nothing really more for me to accomplish on this game

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by So what, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. So what

    So what Member

    Just LIKE it says on the tin

    it has been a head trip ...the long and the short of it...

    MONCHACO ANDY ALAN (ledgend) ANT Puttttttttttttty muppet and les GANDLAF WILLOW MARTY SIM JAMES VIK AMY HEIDI . PIMP JJ ....CLAIRE ....
    if i forgot anyone ...I APOLOGISE.......
    been a pleasure...............TRULY

    DIDNT GET TO list the crap out of those .......that deserve it ...ya NEVER know..pmsl


    [TBH] POG
    Level 3350 Mechanic [TBH] -

    Joined 792 days ago
    Fights Won: 188,496 Fights Lost: 30,844
    Fight Kills: 21,599 Death Count:4,279
    Survival Streak: 0 Annihilation Streak: 8
    Counter Attacks: 2,090

    Hitlist Wins: 231,624 Hitlist Losses: 4,005
    Hitlist Kills: 6,875 Max Bounty Collected: 3.819 trillion
    Hits Placed: 10,716 Booby Traps: 1,349

    Undead Fights
    Wins: 15064 Losses: 143

    Boss Kills: 5397 Bosses Helped: 16,250

    Zombies Killed: 2,159,959,495 Outbreaks Assisted: 11,530

    Challenges Complete: 367 Challenges Helped: 12,839

    Face Punches
    Punches Dealt: 33,918 Punches Received: 3,360
    Punch Kills: 4,636 Punch Deaths: 1 long will that last

    Hardest Punch: 2,476

    Achievements Zombie Slayers
    Achievements: 665/705 Earnings: 6.092 trillion
    Gamer Points
    All-Time 9330900
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  2. forbidden7

    forbidden7 Member

    We all will come to a time that will make us leaving of what had been the best of what we do and all that we had achieve..its been a pleasure playing with u Thomasina :)..i hope u all the best in ur future :)..

    many thanks from me,Ginga DOA.
  3. Ace

    Ace Member

    I'd say it was a pleasure, but you didn't include me in that post, so screw yourself :D
  4. Love and Respect.

    We'll keep in touch ;)

  5. muppetkiller

    muppetkiller Member

    we sorry to hear you leaving, but u know where we are and dont be a stranger ;p.Wisg you all the best pog been great meeting and playing with you ;p.Keep in touch
  6. alka

    alka Banned

    Poggy, is this truly goodbye this time?
    Gonna miss you..xxxxxxxxxxx
    Won't be long before the last one out gets the job of turning the lights off :)
  7. slave

    slave Member

    but but but.....who will i ambush?????
  8. for how many days will you be ┬┤retired┬┤ this time darling? ;)
  9. PimpDaddyDuke

    PimpDaddyDuke Member

    I disagree with the idea you should retire! Maybe play less, as I have been doing for example (well, minus the Battle Arena days in my case, but now the bots are taking that over as well.)

    Please tell me that you are not 100% retiring....
  10. Eraser

    Eraser Member

    You're not done yet T!

    You still have level 3501... you never won the lottery... 250k fight wins.... 10,000 hitlist kills .. and um... honestly cant say if you have ever won an arena or not, because i havent even got to look at the scoreboard for all of them.
  11. im the beast

    im the beast Member

    is there anything i can do to piss u off enough to, no1 is going to mess with me now...well goodluck pog in whatever is next for u...ill honestly miss our killing each other and trash r a crazy 1 but a fun crazy just be sure to show me some love every now and then..k be good girl have a good 1....
  12. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Had to delete to many comments so i'm closing this thread now. I'm sure anyone who didn't get to leave a message for Pog here, can contact her via FB.
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