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    As a daily bounty hunter I can say that the system is perfectly fair the way it is right now. Let's think about it, I attack you on the bounty list, you can attack kill me back meaning I instantly lose the same percentage of XP you lost from getting bountied in the first place. Multiply that by the number of bounties we attack that we don't get but do get attack killed for and it is clear we lose ALOT of XP from bounty hunting. About half of my deaths are from going suicidal off of the bounty list or getting attack killed by those I attack on the bounties. I don't see how it is even relatively close to being an issue that we get a little bit of XP from some of the fights we win off of the bounty list when the bounty list is already heavily stacked in the favor of higher levels. I like the current system, I don't mind sacrificing XP for $ but my point is that already happens and I would feel cheated if you further increased that aforementioned concept which is already so heavily in place. The high level on the bounty list not only gets fight wins but also gets kills while on the bounty list in addition to kills, wins, battle drops, and xp from attack killing those who attack him/her. Plus we should keep in mind getting bountied should be a PUNISHMENT. I already think that punishment is not large enough and furthering the benefits from getting bountied or the repercussions from claiming that bounty is a very poor idea.
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    LMAO...if u actually believe the crap u just wrote here...u definitly dont have a clue and u r certainly playing the wrong game. Let me guess...u voted for Obama?
  3. Buying empire. You must have a cheap bounty if you don't see the advantages of winning a 14 trillion bounty and spending it all on empire. You also must have a cheap bounty when you buy thousands of legendary items in the shops.

    Not to get into an argument here, but with the ridiculously high cost and upkeep requirements of the legendary items, there is no point for them. Every player with an ounce of common sense can see that the Legendaries are worthless. Boss drops are cheaper to get, easier to get, and better than the legendary items by far.

    Even crafted items would be better since they do not have upkeep.

    To get back to the main point though. If you honestly believe that money is useless after level 100, then you're clearly not one to be giving advice to anyone else in this game on how to build empire.

    I've spent trillions of coins on empire. In less than 100 days, I'm close to level 1,530 with a 1.5 trillion base bounty, and it'll keep growing too as long as I bounty hunt. Money is a vital factor in your game play as you level up. The more expensive you are to bounty, the less likely someone is going to spend money that they need on you.

    Also, if you weren't aware, when you attack someone on the bounty board, they can only attack you until they've killed you. I.e. I attack Polish on the bounty, he hits me back and kills me. I'm on his list for 24 hours, but he can't attack me anymore since he's already killed me.

    Though, this wouldn't apply if the player you attacked is in your experience range.

    Anyway. After I saw you say that money is worthless after level 100, I had to jump in on that.

    As for the topic of the thread:

    No. There is no benefit from riding the list other than to "Rack up wins and experience". If anything, riding the list is an annoyance to me since it messes up my clicking pattern when another bounty pops up.

    Not getting any experience riding the list? Easy solution. Stop riding the list.

    In fact, I was just thinking that Kano should increase the cost of repeated heals in order to stop bounty riding. If it costed a trillion or more coins to heal each time, heh.
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    Touché! Your razor sharp reasoning has managed to refute every single point I made. Sarah Louise Palin must be very proud of you.
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    She will be after she googles 'proud'.
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    I do not care what my bounty is because no matter how high, there will always be some psycho willing to pay it. In addition I tend to avoid PvP (Person versus Person) play which also reduces the amount of times I get bountied. In the past 3 weeks I have only been bountied once. This was by someone (with far fewer clan than I) that I had to spend 3 stamina on in order to get my gamer points in for the day. This was only 3 attacks and it did not result in a kill. I did not bounty them in return, not because I couldn't afford it but because, from their point of view, It might have seemed like I was bullying them and so was justified.

    I would debate :) your assertion that all legendary items are worthless. If you can use them for attack or defence they are not entirely useless. The lowest warrior I use is the Balder Protégé, attack 28, defence 26. If I buy 20 Legendary Axe Warriors at 25 attack and 28 defense, it does nothing for my attack but it raises my defence by 40 which isn't anything to bother about but if I can buy 2,000 of them that's a whopping 4,000 extra defense which is the equivalent of 153 extra Balder Protégé warriors on defence. Okay they would cost an eye-watering 48 trillion with upkeep of 16 billion but if I can afford it, why not. In close battles that could be enough to change a loss into a win. Contrast this with PvP play. Have you ever decided not to bounty someone you could afford to bounty just because their bounty was a bit high or is the only reason you wouldn't bounty someone because you did not have that much cash on hand at the moment in which case you would just ask a wealthier guildmate to bounty them for you. I would bet I gain more XP by being attacked and winning than you keep by players deciding not to bounty you.

