[Other] no XP for riding...No XP for those that attack

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by polishpimp, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    ambushes dont apply when attacking someone on bounty
  2. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    What r u talking about? Your hundreds of levels higher yet still dont win all the time with a boost and u lose every time when attacked. U cant last on bounty nor can u take me down unless the pc starts refreshing. hence the 1700+ bounty attacks by u yesterday .

    Guess im pulp free ;)
  3. i still dont get it why polish cry about bounty think ?
    first you dont get exp from players that attacking you but you get lots rivals that you can attack later and get all exp you need !!!! so there is fair deal on Kano system !! think, polish axe and Good luck :)
  4. Bubba

    Bubba Member

    Wow, this has gone in several directions. The original claim was that the attacker (hunter) not gain XP since the prey (healer) is not getting any either. If the hunter looses the battle, they do not gain XP. So if you are so "great" to be able to click heal all the time while on the bounty list then you should be able to win all those battles and the hunter does not get any XP nor any wins. If you are loosing while on the bounty list then improve your stats so that hunters do not get XP while attacking. I don't think we should change the current system for this in regards to your original idea.
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Huh...r u playing the same game as i am? R u reading this whole thread? I already dont get crap for XP while hitting u on bounty because u cant withstand my attack for more than a few seconds.

    LMAO....i was knocked outta 1st? I havent leveled but 1 or 2 a day in weeks.....u were allowed to pass because im no longer power leveling and have reached or exceeded every goal. Lets not forget I passed u like u were standing still in 2 separate accounts...the second one started from level 1 and caught and passed u at level5k in mere months. My account still whoops your ass all day long and ranks at or near the top in every significant category. yours? ROFLMAO!

    Yep...your #1 Fielding...CONGRATS. gotta get back to whoopn your ass now...talk at ya later. LOLOLOLOLOL
  6. Grand Master Fielding

    Grand Master Fielding Active Member

    Funny - but wasn't this post about my getting experience from beating you up on the bounty list - and you being pissed about that? ERGO - seems I'll be the one dishing out the beatings - ty very much.
  7. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    uh...NO! this thread wwas and is about making it fair for everyone in regards to the bounty. Ive championed the idea for XP for those riding the list for years now but that idea has been repeatedly shot down. So Stiil trying to even things out for all those playing I ve suggested this idea as an alternative.

    Why u think this has anything to do with u is beyond me. Considering I beat u with every single attack and u r not capable of taking me off bounty by yourself....I actually stand to lose xp if this idea is implemented . I get XP every single time I hit someone on bounty because i lose to no one. My idea is to eliminate the XP i would normally get because i dont think its right that the player riding the list gets nothing,

    Beatings eh? which planet are u living on? when the day comes that u actually can beat me on a regular basis...u will be getting a healthy dose of counters much like u give me now. The only diff being that Im way faster and can keep up the counters where as watching u set counters is akin to watching paint dry
  8. in regards to Polish crying about how when he gets bountied he doesnt think anybody should get xp from a bounty win: shut up you crybaby loser. Now that theres actually someone winning when they attack you ( Fielding Rocks!!), you think Kano should change the rules just for you and JJ, again. You already managed to get kano to change the rules for war bounties, because you didnt like it that lower levels could get points from just listing you. Take ur lumps and shut up! Only two people playing this game could possibly have a problem with this. So 4000 people like getting xp from a bounty win, and you wimps dont like it, because you think ur too special for the rest of us to get xp off you while you heal for hours? 4000 vs 2 you do the math! Quit crying and play!
  9. Yeah, in ZS we only get xp for the first 20 attacks on or off the hitlist. So if it's someone we fight regularly, say, and we've already attacked them 10 times that day, we only get xp for the first 10 hitlist attacks.
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  10. Well, since the attacker didn't get bountied why *shouldn't* he gain xp if he wins? Duh.

    All the stuff that needs to be addressed in this game and *you're* worried about *that*?! Wow.
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  11. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    If we are talking about making bounties fairer by removing benefits for all but the final attacker how about removing benefits to the bountied player as well.

    The only people who should appear on their rivals list should be the final attacker and the player who placed the bounty.

    After all, whatever you may think, people are not forking out 14 trillion so that you can benefit from being bountied.
  12. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    i dissagree with the post above
    if you go for a bounty you open yourself up for attack
    thats the risk of bounty hunting just like if you punch a higher player u open yourself
    regarding the xp i belive if you can ride the hitlist thats an acheivement and if the attacker gains or looses xp
    then only fair the person on the hitlist gains too
  13. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    What I am trying to saying is that it is WRONG for the system to place a bounty attacker on their rivals list. A bounty hunter is only after the cash, the real rival of the bountied player is the one who placed the bounty. There is even a relevant message for this, I didn't Bounty you, I only killed you. It becomes unfair because they will only attack low level bounty attackers who lost to them. Bounty attackers who are at a much higher level will be left alone. In other words, why should only lower level players get attacked for going after a bounty?

    As I said before, if someone has paid good money to bounty an opponent, and the opponent benefits from this, then what is the point of bountying them in the first place?
  14. Fusheng

    Fusheng Active Member

    but dont you agree the fun of going for the big bounties is knowing u may get attacked back
    most players i know only tap back a few sometimes not at all depends on the player
    but most who get attacked on the HL know the real enemy is the one that listed them
    but saying that some players ride the hitlist just to get targets as the fightpage may be small
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Your kidding right? What is the one and only way to collect the money from a bounty....to kill that player right? What is the one and only method of killing the player on bounty...... attack them right? what is the inevitable outcome of being put on the list...death right? what happens when u die...loss of Xp right? So essentially when a player regardless of their level attacks me while on bounty their intent is to kill me...i cant imagine it getting more personal than that nor can i think of a better reason for someone showing up on my rival page than the fact that they just tried to kill me.

