PC December 16 - New Homepage functionality and improvements

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  1. Kendall

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    The What:
    New homepage functionality and improvements:
    -social feed and game history are now split up into 2 different sections
    -feeds are no longer in scrollable windows to give largest possible viewable area
    -counters for updates/reminders
    -new layout will support new features/improvements that we have planned and is far scalable than what we had before to add new content
    -performance improvements, less modules are being loaded which should improve loading performance
    -more info for Inner Circle earnings

    The Why:
    This change will allow us to continue to add new features to the home page in a scalable manor where the previous home page did not allow for that. The first new feature will be released today.

    The Feedback:
    As always we appreciate and listen to players feedback, if you do have negative/positive feedback please be as specific as possible so we can address them.

    We plan to enhance the current social feed to make it more usable and have already received a lot of helpful feedback on that topic.

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