[PC] May 11th Update - Fighting Undead Pirates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Smack, May 11, 2011.

  1. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    An update was released today that will assist players with empty/short Battle lists. If you are level 510 and above, your battle list may now include some Undead Pirates which can be attacked in leu of a healthy pirate.

    If Undead Pirates are available to be attacked they will appear at the bottom of your Battle list like this:

    Attacking an Undead Pirate will earn you no coins nor will it affect your Undead opponent's health. However, you do earn some XP and your Undead Wins/Losses are tracked in your Profile stats. You are currently limited to attacking 25 Undead Pirates per day.

    We appreciate any comments/feedback you have about this feature.
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  2. i think its a great update but could it perhaps get tweaked a little??

    the attack button should stay and shouldnt have to keep scrolling down the fight page to attack the same pirate over again while undead.

    also if the player is undead and you havent yet exhausted the limit on undead then should be able to click that users profile page and attack them from there

    just some suggestions
  3. Bubba

    Bubba Member

    Undead battle

    How about the ability to cagematch undead for those that have small crews? Also a timer to show when undead list will return.
  4. davidswubc

    davidswubc New Member

    I like the update! Its a good way to get game points without hurting anybody. I would like to win a wooden stake weapon for defeating the 25 undead pirates or holy water or something. Attack 25 Defense 25
  5. Do we get game points for battles with undead? I saw exp points and stats, but nothing about gamer points...didn't notice when I was going through the list.
  6. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Yeah, we do. But I think it was LESS than the normal values for wins and loses.
  7. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Nice, I sometimes used it on ZS and will definitely be using it on PC to get my GP in. Thumbs up for this update. Hope it comes to Viking Clan, too.
  8. *wendah*

    *wendah* Member

    So far I kind of like this. The exp gained could be a little higher but I like that it doesnt restart the 24 hour reset counter.
  9. It's neat but needs a purpose.
  10. it does

    undead are available to attack to get gp off of mainly
  11. *wendah*

    *wendah* Member

    well it's nice to attack rivals you dont normally attack and see their weapons and stats.
  12. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    So why can't I even see the Undead Pirates today? I got my 25 in last night, before the rollover/newday started.
  13. 24hrs not when new day starts

    least thats how i took it
  14. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    You took it right.
  15. lol I know what undead you are fighting....ZombieBen!
  16. actually i wont attack ben or jim even in undead.hit jim 3x before realizing i actually lost
    i would lose against ben as well
    guess who that leaves
  17. [PC] May 11th Update - Fiighting Undead Pirates

    what is a "Fiighting" lol
  18. What do you call an undead towel??? Dirty laundry?
  19. It's like the Wiing's that Red Bull gives you...can't fly with them but they sound cool
  20. SkylerF

    SkylerF Member

    Ruuufffles have rrriiidges!

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