[PC] September 20th Update - New Achievements and Bounty Stats

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Smack

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    2 sets of Achievements have been released to Pirate Clan today along with some additional stats on the Bounty leaderboard.

    Battle Victories
    4 achievements for Battle Victories from 50,000 up to 1 million

    Bounty Kills
    3 achievements for Bounty Kills from 5,000 up to 15,000

    Bounty Leaderboard Stats
    Bounty Wins and Max Listed have been added to the Bounty Leaderboard. Please note that Max Listed has only been recording since late last week so this value may not be your true max bounty price.

    Head to your Profile -> Achievements to see the details of the new achievements and to the Leaderboard to see the new stats. Please leave any comments/feedback in this thread.
  2. diva of destruction

    diva of destruction Active Member

    Bounty Kills
    3 achievements for Bounty Kills from 5,000 up to 15,000

    Wow. here is my question. Bounty kill Achievements go all the way up to 15,000, but achievements to lay a bounty cut off at 400? This seems like a great imbalance to me, considering how slow the bounty board can be sometimes. some "ancient gold" was available today, the player who laid the bounty had taken over 5000 kills, but had only placed 550 or so bounties. We NEED more achievements for laying bounty. It does not have to go up as high as the kills are, but it might spark more activity.......we need more bounty! Argh!

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