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Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Jim Wells, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. alka

    alka Banned

    I'm still in Arena. I don't have any alts, and I echo Johnny's words. I'm also a higher level and played longer than you, so I guess in your terms that means you suck and don't know much about the game.
    An idiot can suss out the Arena in 2 minutes, that's why your lot are good at it!!
  2. Mer De Noms

    Mer De Noms New Member

    yes you are still in arena, for now...but you won't win it. we both know that. No one in fits uses alts and i have played every arena since my level allowed me to. i pulled 232 levels in one arena without the use of un, so tell me again how i suck and know nothing about arena? please enthrall me little band wagoner, don't worry...i'll wait.
  3. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    try and keep on topic here and not turn it in to a slanging match
  4. alka

    alka Banned

    Lets see you do 232 levels when you reach 2k without UN's. Any fool can do the levels when they are as low as you were.
  5. God of Bacon

    God of Bacon Member

    So you're saying that an issue which affects players isn't a real issue, but the fact you can't hitlist someone that attacked you on the hitlist if they joined 7 days ago is one? The reason this is there is to attempt to keep new players that join in the game and not scare them off before they get an idea about it. If you're such a big bad player then just kill them with attacks, it's not the hard to do...
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  6. Mer De Noms

    Mer De Noms New Member

    of course that is an issue! he has to what is the term Pwn those little newbies now! flex his muscle and show them who is boss! he hasn't even noticed that the concern is now the slowdown and jumping attack buttons and things of that sort....he is going to say anything he can to boost the arena staying jacked up because he doesn't play. and his "issues" surround him not being able to bully brand new players. sad.
  7. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    Thats sweet. My record was 131 with no UN spent. The first one I really got to play.... but I started at level 1100.
  8. alka

    alka Banned

    Higher you go the less chance we have of killing low level players, fact!
    It is of course all but impossible for a new player to take a high level player off the list at they all do "0" damage, fact!
    Therefore, stopping newbees attacking the hit list under the 7 day rule should not effect the newbee.
    I find it interesting that a newbee is attacking the hit list within 2 minutes if joining.
    It's good that they can familiarize themselves so quickly these days without learning the basics first... hmmm!
  9. Its obviously really funny that because the Throttle feature has kept the Mis_______ from winning its a major problem. Yeah looks like your Leader did just fine in the arena, but of course its still a major issue so the boxes of tissues are out here flying away with tears that the Poor Ole Throttle is effecting my game..

    I can kill plenty of Lowbie nubs or Alts or whatever that decide to try and get a catch when they have no business doing so..

    Its still very clear that the Sore losers are the people from ALMOST all the Same Faction or Former Members that have the biggest issues with it..

    And you might as well get over it.. The Throttle isnt going anywhere....

    It keeps the CHEATS from taking advantage..

    Alka doesnt cheat, doesnt have alts, doesnt get Throttled. And placed high in Arena.. Big GRATS there :)

    Too bad more of you couldnt follow that lead. Instead still looking to take advantage, cheat and deceive...
  10. Jim Wells

    Jim Wells Member

    i've held my tongue long enough, if a game maker puts a feature in to a game that doesn't make it cheating. Kano put the enter button "exploit" in to the game, i didn't even know about it being there for hit list heal, yet i "rode" the list for an hour. i did use it for one arena, when they took it out i didn't care, i just went back to clicking. we aren't cheaters because we pay attention. @johnny, i understand you were used by Andrea, you aren't alone, many of us were used by her but we don't hate each other because of her actions. yes i said US, i too was a victim, she is gone, i assure you of that, if she weren't those of us that figured out her "game" would be keeping her dead. she came very close to completely ruining the lives of many. start a support group if you need to, i for one would join it simply to help you get over it, you have a heart i sure and you seem to need help. you and i have spoken and been friends in the past so you know i am real and not an alt, johnny you have wronged me many times yet i am willing to bury the hachette so to speak and give you a chance to prove you are real. take my offer and i will help you, you will see.
  11. slave

    slave Member

    slave doesnt cheat, doesnt have alts, got throttled in arena, and guess what ......

    2 wins in the throttle era

    is that crying?
    no its not, its trying to get improvements into the game
    why dont you smell the coffee and see what is going on?
  12. slave

    slave Member

    and if you arent looking for an advantage in a game, you are gonna always be looking up at the winners on the podium....

    i got my advantage, and it works well for me, but not everyone can do it, and im glad alka had a good arena, at least he played it....
  13. alka

    alka Banned

    The coffee machine was shut off weeks ago.

    Denton, if we all agree that kano have been very very naughty in introducing a system solely to get at you, and if we send kano to the naughty step for 20 minutes to think about how upsetting this has been for you, plus let them know that if their behaviour doesn't improve, then Santa will bring them a lump of coal, will you please, please, please shut the HELL up about Throttle.
    It's everywhere we look.
    There is even a danger that it will appear in the Seasons Greeting because someone is bound to say Rudolf's been Throttled!! :) Peace
  14. slave

    slave Member

    i will continue to harp on the throttle until they have it fixed, when it is fixed it should be transparent and only kano should know when someone trips it, the rest of us mere mortals should not even be aware of its presence if it is done right.

    But right now its not done right and kano knows it.
    hopefully they fix it right this time
    but i wont know about it if they do

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