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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by neill1990, May 10, 2018.

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    Would be nice to see a kano official discord that people could join where we could more easily gather the members of the community together and expand. Having an official discord could more easily streamline special events or have a more direct way of communicating devs and player base by hosting Q&A's or other types of events that would strengthen a bond between devs and players. Currently the dev to player base relationship i dont feel is that strong and is something that could use some improvement.

    A discord isnt the answer to all but would be a step in the right direction to be more up to date with the times and potentially help the game grow again if done properly and used to its fullest extent.

    There are some out there that say facebook is still massive and gaining new players everyday which is true but also not at the same time. Its clear the games as a whole have declined in numbers massively from a few years ago to now with the numbers at the direction it appears to be heading only to further decrease. There needs to be some steps taken to slowly but steadily get back on top and above where the once glory days of (consistently active) playerbase numbers were. It is possible for the numbers to be back to where they were before and grow beyond but it will take the initiative of kano to want that to happen. Without the proper communication between players about what the goals/direction of the game is going to be along with the feeling of wanting to grow again or else the game simply wont grow. A solid form of communication is the base to any successful company to prosper and stay prosperous. When communication fails or is not as clear as it should be the company as seen now will show signs of decline and a shorter span then otherwise could have be.

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