Possible boss key glitch

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Shadowmaster, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Shadowmaster

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    Hi there I have been gathering raid key bosses. I already summoned two raid bosses and I am trying to summon my third. This time I did the keys out of order and I ended up getting the nidavellir key before the alfheim one. It appears there is a glitch where when you do this the alfheim one does not drop. I have put like 5500 energy at level 2716 into trying to pickup the last key and nada. Whereas the rest of the keys only took me like 700 energy. I could just be VERY unlucky but it seems as if it's not dropping. Mind looking into it? I am weary to do any more refills if it might be a glitch. Might try another 500-1000.
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  2. Shadowmaster

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    Update: just put another 1000 in on alfheim key still no key...think it glitches if you do nidav first. augh. Wrecking my gameplay atm.

    Updated update: Okay this has to be a glitch.. put another 2000 in for a total of 8500 energy spent for one key...nothing.
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  3. Gazember

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    The same thing happened to @gcalin93 a few days ago... who knows if its a glitch or not?
  4. mi7ch

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    I showed this thread to the developers and there is no glitch associated with doing the Keys out of order.
  5. Shadowmaster

    Shadowmaster Member

    Confirmed. After 12,000 energy it dropped. TY.
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  6. Applejack

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    i don't worry about opening these up myself. i just join other people's. so i don't have to worry about using energy to collect keys and use it on the raids instead.
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  7. Justin the killer

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    the problem about this tho u should let us get the keys without wasting so much energy why not tell us what job mission it would be on instead of us hunting for them that would be nice to do instead of searching for them which it does cost alittle bit of coins just to find it...Mi7ch u think u can set it up this way for us? Please Thanks
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  8. Sir Opinion Alot

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    i always open mine but it takes using well over 6000 in energy to find them which is crazy, they should be very easy to get no more than a 3 to 5 time doing a job, the boss takes so much to defeat why should it take so much to summon if i didnt have high energy and dont buy it would be hard to just summon the boss using my daily energy where is that fair, I should be able to use the 500 energy you give us for a lvl to find all 4 keys that sounds better to me. And speaking of that why do the highest players receive same amount of stamina and energy as a beginner they get so much outta of it I cant even get my gamers done off the energy from a level. Why not make it 500 or 25% of your energy which ever is higher and with stamina 50 or 10% which ever is higher. That sounds fair it aint like 10% would do me much good but 50 dont do crap for upper players.
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  9. Sir Opinion Alot

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    im not getting a key over 3000 in energy on 1st 1 and not a single key is that normal, i had to come back i found the keys come alot faster if you do different jobs and not just 1 over and over i was doing the highest job earlier for the city and 3000 wasted, so i tried doing 2 to 3 of each job and within less than 3000 energy i had all 4 keys.
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