    I would agree with you about boss drops and to a certain degree about crafted items. But crafted item very often require you to give up one or more items that are actually still useful to you. Case in point is the Poison Stroke, 57 attack, 57 defence. In order to craft it you need to sacrifice 2 drop items with combined stats of 103 attack and 103 defense so unless your lowest attack/defence is over 49 you are losing 46 attack/defense by crafting this item.

    I did not say money was useless, I said it was meaningless. There is a significant difference between the two concepts. For example two wealthy businessmen would like a private meeting with the head of state. One is worth 3 billion the other 340 million. The amount of money they have is meaningless because what they want cannot be bought, but their money is not worthless because it can buy other things.

    Even after buying all the legendary warriors I can use (I have long since passed the stage where I had to buy weapons) I still have a lot of surplus income. I could buy more empire with it but all that would get me is more income. I would be spending income to buy income that I can only use to buy more income :). If I have nothing to spend it on does it really matter, in practical terms, if my income is 200 billion or 160 billion.

    I was not aware of this. Is this just true of someone placed on a rivals list after a bounty attack or does it apply to any method of ending up there? If you attack Polish again while on their rivals list are they still unable to attack you? Can anyone else corroborate this statement?

    I must admit that I do find bounty hunting tedious it's a bit like playing a one-arm bandit, most of the time you get nothing but occasionally you hit the jackpot. I concede that for PvP players money has more uses, but for those who aren't primarily PvP players it's significance falls way below the resources of stamina, energy, skill points, clan size and favor points.

    I would be interested to know how you have managed to convert the trillions you have won bounty hunting into actual levels as you imply you have? Perhaps you could also share your bounty hunting expertise. I am always willing to learn :)
  7. Okay.

    The stats of the legendary items pale in comparison to the boss drops. Keeping in mind that almost all of the boss drops can be upgraded to be even stronger as you level up renders the legendary items even more useless. If you want to play with them, that's your thing. For players who participate in over 50 bosses a day and collect massive amounts of boss drops though, Legendary items are only used to complete adventures that require them.

    That's where planning comes into play. Most players realize this and wait before crafting until the items needed for crafting are no longer being used in battle.

    Fine, we'll use the comment where you said "All you really need is enough to pay for all the weapons and warriors you can use and then the upkeep of them all." This isn't true. Even if you don't care about your own bounty, or being placed on the bounty board, Empire still controls your profit per hour. The more property you can buy, the higher your income per hour. The more money you get off the bounty board, the more you can invest into property.

    Also, I get that you don't participate in battling save for your gamer points. Money is also used to fund counter attacks and bounty traps.

    So you don't spend money to increase your own income, you don't battle... why are you playing the game? Doesn't make sense to me to play a game where you ignore two of the biggest parts of the game.

    If I attack Polishpimp on the bounty board, I appear on his rival's list. If he's out of my experience range, he can attack me back until he kills me or the 24 hours are up. If he kills me and I heal, and if he tries to attack me again, he'll get the message "This player is out of your XP range."

    Now, if I attack/axe slap Polishpimp after he's off the bounty board, I've opened myself up to retaliation for 24 hours. The above scenario only applies to bounty attacks made against players out of your XP range.

    If I attack Polishpimp on the bounty board and we're within each other's XP range, then he can attack me for as long as he wants, whether he kills me or not.

    I don't recall implying that the trillions I've spent have gone into levels? I said I invested trillions of coins into empire and have raised my base bounty to levels higher than players who have been playing for 800 or more days. Since I'm a battle player, this is actually necessary since there are some higher level players who will chain bounty you - especially if you have a cheap bounty - 20 times just because they can. Now, with a higher base bounty, after the first few bounties they place on you, it gets too expensive to do it.

    Look at some of the higher level players. Mike for example. His base bounty is somewhere close to 9 trillion coins. Someone bounties him for 9 trillion coins, he dies, then his bounty is now bumped up to 16-18 trillion coins. That's a lot of coin to pay when players are using coin for empire and weapons/warriors/crafting. By Mike's third bounty, his bounty cost will be close to 30 trillion coins, and so on and so on.

    Your particular style of play may not require a higher amount of income or a high bounty. If that works for you, then great. I just don't see it being all that useful.
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    Not to be rude, but u simply dont get it. Its fine that u choose to focus on areas of the game that were added as filler and to put less of an emphasis on the games core elements but the simple fact that u do this shows that u dont understand the game in its entirety. To be successful at these games one needs to understand the delicate balance of every aspect of the game and how they work together to build an all around solid account

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