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  1. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    Kano Chat Beta is now live on Pirate Clan, here is a quick usage guide:

    - By typing: /w <message> - Messages can be posted to the World for 1 Speaker, Speakers can be purchased through Davy Jones.
    - By typing: /a <message> - Messages are posted to your Armada, granted you are in an Armada. Armada messages are free.
    - Filters on the right hand side allow you to View particular message types.
    - A Minimize/Maximize and Close button are located in the top right hand corner. Min/Max values are remembered, so on your next visit to the game Chat will open in that view. Close will remove the Chat Client from your browser until your next visit to the game.
    - Hover over a player to get their full name, click on their name to get options: 1) Mute : mute all messages from this user until your next visit to the game. 2) Report: report a user to Kano Support.
    - You can un-mute players by clicking on the Setting icon in the bottom left hand corner.

    Additional Notes:
    - Messages are only displayed for the next hour.
    - All messages are logged, so please watch your language otherwise you will be banned.
    - Messages are limited to 85 characters.

    Please post any feedback, or issues here and we will address them. The Group Chat feature is under construction, this will allow you to create custom chat groups.
  2. this is just for facebook isnt it
  3. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    So far yes, we are using the Facebook Platform to test our client. Once we are happy with the performance we look at branching out to the other networks.
  4. jon french

    jon french Member

    Pay to Chat


    Actually pay Davy to chat?



    Greed and stupidity
  5. yeah not really liking this

    not seeing a real point to it
  6. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    @jon french - the reason we charge to post to the World, is to prevent users from abusing the feature. Opening up a feature like that would quickly devalue any sort of a World Chat Stream. Armada Chat is totally free, which gives you a quick means of Chatting Live with members of your Armada. Many of our players will find value in this.

    @ATHEISTIC SATANIST - we realize that chatting might not be something usable by every player, that is why we left the option to close the chat window all together.

    Chat is an easy way for players to work together, and in the case of new players meet others. Factions can use the World Chat to broadcast messages to recruit new players, individuals can do the same to fill in their Inner Circle.
  7. Loren

    Loren Administrator

    We posted a Kano Chat patch today, the majority of which was improvements to the back end. You should notice the client runs a little quicker.

    -Chat messages are filtered for links not within the scope of the game. This means that you can post links to your profile, network profile, the kano/apps website, and the kano/apps forum. The presence of any other link will result in the message getting dropped. If there are any cases you feel should be added please post those here and we will make adjustments.
    -The allowable length of messages has been extended, the text area has been adjusted accordingly. Your messages should no longer get cut off.
    -Chat accounts are being disabled in cases of abuse, please mind what you post.
    -Admin to world messages.

    Expect more client enhancements coming soon:
    - Direct Profile links
    - Custom Chat Groups
    - Smarter message input area
    - Better error handling
    - Testing on other Social Networks

    Please post any recommendation here.
  8. clubber

    clubber Member

    This updated is very useful but not on facebook. Facebook network already has a chat module where you can discuss with other friends (truly you cannot discuss world wide on facebook). I'm expecting this on hi5 network as well and hope to see an avatar chat update (even if on hi5 it will not work).
  9. why would anyone spend favor points to chat??
  10. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator


    The avatar issue is something that we have been waiting on Hi5 to fix. There has been enough time now that we will re-investigate and ping Hi5 again.
  11. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    This update wont be making any money from me thats for sure. Must say that Im pretty dissapointed....we were told a loooooong time ago that the world feed was coming back soon (believe u guys said a couple weeks) and there def wasnt any mention of having to pay for it, sure hope u guys and gals didnt invest to much into this one. A free world feed with a moderator would have been a welcome addition.

    Updates like this and the new ads floating across my screen have me seriously considering looking for a new games/developers hungry for my business and willing to reward it.

    Yes.....the games need to generate revenue to continue updating the games and allow for the free players to play.....but with the already lack luster loyalty rewards program in place for the players that do pay.....and now this? another pay for play feature that my dollars surely helped pay for......BARF!
  12. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    That is good because it wasn't built to make money, it was built to add chat functionality into the game. Armada Chat and "Group" chat is free and self moderated by it's members. World Chat costs Favor Points to add messages, why? Many reasons, control spam, keep the world feed to messages that players feel are important enough to spend FP's on, if a player wants to say something that they aren't willing to spend FP's on then it isn't something that should be on the World Chat.
  13. think i will keep this chat open

    new way to get to players
  14. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    So what ever revenue is generated from this "chat" goes where? Are u saying revenue wont be generated? How the heck can u separate Fp that were purchased from those that were earned thru leveling? So is this chat moderated or is it u think players wont spam because they have to pay? Is this chat viewable for free? For example...If someone pays to to say make a false claim about someone else.... is it seen by all yet can only be disputed by someone if they pay? If its not viewable for free how do we know theres a comment we want to pay to respond to?

    In the end...if we can view it for free yet cant respond unless we pay.....it would sound to me as if your cashing in on the inevitable trash talking that will ensue. What else is there to respond to that would actually be worth FP? You folks at Kano know full well how impulsive most players who play these games are...they get mad at someone for something and they'll start throwing FP at ya for the chance to let the world know how bitter they are....lol Just sayn.
  15. jon french

    jon french Member

    Yep, its a real winner this "feature"

    Latest post was - "Lanyard Footed :Add me!"

    No link, no sense, no point

    Sums up paying for Kano chat

    Worst idea you lot ever come up with, letting the stupid waste DJP on useless pointless crap

    You that hard up for revenue then i feel for ya
  16. click the name

    its a link to profile

    will agree though its pretty pointless

    i like what i saw on LCNs thread on this

    use it to list everyone that posts in it
  17. its already getting inappropriate posts
  18. Kendall

    Kendall Administrator

    We will continue to work on the moderation functionality of it. Pirate Clan is a social game, we believe that a world chat for responsible players will be a positive for the game, those that cannot be responsible will either lose the privilege of the chat or playing the game all together.
  19. bad idea just like any open messaging to non clan

    world feed,boss feeds...same thing as sending a message to a non clan

    oh yeah

    now some can post for adds but get listed instead

    nice way of opening them up
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2011
  20. jon french

    jon french Member

    And so it starts, someone gets banned for wasting a DJP to post "SUCK MY BALLS"

    A childish post indeed but worthy of a banning? My oh my....

    Come on, might as well put a big red button on our profile page with "DONT PUSH"! above it in pulsating neon.

    Instead of wasting Kano's staff time moderating a pointless unwanted feature how about focusing on content for all your games?

    Im sure the ZS crowd will be overjoyed if you roll this out over there, bound to take our minds off the LACK OF NEW CHALLENGES!!!

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