[LCN] New Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Characters!

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  1. mi7ch

    mi7ch Administrator

    Knuckle Duster

    These guys specialize in handiwork - that is, beating their enemies to a pulp with their hands.

    knuckle duster.jpg

    Faster Stamina and Income regeneration (than its level 100 contemporary).
    +0.25% power boost while Attacking and Defending (PVP only). +1.5% more Cash on Jobs. -1% on Bank deposit fee.

    Double Agent

    Masters of shadow-play, nobody knows who the Double Agent is working for, only who they're working against.

    secret agent.jpg

    Faster Energy and Income regeneration (than its level 100 contemporary).
    +3% more Cash on Jobs. -1% on Bank Deposit Fees. -1% on Job Energy requirement.


    When everything was taken from them, the Vigilante took matters into their own hands.


    Faster Energy and Stamina regeneration (than its level 100 contemporary).
    +0.25% power boost while Attacking and Defending (PVP only). -1% on Job Energy requirement.
  2. theedge21

    theedge21 New Member

    is this correct because in the game the double agent seems to have the following bonus

    Faster Energy and Income regeneration (than its level 100 contemporary).
    +3% more Cash on Jobs. -1% on Bank Deposit Fees. -1% on Job Energy requirement.

    not the knuckle duster
  3. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Unless that top post was edited you are comparing Apples to Apples.

    The Knuckle Duster's perks are listed under its image above which reads:

  4. theedge21

    theedge21 New Member

    yes the original post was just edited..I swear :)
  5. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    in game it says "+1.5% more Cash in Jobs." for the knuckle duster ...where as here u have it listed "+1% more Cash on Jobs."
  6. Gazember

    Gazember Guest

    Top Poster Of Month

    While the Critical Hit Bonus Attack adds a randomness of 15-20% on attack, I am wondering if that +0.25% power boost makes any difference?
  7. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    Crap, thanks for the heads up. In game is correct and I have given the wrong info to Mi7ch, I will update the top post.

    Apologies for the mixup.
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  8. Smack

    Smack Kano Krusader

    The +0.25% will be added to any Elite Mobster, Adrenaline or Stamina boost that you have so yes it will make a difference.
  9. Bocce

    Bocce Member

    Boy you really screwed people following the KingPin line. Who cares about saving 1% on back fees or 3% extra cash on jobs.? The bank is worthless, and the jobs payout well enough.
  10. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Actually, getting income 36 times a day and, with all achievements, energy every 40 seconds, (2160 Energy a day, without boosts) is a rather nice boon. As for 3% more money on jobs? Sure, it doesn't sound like much at first, but with the masses of energy you'll have, your money will pile up even faster. I agree with the worthlessness of the reduced bank fee, this feature is more or less a joke, after having the last bank achievement, there is no real reason to stockpile cash in there, unless you want a bragging rights reward.
  11. Bad attitude

    Bad attitude Member

    Character class at 1000

    This new Character class at 1000 is a joke

    Seriously 175 favor points. How about 150 favor points

    A lot of people are talking about it in the feed and saying it is not worth it

    How about increasing the stats on the items we would get to a little higher

    That is my though on this new Character class at level 1000
  12. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Im gonna have to agree...I dont really see a whole lot of bang for the buck here. What lil bang I do see seems to be directed at the energy players only Would it be safe to assume that the new character will have similar increases in the other games?. The stam increase is pretty much a laugher as a few extra stam per day is going to make zero impact on a mostly stam driven game. To be completely honest ....if this wasnt an opt in option it would be almost as insulting as giving a level 10k the same 50 stam refill as a level 500 upon leveling. Like Das said....not really much point to the decreased deposit fee. The bank is currently worthless after the last achievement. Ive got quads upon quads on hand...why would I put it in the bank and lose anything? The increase for cash on jobs is great if your still a lower level and leveling and doing jobs like mad....not so great if your already a high level. The quicker energy regeneration and the lesser job energy requirement seems to be more prominent than any of the other goodies but favors one type of player heavily.....not everyone is an energy player. The increase to attack and def will be interesting to see how it plays out but I have a feeling its gonna be barely noticeable.... if those percentage increases were applied to our our overall att n def numbers than that would be something to see. Increasing ones elites is not going to do much at all.

    As Im sure you were expecting to hear....the biggest problem of all is how the highest of levels are once again left screwing the pooch. When this idea was first brought to us for discussion Im pretty sure the majority was in favor of making these characters available at a much higher level. I wouldnt consider a level 1 k to be a high level at all. Once again are the characters in the other games gonna have similar numbers as these? I realize that LCN doesnt have players as high level as the other games but they still have a ton of players way beyond level 1k. How many more jobs could they have done and how much more coin coulld they have made from these job if these characters were available to them when they were level 1k ( how about the additional XP and drops)? How much coin could they have saved and used for listing or properties to build income if they would have had this available to them then? How much more stamina could they have gained over the years....stamina that the players closer to level 1k wont have to pay for in terms of refills? I guess it could be argued that the increases are so slight that it wont be some big advantage for the lesser levels....but that wouldnt be a very good sales pitch when your charging a 175 fp per. So I guess the question is this......is it not a very good deal or are the higher levels getting screwed (again)?

