[PC] October 6th Update - Limited/Loyalty item stat increase

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    An update was released to Pirate Clan today that revamped the Attack and Defense stats on many Limited and Loyalty items including those awarded from our seasonal calendar games. If you have some of these older items you may notice an increase in the strength of your Captains while in battle.

    If you have any comments or feedback please leave them in this thread.
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  2. now THESE stats are amazing

    much stronger than blacksmith and newer in game common items

    thanks for this one
  3. polishpimp

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    EDIT_ I added what might be interesting imfo to some at the end of this post. I Think I will be starting a new thread on the subject as well...stay tuned.

    Did u do this in VC too? Sure looks like it ....and If so I really wish u would have posted in the VC forum before u did. I saw the new limited items and thought holy crap those numbers are great and bought all three only to find out moments later their numbers paled in comparison to what i already had...thats just greaaaat...lol

    I do appreciate the increase in the numbers of the loyalty items....but by increasing the numbers of the limited items as well doesnt the issue of the lack of point differential between the 2 types of items still exist? Dont take me wrong here...I like the fact that u increased the numbers of the limited items.....people spend a lot of FP on these items and it would be a shame for these items to become obsolete.

    My point is this...and hopefully somebody will do the math. A limited item is 25 FP whats that in real dollars....about 5 bucks? Now...to purchase a Diamond tier item from the loyalty program with very similar numbers when the attack and def. numbers are added together (numbers are actually ever so slightly better) it will run a player 5k loyalty points.....exactly how much does 5k worth of loyalty points equate to in real dollars? At the rate loyalty points accrue whether through dollars spent or time played .....it sure appears that a player would be spending a whole lot more in real dollars for a loyalty reward item with very similar items than they would a limited item,,,yes? If thats the case.....shouldnt the players be getting a lot more bang for their buck?

    A players time dedicated and or money spent is what makes these games happen ....correct? So why are we getting short changed in what should be the best items available? The loyalty reward program is to reward the most dedicated of individuals for their loyalty correct? The way its currently set up..... I can buy WAY MORE limited items for way less $ than just a few of the loyalty items would cost me.....which in return more than compensates for the ever so slight point differential between the two items....in fact i would be way better off going the limited item route.

    Another issue ..... It would take a boat load of $ and or time to complete the Alexandrite tier in the loyalty rewards program ...but once u do (the epitome of loyalty as u have it set up)and u spend your loyalty points....then what? Six months later u come out with even better loyalty items for that tier that u no longer have points for. I would think/hope that once a player reached a particular tier and purchased the "best items" available for that tier and expended their loyalty points....that when and if Kano decided to make "better" items for that tier....then those players should be automatically upgraded to the newer improved items.

    Im yet to spend a single loyalty point as the uncertainty of it all has me concerned. Like I stated in a previous thread, if loyalty items are going to be so darn expensive that even the most loyal of players can only purchase a handful...then their numbers should be significantly better than whats available elsewhere, or if the numbers are to remain so similar to the other items available then their price should be much more in line with what we r spending for these other items such as the "limiteds". Either way it wouldnt create an imbalance...either MORE FOR LESS or LESS WITH MORE!

    EDIT EDIT EDIT- EDIT- Alrighty....i just did a lil experimenting an found u get whopping 1180 loyalty points for 50 bucks, a reward from the loyalty program that is very close to having the same #s of a newer "limited item" costs a player 5000 loyalty points...>HOLY CRAP....... thats well over 200 bucks per loyalty reward item compared to the 5 bucks it costs for a "limited item" WOW....dont i feel appreciated....lol.

    Heres a neat trick.... next time u battle someone who says they dont spend a dime on this game check your battle stats and look to see if that person has a bunch of high tiered loyalty items in their list of items used to battle....YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED TO SEE WHOS FULL OF CRAP....LOL It also appears that all games are not created equal when it comes to the loyalty rewards program
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    I edited my previous post regarding the math/cost as it applies to limited and loyalty items. the additional info can be found at the bottom of post if interested. Will also be starting a new thread in regards to the subject

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