October 14th Developer Update - Hunter Challenge and Heal Improvements

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    A brand new feature has been released in Viking Clan today. We are introducing the Hunter Challenge which is a minigame located in Adventures for North Midgard where you can win Items, Favor Points, XP and Cash for shooting wild animals. The game does not cost any Stamina or Energy and here are some of the game features:

    • Clear the game within the time limit to win unique Item sets
    • Every shot has a chance at winning a prize payout which could include an Item, Favor Points, XP and Cash
    • Shots are reloaded periodically. Look at the counter in the Ammo box to find out when you get your next free shot
    • Ask for the help of your Clan to earn free shots

    To get started with the Hunter Challenge go to Adventures while in North Midgard or via the 'Challenges' sub menu from any Adventure location.

    Couple of improvements that were discussed/suggested on this forum previously have now come to life around healing your character.

    1. [heal] link in header is always visible, clicking on that link will give you a response of that heal instead of bring up another box that you would have to confirm that you would like to heal yourself.
    2. Healing through in-game currency will now heal your character to 100% of your max health.
    3. Heal costs have gone up slightly to take into account the full refill, this may need to be further increased.
    4. Successive heals in a short period of time will increase the cost to heal.
    5. Pop-up from heal response from the header link will close after 1-sec, or can be closed before that by clicking on the "Close X" or clicking on the black/transparent area behind the pop-up.
  2. i got this looks like is not completed so i cant play...

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  3. Kendall

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    Did you try to refresh the game to pick up the latest style required for the new game?
  4. hi yeah Refresh works all good now ... Looks fun just got 5FP First shoot he he
  5. Hi Good work on healing option just tested it helps a lot when level with partner we do 6 attacks and heal this will speed up a bit levelling :)

    how about attack limit 10 000 a day ?
    sorry i keep disturbing Dev's :D but Good work out there Kano Rock again :cool:
  6. self

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    The full health thing.. Okay, that will take some time to get used to.

    Not sure that I like the box to click.. Slows battle down, but more health speeds it up.

    It will be interesting if the full health will make killing a bounted top guys next to impossible if they can heal fast enough.

    Shooter. Just have to plug through and keep up just like zombies. Free Favor points are good for those who keep playing
  7. self

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    Noticed the increases to cost of healing with multiple healings also. Interesting though!
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    Missing Link To Hunter Challenge in Main Bar

    Are there any plans to put a link to the Hunter challenge to the main bar? Under Battle perhaps? Unless I'm missing something there doesn't seem to be anyway to get to my own challenge unless I click on a Help request to bring up the link.

    Edit: Well I feel silly.. of course after I post I find what I'm looking for.. I see the sub menu under adventures..

    It would be helpful to have this as a standalone link on the main bar though :)
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  9. hi Dev.s
    just let u know some errors ...

    i have try my healing when im on bounty and its heal 3-5 times and than start freezing up page and healing message not going away !!! the same happens when i level up with partner its but annoying...

    the same happen when two players attack me the same time .. my game gets supper slow and not refreshing page .. all i see is loading message ?!


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    I love the advent challenge picture.:D Any idea to put it into wallpaper?.I want one for my laptop background.:):):)
  11. Smack

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    I am glad you enjoy the art work as much as we do. I will pass along this suggestion and see about getting that image posted somewhere for use as a background.


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