    Large bountys can be a game changer depending on there amount and the level of the player who collects it.....your actually suggesting they should get that opportunity with out the chance of repercussions? Heck...why dont we just let everyone out of the prisons as well....to hell with consequences...them poor soles were just trying to better their lives through the suffering of others..no biggie...right?

    Your implying that their is some big benefit to being placed on bounty....Im assuming you mean they gain a rival list...right? So what benefit is it to me when a bunch of players thousands of levels below me put themselves on my rival page? i get extremely crappy Xp and usually kill them in one or 2 hits and then they r off my rival page...wheres the benefit? In the event a higher level hits me I get a little better Xp for a couple of hits and then they go hide or start to counter...so again...wheres the benefit?

    Too many players seem to think that just because a player has been put on the bounty list that they must have done something wrong and deserve to die and the corresponding loss of XP. That is of course unless it happens to them...then these same people start crying up here the forums or in the feeds that they r being bullied because they r being listed for no reason. There is no criteria that must be met b4 someone can be placed on bounty, players get listed all the damn time simply because they have a low bounty or the fact that someone simply doesnt like them. What your saying is that players shouldnt have any recourse other than to bounty them back? If this is the case....Then what many players deem as bullying now will pale in comparison to what would happen if no recourse were available.

    As far as only attacking players that lost to them...ummmmm...r u suggesting they only attack players they cant beat? If u r....I think your missing the whole point of these games,. Very much like like the player who goes for a higher level bounty...the player who then goes to his rival page to retaliate against those who attacked them then have a choice on who they want to attack...some will be very easy wins...some will have negative repercussions. Much like life....its the choices we make and the forethought that goes into these decisions is what separates the good players from the bad. The ones who skate through life feeling that their decisions dont or shouldnt have consequences end up dead, in jail or on welfare, where as players that feel that way end up languishing in the low levels with crappy stats and whining here in the forums
  16. Linda

    Linda Guest

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    Zoonie, let's put it my way, anyone that come after me for a bounty is now on my rival list and if that players loses and I can beat them, they are going down, simple :)
  17. The Protector

    The Protector Banned

    10 from me.
  18. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    WRONG! If you are on the bounty list the inevitable outcome is that you are going to be killed no matter what. Does it matter who does it, no! Likewise the bounty hunter does not give a damn who you are or what you've done to get there. All they want is the reward money. Killing the player is just something they have to do to get the money just like completing the adventure is something they have to do to earn the skill points. If you placed a bounty on the player who bountied you, they would be just as eager to collect on that. Hard to imagine a PvP action that is more impersonal than bounty hunting.

    WRONG! Past about level 100 money becomes meaningless. All you really need is enough to pay for all the weapons and warriors you can use and then the upkeep of them all. When my level was in the 300s I regularly had about 150 billion coin on hand and my upkeep was about 15% of my income (at higher levels legendary warriors can soak up a bit more cash but needs are still essentially they same). If for example I had taken your bounty of 14 trillion how would this have been a 'game changer'? There would have been nothing that I needed that I could spend it on. I may be missing some nuance of play here so could you actually spell out the game changing aspect of have a huge influx of spare cash that I remain ignorant of?

    Well if they don't win they lose 1 stamina and a bit of health isn't that punishment enough :).

    In the same medium as you hysterical rant above, if someone takes one swing at you and just succeeds in knocking some of the dandruff of your shoulder do they really deserve to be tortured for 24 hours then killed? During the closing days of Hi5, as an experiment I did a single, harmless, bounty attack on one of the biggies. As a result I was attacked multiple times; axe-slapped and bountied. If that sounds like a reasonable response to you then your jacket should tie up in the back with leather straps.

    So let's get this straight even though you get "extremely crappy" XP you still go to the trouble of killing them. In your own words, "wheres the benefit?". I assume you could get better XP by hitting an entry on your Valhalla list.

    Yes I too get annoyed at all the whining, bitching and moaning that occurs when someone thinks something in the game is directly geared towards not being fair to them.

    http://forums.kanoapps.com/showthread.php?6745-Battle-Drops-Coming-Friday-March-16!/page2 Post #19

    Sorry you seem to be raving again. You imply that someone would: pick a name at random; Check their stats to see if their bounty amount was low enough; then spend good money to bounty them. All in order to accomplish what?

    Similarly you say people get bountied for not being liked. Logic says that if you do not like someone they have done something to make themselves disliked. If you dislike someone that may indeed be a good enough reason to bounty them.

    WRONG! What I said was there in plain sight in my original post that you quoted. This was, that only the one setting the bounty and the one who actually claimed it should be placed on the rivals list.

    So, as it's not the case, I guess we'll never get to see what would make bullying pale in comparison to if no recourse were available.

    WRONG! I am suggesting that only those who stand a chance against the bountied player (as well as the payer and collector) should be placed on their rivals list. If the ones far above who actually beat you and get XP get a free pass why shouldn't the lower levels who took a chance but won nothing escape as well.

    UTTER CLAPTRAP! Even the most mediocre of players can make a name for themselves it they hang around long enough. There is living proof of this on MySpace.
  19. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    The fun of going for a bounty is in getting it not in getting beaten up for trying :)
  20. Zoonie

    Zoonie Member

    WHY? [post lengthen past the 10 character minimum]

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