[ZS] No Raid Leaderboard / What comes after Raids finish?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Tony Cecil, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Tony Cecil

    Tony Cecil Active Member

    Since for some unknown reason we do not have a raid leaderboard on zombies this time around, what comes after they end? You know seeing how you have an entire achievement section dedicated to finishing in the top 5%, 10%, and 20% on said leaderboard. Will we be receiving anything at all? Just curious.
  2. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    This was covered in last week's TGIF (Jan 10), please read those as they will contain answers to most questions you might have about the game. The short of it is the Raid leaderboards in their current state are being retired and replaced with personal leaderboards that track your stats for the current Raid (for ZS this would be the Feb 6 Raid).

    For the achievements, we're looking at a better way of rewarding them as removing the tiers from Raids meant that the achievements were largely inaccessible for a lot of the players so stay tuned for news on that.
  3. Kirsten

    Kirsten Well-Known Member

    Hardly anyone reads them unless I post them in chats :p
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  4. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    I always forget to check newsfeed in-game as well for TGIF's, Why not have them on forums anymore Mitch?
  5. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    SEO for Kano Play.
  6. JADES

    JADES Well-Known Member

    Why not both then?
  7. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Something to consider for the future, but if we're trying to increase searchability for KanoPlay, having content be in two locations at once defeats the purpose right now.
  8. Hobo

    Hobo Member

    i wonder why the raid leaderboard removal. was a nice way to see the good raiders to join your raid now cant tell :(. i imagine some will not spend as much on raids anymore now the competitive element is gone. :rolleyes:

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