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  1. grumpy bastred

    grumpy bastred New Member

    How do I get to talk on the world feed again ? it has been a long time an there is a lot of people talking a lot of crap about me and i would like to reply to them.
  2. Justin the killer

    Justin the killer Well-Known Member

    maybe u should send in a Ticket an they may help you out!! but as for me i am unlucky on mob wars an pirate clan my chat ban is permant lucky they let me keep my viking chat..so yea send in a ticket an they may or may not let u have it back but u can try..if u need the link let me know...
  3. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Oh how to reply to this. Let me count the ways.
  4. Jared

    Jared Well-Known Member

    You're not missing much in chat. I rarely look at it anymore myself because there are so many restrictions on it now, and I've been banned before. Go ahead and send a ticket to Support, and they'll probably give you back your chat privileges one more time, if you really want them.

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