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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by DarkStratus, Dec 9, 2011.

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    if you can only update the current games 3-4 times a year with new content, i really think kano, since they are an admittedly small company, should try to focus on pleasing thier current customers rather than putting all their time into a new game that may or may not ever make up. Unless of course you wish to risk your current consumer database, which in my humble opinion is on very thin ice at the present time. I only play one game, thats all i have time for, and i see people leaving in groups.....

    new content or new game, doesnt sound like much of a choice where im sitting.
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    who said that only kano was going to create the game i bet they could get some fans to help out in the coding for the game and while we are working on it kano could help and release new content for the old games im not sure how a public codeing would work but i think it can be posible and the only people who can acsess the coding would be the people who sighn up to create the game and are acepted.then after the game is finished kano can make it so that only they can acsess it
  4. lol, as if neill...

    the date of this thread is 12-09-2011 01:54 AM

    And I guess in the months that have passed, Kano has been hard at work on their new game. ;)
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    what do you mean by improve, variety?
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    hey i was just throwing the idea out there
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    Sorry but I will not be upset if Kano will bring another great game instead of Hollywood Zombie, or w.t.h. that game name is. I've played but didn't like. I do enjoy like playing VC, PC, MOB, ZS, but after all this time I'm expecting something new and competitive from Kano.
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    No picture this time clubber.
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    I did post one, but hmmm... guess the pictures was taken down.

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    Thanks for the plug Lana :)

    While it's a much smaller scope than a lot of our games, it definitely is fun. Check it out!

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