[PC] November 4th Update - Kano Chat Groups

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    The Group Chat feature has been released to Pirate Clan players. This allows you to create customized player groups and chat with smaller subsets of players/friends. Here is a quick overview on how to make use of it:

    - Click on a players name to open up the settings, then click Add to Group. This sends an invite to the target.
    - The target user is prompted to Join or Decline the invitation.
    - The Group's creating User, then has the option of removing active group members by clicking on the Setting Cog in the bottom left corner.
    - Alternately players can also leave a group by clicking the Settings Cog and clicking the Leave Group link.

    **Note: If the group owner leaves a group, Player Removal rights do not pass on. You are better off to leave this group and create a new group with active players.

    Your Kano Chat Group is persistent, so the next time you load the page you will rejoin your group. Group Chat history is logged which should give you some context of your groups discussion while you are away. On the Setting panel you will see a list of recently active group members.

    The ability to invite in-game friends is still under development, we should have that feature tied in soon.

    If you encounter any bugs, issues or have any improvement recommendations as always please post them here.

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