PC/VC Stam for High Levels & Potential Boss/Location Problem

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by neill1990, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    For the high levels in both of these games, as it is now there is a problem with not enough stam in the high end levels. A way i believe that could fix this issue is having a stam cap that will slowly raise overtime similar to how it currently does between lvls 6667-10 000. The rate of growth would however slower then the rate implemented.

    Proposed stam change would be 1 stam added to the cap every 4 lvls.

    The current rate of change for stam would not change and an overview for how this would be is-
    1-6666 = 5k stam cap
    6667-10 000 = stam raised from 5k to 7500.
    10 001-30 000 = 7500 stam
    30 000 - ^ = 1 stam every 4 lvls (ex. lvl 40k stam cap - 10k)
    (Due to the stam cap at lvl 10k being above what the proposed stam rate would be the stam cap would need to stay at 7500 until a player reaches lvl 30k)

    The reason i believe 4 lvls for 1 stam increase to be a fair amount is due to a player who is around lvl 50k needing about 2400 stam per lvl. With the current stam cap at 7500 these players are only getting a bit over 3 lvls per refill. The higher lvl a person goes the less they are getting as well. So with this implementation a player that has reached lvl 50k would have a hard cap of 12 500 and with the amount of 2400 stam per lvl that would equate to about 5 lvls per refill which is what people are able to get (assuming good sp allocation) up to around lvl 30k.

    I do not believe this was even considered when initially implementing a hard cap on stam due to not knowing players could or would even reach these lvls in the spam of the games career. Not necessarily a bad thing just a slight oversight that should eventually be addressed and fixed accordingly.

    Alongside the small amount of stam in comparison to a persons lvl another issue for late game players is the amount of stam that is required to beat a boss for the locations to come. A person is needing thousands of lvls above the current location or heavy sp allocation into health to be able to take them down at times. More locations is a must and a highly requested part of the game but if there truly were locations available for all players the higher end ones would be essentially unbeatable without a good size chunk of fp needed to be spent in order to knock said highest boss down. The boss and location issue directly relates to the stam cap so dealing with the stam should come first before considering implementation of catching up locations to players lvls.
  2. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    the max cap should at least be 15-20k in stamina Max Cap which means no longer be able to put a skill on an this is a suggestion :)
  3. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    setting a hard cap of any kind would eventually lead back to the same problem. need a dynamic cap that will grow with the players needs over time. This will both avoid the problem of people hitting a sweet spot of stam and core stats that allow them to lvl non stop and keep players from getting to the point where the stam given is a negligible amount that hinders progress in a substantial way.
  4. St.James

    St.James New Member

    I am in war mode and since the changes in attacks and defenses, I lose almost a third of the attacks won, the game is not interesting at the moment
  5. PimpDaddyDuke

    PimpDaddyDuke Member

    None of the KANO folks have responded to this issue about adding Stam above 7,500 at the much higher levels! Sad. There needs to be some response from the KANO team about the 7,500 stam limit. That will choke the game off at the higher levels as higher levels like myself and others get frustrated and quit raiding. The payout at the higher levels is not worth it. Less than 3 levels on a 7,500 stam refill, and worsening over time as one rises in level. --- There are already high-level players boycotting raids completely.

    This problem needs to be addressed............
  6. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Yes they have addressed it and said there will be no change
  7. neill1990

    neill1990 Well-Known Member

    They should look over this problem again and address it since it isnt a problem that could have been foreseen in a near future when the 750 stam cap was put into place. With more and more people getting to the point where this will start to have a severe impact on their game its not a good thing at all.
  8. PimpDaddyDuke

    PimpDaddyDuke Member

    Well, they might want to address it again, or they will kill off the game at the top end, I.E. The guys and gals who have contributed $$ to the game to get that far. :) I made it some "easy math" about how a level 40,000 can get about 3.5 levels from a raid, a level 55,000 gets less than 3 levels on a raid, and a level 70,000 or 80,000(someday) will get only 2 levels per raid.

    Folks are not going to buy Gods points if a 10 Gods point 7500 stam refill gets a person less than 2 levels. There are already higher level players boycotting and not doing raids at all this time around. Has KANO noticed?

    Here is my 'explanation' again of the ever decreasing ability to level off a raid on a 7500 stam refill at the very high levels: Hey, I tried.....

  9. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    I understand, but it was said very recently that there is no change being considered, or words to that effect, very recently, not gonna look for the post. but good luck

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