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  1. Gavin

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    It helps a little, but, still no definite answer for the developers like in the counterattack question, also it seems that The Whoorida increased skills yet it didn't help at all..

  2. William Grim

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    Any chance the developer are going to shed anymore light on this issue?
  3. Gavin

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    Well the battle system is still a confusing, but, now there's more confusion or a glitch in the battle system.

    It seems that the amount of attacks to a player is not summing up properly, in other threads there seems to be the similiar problems. Personally I've seen the number os attacks to certain players don't log... in the counter attack page it says so and so has 10 attacks in 1 day I have 15 attacks in 1 day then after another set of attacks from that player, it then says the same 10 attacks and my attacks increaced even though i did not attack or set counters... Something is wrong with the system...also as seen if Kano wants certain players to have that advantage and not have the same rules then at least let us know. I think the system should be the same for everyone. or the glitch should be fixed.
  4. yea my counters can go up to 10 only im sure that's a bug need some big scan and than show who use more than suppose to ...
    its lots new stuff in game hope Kendall let us know any new upgrades of this ! :eek:
  5. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    Also what seems to be a glitch in the counterattack system is:
    why is it that sometimes the calculation indicates the Player 1 has x attacks in 1 hour and Player 2 has X attacks in 3 days... What happened to Player 1 and the prior attacks in the last 3 days... somethings wrong... if the calculation is based on attacks and the time frame, then have these two factors equal. Just seems logical.
  6. not sure if this is the case with you or not.if you've attacked the other player and they haven't hit you within 24hrs,their count resets to 0 on you while your count on them continues to increase.found that one out the hard way once

    that one is just crazy lol.that one should defo be checked out if their attacks are actually counting against you and not them.
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  7. Gavin

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    No somethings still wrong with at or some clans have found loop holes or get special privledges as this happened X has 43 attack(s) on you (In 1 day). You have 3 attack(s) on X (In 3 days). Please see Rivals Help for further information on counter attacks. Yet I haven't attacked X since 3 days ago so this should read 0 Attacks,... also X has attacked more than just 1 day, so why is the attack count from 3 days too? so clearly this 24Hr reset doesn't work properly or there are loopholes or something else.
  8. you haven't axe slapped either?and you had no counters on X?sometimes that does it.if neither of the above applies,then the game does indeed have a glitch.
  9. this is problem :confused:
    dev's say that bounty and axe slap dont count so there is mistake from developers
    on my rival i have 5 days i axe slap him 2 days ago last time so its not ben reset after 24 hours !! why? :eek:
  10. they havent hit your counters(if you had any)remember counters count as attacks(even though they really shouldnt):mad:
  11. no no counters im open person :rolleyes:
  12. @ chieftains: in my opinion thats the most critical feature of the game. did the developers of the game change the feature of adding chieftains some weeks (days) ago???

    because at the moment you are only allowed 2 add 1000 tains, and if u want 2 get more (NOW) u have 2 spend favour-points. thats really a severe restriction (4 me, and maybe others)...

    what was the description of the rules and restrictions for the "maximum-number-of chieftains" in the past? could anyone explain it 2 me please??? i´m really curious about that!!!

    thanx, max
  13. Gavin

    Gavin Member

    This rule has been the same basically from the beginning of the game. There were minor tweaks such as the max amount of chieftains at certain levels, but the 1000 max and 2000 total max w/ hired chieftains has been consistent.

    And agreed in battle the # of chieftains seems to be the most important factor, which is why I suggest having the players att/def count more since players can then compensate with skill points.

    Hope this helps, and still waiting on why the battle system counts keeps some player attacks in days and others in hours from my earlier threads.
  14. Vampryss

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    Keep in mind that this is a free app. However it's not free to develop nor are the servers they are served on.There has to be some sort of payment to keep this & other apps available for everyone. :)
  15. Hi Gavin bro i know how its feel...:(
    Parasurama The BloodAxe Legend Level 2535 Merchant Viking
    Online Now!
    You have 10 Skill Points. Use them to increase your skills below.
    Attack 1355
    Defense 1352
    i calculated skill points info weapons/warriors and its like 2700 skill point will be 30 extra fire horse ... ! and one guy like (?x?) viking have 5000 fire horse in short time getting full energy from favor points.!
    and to collect 2700 skill points i spend almost a year and was hard work to do so and that amount of 30 extra fire horses i can get easy by spending 100-150 favor points on energy in 5 min !! so its not fair how its working now!!
    i will be happy to have my skill points on attack and defence if every skill point works like extra point on each weapon and warrior ¬ i know that im not in power to say what game should be - im just saying what can change my mind to have all my 2000+ skill points on att/def
    this is one of emails i send to Kendall and he said that they testing att/def on Zombie Slayer and after that they will change to Viking Clan so Att/def will be better !?
    hope attack and defence upgrade happen soon and all players who wait so long can enjoy new attacking and defending system :)
    and i know that Developers are busy at this time signs they working on new Apps- Zombie Slayer ...
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  16. @ gav: ok, thanx for the answer!!!

    @ vamp: sounds logical 2 me :)

    @ para: i always considered att/def as the strategical superiority of commanders & conquerors just like alexander the great and hanibal,etc... but att/def just seem to be my physical skills in one-to-one combat. am i right? so physically (without weapons i am worth about 42 balder-proteges)

    greets, max
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  17. i guess u win this battle hahaha ;)
  18. on pirate clan,i added up everything i was attacking with(including base attack)and then added up everything my opponent was defending with(guessing his base defense by how much stronger i was in cage matches)the results came to my attack being a little over 40,000 points stronger than his defense and yet i still lose some hitting him.thats how much these games vary(at least)to decide a win/loss.a bit too big of a gap
  19. Vellieq

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    ok i have a complaint about the game, is when you level up your stamina does not go to full power, whats with this 50 crap? We played the game and EARNED those rights to have that stamina, we should be able to get full stamina on level ups? NO? Or is this just designed so Kano can make MORE money off people? Would really love an answer, and if the answer is to control those using bots , then thats Kano's issue why should players who have worked so hard to get the levels we have be punished? ......................................just a thought..................................
  20. common question and the answer is found in the help

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