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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SparkleMotion, May 30, 2017.

  1. SparkleMotion

    SparkleMotion Kano/Apps Support

    Hey all,

    Quick change has rolled out today that some of you may have already seen. Once you log out and have been offline for more than 24 hours, upon your return the game will show you a panel (see images below) showing what happened while you were gone.


    This includes Fight wins and Losses, XP gained, and, if you earned enough XP to advance to the next Location, it will show you that. Not overly complicated, but should give you a better idea about what happened to your character while you were gone.

    Any questions about this update, please feel free to send us a support ticket or leave a comment below!
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  2. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Why does it show after logged out for 20 secs, and 16 mins, if it suppose to work when been offline for more then 30 mins to activate it?​
  3. Reg Hahn

    Reg Hahn Member

    How is this even useful?
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  4. Oh now you (can) be attacked being offline.
  5. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Always could be :confused:
  6. SparkleMotion

    SparkleMotion Kano/Apps Support

    Those are just from the test platform, so they set the timer for showing up significantly lower to make sure it was working. In game for players it will be 30 minutes :)
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  7. UNL Sassy Me

    UNL Sassy Me Member

    I like it :D Is this for all the games or just LCN?
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  8. UNL Sassy Me

    UNL Sassy Me Member

    Until you are totally dead, yep they can still attack you :)
  9. Epaphus

    Epaphus New Member

    Can we turn this off?
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  10. Bob Morin

    Bob Morin Member

    It is useful because it helps you to know what happened in the game when you were gone.:)
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  11. Bob Morin

    Bob Morin Member

    Why would you want to do that?:rolleyes:
  12. I don't think so.:mad:
  13. Robert Braithwaite

    Robert Braithwaite New Member

    Yet another useless waste of time, we can figure this out ourselves. Put your time into making the game better and interesting again, because it's still boring and needs new game play features, not stupid gimmicks !
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  14. Ne0istic

    Ne0istic New Member

    I agree with Bob, it is useful.
    I agree with Bob of course, saves me having to go and look for that info myself, the information is just there and you are more inclined to respond to your rivals i think :)
  15. Robbak40

    Robbak40 New Member

    I like it period! ;-)
  16. Bob Morin

    Bob Morin Member

    We need a function that allows players to rob other players. I posted a suggestion about it in Kano forums under Ideas. Thread is "Can we rob mobsters please?" Check it out:
  17. Epaphus

    Epaphus New Member

    So does the "Game History" link. If I want the information, I can go check that at any time.
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  18. Epaphus

    Epaphus New Member

    Because it's intrusive, duplicates other functions, and interrupts quick access to the game itself. Let me turn your question back on you: Since this information is already available under the Game History link, why would you need this new menu?
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  19. 2thfairy

    2thfairy New Member

    Love it! It told me who added me to familia, which I can't always find in the feed if it has been a while. I don't find it intrusive.
  20. IpeeFreely

    IpeeFreely Member

    would be nice if we can turn this off!

    Kanno doesn't realize pop ups are annoying, that's why there is something called 'pop-up blockers', thank god the game bypasses blockers.
    - I need to be asked more than once how likely I would recommend there game in a pop-up
    - I need to have 'gifts' menu pop up all the time at random
    - repeated sale pop up
    - & now.... & so on n so on lol maybe one for when someone joins/attacks my boss? or sends me a gift. ppl love pop-ups can we have more.

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