[PC] Developer Update September 14th - Cagematch / Counter Attack Costs

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    We have been receiving a lot of feedback lately from the community with regards to how Cagematches are playing out in PC. Mostly, complaints have to do with the imbalance there is for a cagematcher that does not carry a large clan at the higher levels and therefore build up a far larger bounty without any upkeep.

    The cagematch was intended to be an activity that players could participate in if they did not have a large crew and was actually released before bosses but there should always be more incentive to go into regular battles for higher XP and cash payout, it was not intended to be a major part of the game and players getting into higher levels or provide any major advantages against the regular battle.

    Yesterday we made an adjustment to the minimum XP awarded from a target, it is now based off of level that the Pirate is at instead of their defense strength relative to your attack strength, this should ensure OK XP from Pirates that are "weak" in regular battles at higher levels, namely provide some balance between cagematch pirates with no captains and those that have built up a strong crew. XP should be comparable to what a cagematcher is earning per battle from you since XP earned through cagematches much less than what can be earned through regular battles.

    This morning we made a change to the counter attack costing to take better account of cagematches. This has been a long standing compliant where the cost is the same to protect against regular battle and cagematch, where it makes sense that the cost to protect against 1 individual (cagematch) should be far less than a attack against an entire clan. This mornings release is the first adjustment, but you should see a lower counter attack cost for those players that have gone all cagematches on you.

    As always we appreciate your input and feedback. We will be making adjustments gradually as appropriate to the 2 points above.
  2. will have to see

    never even noticed yet
  3. +500,000 coins | +120 XP | -2,585 Health Lost | 6,329 Health Damage Dealt

    thats a regular match

    +100,000 coins | +22 XP | -262 Health Lost | 6,276 Health Damage Dealt

    thats a cage

    im level 3327

    hes level 3773

    unless im completely misreading this update

    that exp is still terrible

  4. That's because you are hitting a towel, towels are soft and not worth a lot. Triple Omega-Platinum MasterCards are worth more, or try a black dog on green grass

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