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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Tracy Bingham, Feb 19, 2012.

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    No response whatsoever from KANO. Well I did as I was asked to do awhile back Cara and I am disappointed that you all have had zero response to this, but the group...despite the one setback of having to take it secret so that a certain high level player would stop targeting the folks in the group.... has kept everything very focused on help topics and helping each other out. As expected there have been a ton of questions regarding smithing and while I know I have between adv drops, etc., done a darn good job building a strong pirate, and believe I understand the smithing process pretty well, it sure as hell would be nice to have someone in there that helped design this program to answer some of the more technical questions being asked. We are staying away from making suggestions for improving the game in there and immediately redirect folks where you have asked us to do so (although we had a discussion about the forums in there that yielded some interesting responses).

    While it is nice to have players offering explanations on technical issues, it would be nice, not to sound like a broken record, to have a designer step in when we may go off track in our interpretations.

    Quite frankly to have zero response from you at all, well.. it is disappointing to say the least.

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