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    Stamina is used during all types of Battles. At higher levels for certain types of battles, you will be given the option to use more stamina to Boost your attack strength. Stamina refills with time. For quick refills of Stamina see The Gods. Increase your maximum Stamina with Skill Points from your Profile. Each time you level up you will receive bonus stamina up to a maximum of 50 or your characters max whichever is less.

    Like i said just another way Kano makes money off the game!!
  2. Gavin

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    The refills of 5000 health, 500 energy, and 50 Stamina have been set like this since nearly the beginning of the game.

    Yes the refills by the GP's can generate income for Kano, as well as buying GP's for special weapons. But this serves to keep Kano running and developing new games and updates, so it's not that bad.

    As for the 50 Stamina refill, it may seem low, but in the lower levels this is huge... and for some it's the full stamina refill. Also if played correctly one can get into a leveling loop of which the stamina refills and you can continue to level, this is really easy in the lower levels. At higher levels you can, with enough stamina skill points, do a leveling loop. Of which the 50 stamina helps but really if one has enough stamina to level up 10 levels, that give one 10 favor points, of which you can now use the rest of the stamina up and upon zero refill to max and start the leveling again, 10 levels, refill, 10 levels refill...etc. This starts to slow at really higher levels as it take a lot more exp top level... Although it is possible with a lot of time as leveling does take time esp. in the higher levels, although somehow there are those that somehow can do a level every 5 minutes on the dot?

    Again the 50 may seem low, but full refills would make it virtually impossible to even get close to the high level players, plus the high level players would just run away with the game... leveling over and over. Even though for most honest players it takes a good amount of time to level.
  3. just increase your stam to like 1200 and you might be all set
  4. LarsBarbaren

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    On the subject of the battle system, how does it make any sense that the game says my army of:

    5,670 Warriors

    * 18 Aegir Guards
    * 5,652 Njord Warlords

    is stronger than the army I attacked:

    10,460 Warriors

    * 1 Dwarf Commander
    * 10,447 Njord Warlords
    * 12 Aegir Guards

    I mean... My opponent has an army double the size of mine with the same type of troops. Why is mine stronger? oO

    I had a 5% berserk boost (which if it is calculated correctly, shouldnt matter much in this fight). I also had weaker attack stat tha his def stat and I had better weapons equipped but weaker weapons for my army. I won the battle though, and the opponent had twice my number of chieftains (over 500 more than me).

    Again, how does it make any sense?
  5. Gavin

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    Agreed battle system is baffling, but, maybe the new change in having one's att/def skills actually count for something has taken effect.
  6. sln88

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    What level were you both at? I thought someone told me that you only get to use as many chieftans as your level, so, if I am level 500, but have 1000 cheiftains, I only use the 1st 500 and their weapons. Is that right? So, if you were both at the same level, then you were actually using the same amt of weapons and warriors.

    I don't understand this: when I attack someone, as long as we are matched up, I win. When the same person attacks me, they win. Its like some magical advantage to being the attacker
  7. just shows your attack points are higher than your defense points.thats easy to accomplish.lot harder the other way.
  8. TKoshta

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    This does not seem to have been answered:
    In a battle, if you look at the results afterwards, it is broken down into
    Critical Advantage
    Att / Def
    Armed Items

    In each of these 'categories' it says "Weaker", "Stronger", or "Equal"

    Does it matter IN EACH AREA if you are Weaker/Stronger (like being Stronger in Armed Items give you a certain % overall advantage, and then being Weaker in Att gives you a certain % overall deisadvantage, etc), or, in the end, are all the ATT/DEF numbers just added up and the fight winner determined that way, with being Weaker or Stronger in an area basically meaning nothing?

    Important, now that a ton of Skill points have just showed up and spending them correctly is important.

  9. Gavin

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    I believe soon the battle system will be clarified, think there was a thread saying that in time the dev's will try ro add something in the forum or game so people will be more informed and spend there skill points more wisely. So far higher att/def does make a big difference.
  10. TKoshta

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    This system seems crazy now. Fought someone my 943 clan to their 684 clan. Always beat them. Now with basiclly the same armies I lose. Bacsically these are the stats:
    9430 Njord Warlords vs 6840 Njord Warlords
    4715 Svalinn Sun Shields vs 3420 Svalinn Sun Shields
    STRONGER on Critcal HIt, Armed Weapons, Warriors and Weapons.
    Equal on Boosts
    Weaker ONLY on Personal Attack Str vs Personal Defense Str
    I LOST? It says I was 4.4% Weaker than him.
    WTF? Raw numbers alone give me a 372,485 ATT vs his 249,660 DEF, giving me a BASE 49% advantage. How did he get a -----53%----- shift in the numbers to HIS advantage?
  11. sheesh,i thought me losing when i was over 40,000 points stronger was something else.this beats that by alot.sheesh.
  12. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    If your personal attack is low and their personal defense is high, that is definitely possible. Personal Attack and Defense are weighted heavier in battles, your leaders strength will add some influence/strength to the clan totals.

    Have you been putting skill points into attack?
  13. im near 4000 attack.while my opponent is just a tiny bit stronger

    cept the 40,000 point difference was before atk/def was weighted heavier.
  14. TKoshta

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    Yes I've increased my attack, but still have a bunch of skill points to spend, which is why it's important to know how the Att/Def is working now. Is it a ratio (Att \ Def = +/- %), or subtration (Att - Def = +\- %)? Anyone know? But I still can't see what kind of difference would have given him the 53% shift in numbers.
  15. Mihai

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    Hi. But I red that the personal attack is just added to the total clan attack. If I have 480.000 clan attack and 2000 attack skills , the attack skills brings an advantage only of 0,004 % . Or am I missing something ?
  16. there was a change a while back where atk/def is now weighted heavier than before.
  17. The old system weighted clan attack the same as personal attack/defense. So basically it was all about chieftains and clan weapons. I'm not sure how much it was adjusted to account for your stats but supposedly they count more now.

    The higher level players I would imagine would run out of targets to use up all of their stamina if they got full refills, unless they had a regular leveling partner. I already end up having to fight the same handful of guys over and over along with bosses that don't always yield the same bang for the buck in regards to XP. I have no idea how someone one or two thousand levels higher than me would exhaust all their stamina in a single session let alone if it recharged constantly. I think they should at least up the stamina refill to say 100 per level after level 1000, then 200 after level 2000 or something like that.
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