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    Welcome to Mob Wars - La Cosa Nostra!

    Download our LCN New Player Guide (PDF) here.

    Looking for something specific? There are some quick links below!

    Hired Guns
    Raid Bosses
    Favor Points

    LCN New Player Guide

    Welcome to Mob Wars. Now that you’ve found your feet it’s time to get you moving upwards on your way to glory. Along the way you are going to battle tough underworld Bosses, rival mobsters, and challenging Raids.

    First things first, you are going to need to know how to fight. You should start by going to your Fight List. Here you will see a list of other players in your fight range (10% above or below your level). You can see their current health and mob size which will help you know if you want to take them on.

    Whenever you attack you will take your Total Attack Power (your Attack, equipped items, and items your mob are using) and put them against your target’s Total Defense Power. The strongest of the two will win the fight and deal the most damage.

    Your Health also comes into play during a fight. It determines how much damage you can take but also the maximum damage you can deal per attack.

    Each attack will cost you Stamina and will earn you Experience and Cash. Watch out though, fighting also makes you enemies. By reviewing your Rivals List you can see everyone who had the gall to take you on.
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    Let’s talk about the bigger fish to fry. The underworld is home to plenty of Bosses – tough customers who’ve been around long enough to yield serious loot if you can take them on.

    Find the bosses available to you on the Bosses Page. Just like normal fights, it takes Stamina to fight bosses. When fighting bosses you can make regular attacks or Power Attacks. Power attacks use more stamina but also earn more cash and experience.

    To defeat a boss you will need to eliminate them before the fight timer runs out. If you are having trouble you can always invite other players to help you out. If you’d like to invite other players to help on your boss, click the Help button to share an invite or the Share button to post a link in the chat.

    Keep an eye on your Social Feed and the Job Chat for help requests! No good deed goes unrewarded. Helping others will earn you cash, experience, items, and much needed allies.
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    Now that you can fend for yourself it’s time to earn cash and expand your empire. One of the best ways to do that is to complete Jobs. Jobs use up energy and every job you complete will earn you cash, experience, and unlock new bosses and Challenges.

    Visit the Jobs Page to see what work is to be done in your current city. These jobs take energy and the higher the cost the better the payout.

    If you run out of energy you won’t be able to do more jobs until you get more. Your energy regenerates over time, but you can always get more by leveling up or using a Boost.
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    With jobs out of the way Challenges will be unlocked. Challenges are minigames where you can win extra cash, experience, and Favor Points without having to spend energy or stamina. You can find all of your available challenges by going to your jobs page and navigating to the Challenges Page.

    Every challenge requires tokens (like Keys, Bullets, or Chips) to complete. These regenerate once an hour, but you can always ask your friends for more.

    Earn experience by returning the favor and helping your fellow mobsters. If you are having trouble finding these requests you can filter your social feed to show Challenge Help requests.
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    City Property:
    Nothing says success quite like a giant stash of cash. Cash can buy you a lot of things in La Cosa Nostra: healing from the doctor, better inventory, combat actions like Hitlists, and new property.

    Storing your money in the Bank will protect you from losing money when other mobsters fight you. Even better is to take that money and reinvest it in City Properties which will generate a steady flow of income when you aren’t playing.

    Each time you buy property from the City Page the cost of that property will rise. This means it’s best to diversify to get a better deal.

    Income is earned every hour, but that can be reduced by using certain Characters. Keep an eye out for items that have Upkeep costs. It’s always a good idea to check your Stockpile and sell off inventory you don’t need.
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    Inventory & Hired Guns:
    There are three kinds of inventory items: Weapons, Armor, and Vehicles. Each item has attack and defense stats.

    You’ll earn inventory from all kinds of places – some will drop when fighting or completing jobs, while others can be purchased with cash, Favor Points, or Loyalty Points.

    Your best items will be automatically equipped to your Personal Loadout. Everything else will be used by your Familia and Hired Guns.

    Adding friends to your Familia and getting Hired Guns are the two ways to increase the size of your mob. You will need to trade in Favor Points with The Godfather to get Hired Guns and accept or share invites to recruit other players into your mob.

    Since every ally can bring additional weapons, armor, and vehicles into combat, you will find that your unequipped items are as valuable as your equipped ones. Fortunately, your allies are smart and will automatically use the best possible items available to them. Growing your Mob’s power is key to winning fights.

    Keep tabs on your inventory – no one wants to go to war with last year’s weapons. You can buy, sell, and manage items from the Inventory Page.
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    Now that you know how to fight rivals, complete jobs, battle bosses, manage your empire’s holdings, and stay on top of challenges, the only thing left is to make allies and join a powerful crime Syndicate or create your own.

    Inviting other mobsters to join you is key as they will greatly enhance your power whenever you fight. Plus, allied mobsters can message you, exchange Gifts, and help you in fights, jobs, and challenges.

    Mobbing up is the key to getting stronger. The best way to rise to power is by joining a syndicate. Syndicates consist of up to 25 members, compete for the top ranks on weekly Leaderboards, fight each other during Syndicate Wars, and will be an endless source of knowledge and support.

    It is never too late to join a syndicate or create your own. Visit the Syndicate Page to get yourself sorted into the powerful ranks of fellow mobsters.
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    Raid Bosses:
    Raid Bosses are challenging fights that take a team of mobsters to defeat. They provide a ton of experience and the chance of acquiring high-quality loot.

    Raid Bosses are unlocked with 4 different Keys. Keys can drop from Jobs in specific Locations, each yielding a different Key. Jobs with higher Energy costs have a higher chance of dropping a Key.

    Even with a large and dedicated team, it will often take several days to defeat a Raid Boss so you’ll want a team of at least 20 mobsters to help battle a Raid Boss. You can invite players through the Invite Tab on your Raid Boss’ page. Fortunately, players don’t have to be a Mob member to be invited.

    When fighting, you will want to keep a close watch on the Raid Health Bar, as the Boss will deal back a lot of damage whenever someone attacks it. When your group’s health is low you will do less damage and earn less experience per attack.

    Loot is claimed when the Raid Boss is defeated. If the fight timer runs out before the Party can take it down, the Raid Boss will escape without dropping items.
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    Favor Points:
    Favor Points are an essential currency used to get you:
    • Rare and powerful weapons, armor, and vehicles.
    • Hired Guns who can bulk up your mob size.
    • Refills to your Energy, Stamina, or Cash.
    • New characters with unique abilities.
    Favor points can be earned by defeating Bosses, finishing challenges, winning Wars, and completing Achievements.

    If you feel that you aren't progressing as quickly as you'd like, you are also able to buy Favor Points with real life currency by visiting the Godfather page.
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    Mob Wars is a social game that hinges on you finding allies and making rivals. One of the best ways to do that is within the Chat.

    The Chat window will always be at the bottom of your page and can be expanded by tapping on it. Once expanded you will find the World, Syndicate, Jobs, and Lounge chats.

    • World Chat – A friendly spot for everyone on the server.
    • Syndicate Chat – Where you and your fellow teammates can meet and plan.
    • Job Chat – A server-wide place for boss links and syndicate recruitment.
    • Lounge Chat – Where players go for unmoderated, competitive talk.

    The Lounge Chat is the most popular but also the most contentious. Within the lightly-moderated walls of the Lounge Chat you will find rude talk and players looking to make rivals. You can click through player’s names within the Lounge Chat making attacking and hitlisting other players very easy. Mobsters beware!


    That wraps up your Cosa Nostra crash course! For more detailed game info, check out the Mob Wars: LCN Knowledgebase.

    Have questions? Submit a ticket.

    Good luck and happy hunting!
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