[LCN] Pawn Shop - Selling back Items

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by geckomaster, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. geckomaster

    geckomaster Member

    I understand why you suspended the selling back of items due to a bug in the system, however, now that you are no offering raid bonuses, why haven't you brought back the pawn shop so we can sell back our inventory?

    We should not have to suffer due to an error on a new feature which is no longer available, but should be able to benefit from selling our lower rated items.
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  2. Michael1980

    Michael1980 New Member

    The silence is deafening ain't it!

    I for one have not purchased FP's since Kano ripped me off with their stuff up.

    Dont intend to either.....until Kano make good.

    Funny thing though, I am becoming more and more relaxed about only getting 40-50 items per raid, the number that I appear to be able to achieve "naturally" without spending real dollars on extra FP's.

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