not losing exp when dying

Discussion in 'Bugs/Issues' started by Relentless, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. T5000

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    .............Yeah but your an excepion
    Many OTHER lower levels have a shot at a bounty and cant take it
    After the person that was listed dies,they go about getting some experience back
    They have a wonderful big list to choose from
    Then they come in here crying about bullying
  2. beware the bounty.attacking a high level player will open you up for 24hrs or until they kill you,whichever comes first.ive paid price for going after highers.all a part of the game.
    they have every right to hit you as much as they like during that 24hr picked the fight with them,so you cant really complain.
  3. Elly Scarlett Rose

    Elly Scarlett Rose New Member

    This inst exactly true. Plenty of times people are HL for no reason other then the person HLing then is going for achievements or has a game with another person where one HL you the other collects. Quite often it has nothing to do with 'being punished' at all. If someone lower touches me in any way I will HL, punch attack the crud out of them and thats my right for 24 hrs. Or it used to be. Ive had some low levels hit me recently (when I was in the HL) and I wasn't able to retaliate for the 24 hrs. After a few hrs. it told me they are too low and I didn't find that fair since they went after me first. Maybe it was because I killed them and hadn't noticed...but they were still in my rival list and should have been fair game.
    So think before you attack. I always try to do that. And dont attack so far out of your range that even if you try and retaliate, they still outsmart you - just move on!

    Also, I like that you can heal while on HL and I think that should remain as it is. =)
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  4. POG MA HAON 2

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    Originally Posted by Cougar
    I'd rather see fights lost go on to your fights lost count. If people wanna heal that's up to them, but being hitlisted is a punishment, not a way take advantage of the 24 hour retaliation window. Where they beat the noobies into not wanting to play the game. Retaliation is to be expected, but some people take it to far.

    I wonder if the boot was on the other foot you'd be complaining...

    The whole point of the hit list is to either remove the chance that they will return..or to increase your fight skills...

    possibly most people don't realise this...there is no fight list at the top 20 ...none its a new game..and there is always going to be someone up there...since level 50 my fight screen is...and has always been unless as was necessary at the beginning get a squad member to place You up there ...for the 24 hr retaliation window...there is no one to fight...

    when the game grows and others level WILL change..alliances will move apart...and then it will kick off..but so far its A NEW GAME...
    AND it has the finest developers (gamers) sorting out all issues.

    .IF YOU ATTACK ME ON THE HIT LIST sometimes i WILL take full advantage ...other times its not necessary as the levels that attack...send out the message..opps thats a mistake..and fair enough ..level 5 a newbie..what do they know...HUNTING is another thing entirley..and will be retaliated against..

    you have a squad...they ask for WILL go to their mabey your style of game play isnt everyones..but it dosen't make it wrong or right lose..move on..theres more out there to play with...and this IS MENT to be fun... front of that screen...they have feelings..and a non iniated attack..can send out bad vibes....
  5. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    Your saying what myself and others have already said Pog, so I'm not getting your point of if the boot was on the other foot....

    I have no problem with people healing, I have no problem with people retaliating against those who try for them on the hitlist. Yes, I do think some take it to far but I'm used to being the Don of a family and helping the lower levels to build up, no knock them down every chance I get.
    That's why I personally prefer to take the fight to higher levels. That way they don't moan when I kick their ass.....well, most of the time anyway.

    My original post here was that I think when someone is on the hit list and they hit a booby trap, they should die. No matter how fast they heal.
  6. POG MA HAON 2

    POG MA HAON 2 New Member

    POG MO HOAN The Coffee Drinker, Level 197 90 attacks,1 booby trap in 4 minutes

    point in question..yes u do take it too far. I have countless emails asking me to take you out you hound people out of it...but hey.. ill keep ambushing u to in for the long haul...and ill happly keep ambushing havent gotten it yet...but u will

    and as for helping lower levels .. all my squad get the hits..that i list ( courtisy of you) so i spread the cash..i already have the full 500 and i help everybody in my squad...with everything ALL THE TIME.
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  7. The Coffee Drinker

    The Coffee Drinker New Member

    Actually IM the Coffee Drinker, and you havnt ambushed me at all yet.

    POG MO HOAN, Level 633
    11 attacks,1 hit in 8 minutes

    Do I take things too far....Hmmmm I dont think so, you trying to bully me into how I should play this game like you own it could be considered taking it too far.

    The only thing you are doing is making me and The Coffee Maker money, we're having fun the way we play and if anyone has a problem with the way we play they can feel free to send me an inbox to discuss that, until then, no one will tell me how to play ZS.

    On another note, how bouts you go make a new thread for your dribble and keep this one on topic, theres a good girl. :)
  8. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    The Coffee Maker and The Coffee Drinker are two different people. So when you call out one of us but post feed from the other, we have no clue what your on about. and as I'm more awesomer then The Coffee Drinker, come take me out first please...
  9. POG MA HAON 2

    POG MA HAON 2 New Member

    The only thing you are doing is making me and The Coffee Maker money, we're having fun the way we play and if anyone has a problem with the way we play they can feel free to send me an inbox

    I HAVE REMOVED U FROM MY MOBB 2 AND THERES A REASON...TOO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT YOU... and running around bellyaching all over the forum..becauSe your former DON status....P A T H E T I C

    THE only style of play ye know...hit list me offline...sorry wasent that what you were doing when i did have a word with line hitlisting my squadd
    The Coffee Drinker has put a Hit on you for $16,381,283.
    7 hours ago delete

    Your booby trap was a success, you have killed The Coffee Drinker.
    7 hours ago delete
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  10. dog

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    you say its a punishment!!!! so players at the top need punishing do they??/ just because they can//have played the game longer //better to advance its a crime huh,,they cant attack you because get the out of experiance level message, it isnt a punishment its a cheap (considered not to use bad words) way for you low levels to hurt high levels and the xp earned they loose once killed on hitlist
    so i believe its only far for the people hitlisted to have 24hour to hit back at all how have tried there luck so you constant hitlisting higher levels is asking for retaliation its only time get to hit back or fight anyone because of the outa experiance clause game on ding DING (your dead)
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  11. Relentless

    Relentless Active Member

    If your going to quote me, at least make sure your reply to it makes sense.

    I never said top players need to be punished, I said being hitlisted is a punishment and last time I checked, everyone could be hitlisted.
    When bounty hunting, retaliation is to be expected. BUT in MY PERSONAL opinion, some people take it to far. To the point that someone can't play their game until the window is closed. You can't even ambush someone because it's considered an attack, even though you wouldn't have to ambush them if they'd stop attacking you.

    The higher levels seem to think it's funny to kill the lower levels over an over, until they meet the lower level that fight's back. Then they turn into whinging little lala's like everyone else.

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