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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gina, May 5, 2011.

  1. Gina

    Gina Member

    Can anyone help, keep getting "The page you request was not found" when following link on my phone. Even when I post them myself on facebook from PC then follow, ie place boss help on PC then go onto phone and click link and get that above message. Anyone know what I have messed up
  2. I have no clue, but I'll take a shot in the dark, just cause that always sounds like fun.

    Kano Apps doesn't have a phone load out. Which means your Iphone can't load it because well, there's no load out that it can interpret.

    Or, your phone just doesn't like Kano, in which case, it should be thrown out of the window of a moving vehicle, run over by a semi, rolled into a dirty baby diaper, then shot off with a rocket straight for the sun.
  3. av4tar

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    if your using safari .. dont!

    get a 3rd party browser like iCab mobile, well worth the purchase and set it to desktop mode! i use an iphone 4 and sony Arc on android 2.3.2! i never use stock browsers, lack of options.

    Some reason its all changed because it use to work :s but as i say, set it to desktop not mobile view and all will be ok :) found out about this earlier on another fb game and this resolved it.

    the answer above, senior or not was pretty pointless tbf!
  4. Hello Gina, i had the same issue for a while.. FINALLY .. I got the update alert for Facebook .. once you down load that up date you should be fine.. i can now get on zs from my iphone again .. :)
    Hope that helps you hun :)
  5. Gina

    Gina Member

    cheer buudy just got that sorted - thank you it was doing my head in. BIG thank you

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