beta & they are working out the formulas.

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    I am starting to wonder if this on purpose. A level-up power attack generally does the same ( a little less) damage as 5 single attacks. So there is incentive to level up the power attack. It also saves on mouse usage.
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    Has anyone noticed a difference in the power attack when there are other players helping in the boss battle? Like when you get 5 or 10 other players attacking the boss, a new power attack is opened for that boss. Has anyone noticed the single attack and power attack difference then in the multiplayer boss attacks? Maybe this is where the power attack yields better damage than 5 normal attacks.
  5. the final power attack does more than 5 single.first power does like 3 or 4x a single.and no power is more like just double if that of a single.
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    Seems the power attack has been fixed. For the past day or so it seems every non-upgraded power attack I have done does approx 5-6 more damage than a single attack. I like that they didn't lower the damage the single attack did and instead raised the damage the power attack did.
  7. hey everyone...I've actually noticed that increasing you's personal attacks results in a great damage to the boss when my attack was 300 i did 4 to 5000 with the power attack when it became 600+ i started dealing 12 to 13 thousand with no one joining the fight yet...however regarding the Minotaur, the yeti and the rock giant it's stronger if the entire chieftains have joined the fight :), and your health plays a superior role as well, if it's 5000+ that actually helps a lot. I've had many of my high level friends testing it out..hope i helped :), and regarding the favor points there is a certain percentage haven't figured it out yet, but by reducing 60 to 70 % of the bosses health you receive about 3 to 4 favor points and that's happened a lot with me...
  8. cool you so lucky get 3-4 favor points :) for me is 1% favor point drop ...!! if any one know favor point drop secret please let us know :D

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