    If a player chooses to buy one of these new characters there should be some type of retroactive compensation . I realize it would be impossible to pinpoint exactly how much of what should be awarded but it shouldnt be to hard to figure out an average for each dependent on a few key numbers. At the very least the players that have exceeded level 1 k should be able to purchase these new characters at a prorated amount. Some players depending on level should definitely be getting them for free.

    In the end...If this same type of thing in its current form and level eligibility with no type of compensation comes to VC or PC I would have to seriously consider hanging it up. I understand the need for new stuff but its always waaaaay more beneficial to the lesser levels and basically diminishes everything all those that came before ever did. Ive played these games way to long and put in way to much coin to continue to watch everything you do allow others to do more both quicker and for less with no chance of ever catching up the ground we will inevitably lose due to updates like these.
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  13. Bad attitude

    Bad attitude Member

    Polish pimp has a good point But I would do 2 things
    1. reduce the 175 favor points to say 125 favor points
    2. The load out items below I would increase there stats + another 5% So this way these items are a one of a kind

    Double Agent - Shadow Whisper 255 130 - Kevlar Blazer - 86 300 - Night Racer - 194 194

    Vigilante - Tommy Shotgun - 194 194 - Vigilante Gloves - 86 300 - Vigilante Interceptor - 255 130

    Knuckle Duster - Meat Mauler - 255 130 - Bloody Apron - 194 194 - Abbatoir Cruiser - 86 300
  14. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Level 1000 on LCN, if you know what you're doing and build right can be reached in less than 4 weeks, if you're very active. I agree, the higher levels really get the short end of the stick. One could argue that the higher levels usually have far higher energy and stam than the lower levels, as well as more achievements unlocked which influence regen ratios, thus they will see more energy than the lower levels, but I consider this point rather moot. Those that come behind the high-level players will have an even easier time leveling now. It's a simple fact that having more energy and stam at lower levels allows one to scrounge more boss drops/cash. Then again, most of the highest leveled players run around with high-level legendary/optimal Boss Drops as their weakest items and they most likely have tons of boss drops where they're waiting for upgrades. And Job drops become useless rather fast, especially on LCN, where you can get a great loadout for your mob far more easily due to bosses and boss drop crafting.

    Sometimes I feel like the lower-leveled players are handed tons of things to keep them playing, overwhelming some and making them reconsider playing further. I think it would definitely beneficial if there wasn't only content aimed at the broad masses but at the largest players. Give the old guard a shot at the moon, they really deserve it. They have explored the games when they were far more difficult than they are now, seeing people reaching milestones they once fought hard for with hardly an effort now has to be disheartening, especially if the things to look forward to seem or even are bleak in comparison.

    I don't think a retroactive compensation is going to work, for example, my level 2230 mobster on Kanoplay has done about 25 - 30k jobs since level 1000. Might even be more. Yes, I'm a high energy player. If I got some retroactive reward for the jobs, be it either energy or cash, it would most likely be massive.

    I think the new characters should be introduced at a higher Level. Level 2000 on Mob Wars, Level 3000 or 4000 on VC/PC, Level 1500 on ZS. This way there would be a feeling of achievement when buying the character, you came this far and can now reap rewards. Not just a feeling of "Oh, neat, Level 1000, that didn't take long."

    And yes, Pimp, I fully agree with you. The old guard has a right to feel threatened here. Not just because of worthy rivals, losing to such people is no shame, but due to late-arriving people who breeze through the game without facing any of the difficulties players once faced and at the same time harvesting all the boons the old guard once unlocked. I don't think the old guard should be totally protected from competition, but there should be a measure of acknowledgement towards the players that have played for several years by now. I don't think retroactive energy/stam rewards are the way to go, but a boon for the old ones would be nice. Some of them have stood by Kano close to 5 years now.
  15. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Yeah...the whole retro active thing is a bit of a stretch. Could u imagine what some of us in VC or Pc would be eligible for? It borders on the absurd ....which is precisely my point. If the amount of retro active rewards is absurd than it obviously stands to reason that this update is absurd as well....The players at the levels that can reap the most benefit of an update such as this will be able to obtain as much if not more by the time they get to our levels and in a fraction of the time......Now that s absurd!. Like you said....The players that have been around the longest have had a much tougher go of things, what once took years now takes months if not weeks in some cases. Everything newer players enjoy today is due to the "old guard"....the ones that have stuck with Kano through all its ups n downs. It would be diff if all the newbs were my kids and I worked my ass off to give them a better life but thats not the case. The old guard has trail blazed these games and has financed Kanos operation only to get kicked in the teeth once again. I just dont think Kano gets it....they can add all the new crap they want .....but its not gonna do a bit of good if they dont dance with the girl that brought them to the prom. Whats the point of speeding up the game for all the newbs and lower levels Kano? Its painfully obvious you already cant keep up with the players at the tail end of the games....is it really a good idea to get even more players there?
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  16. Bocce

    Bocce Member

    Earning cash is very easy in this game. All those bumps are worthless. Compared with the other two characters bump in attack and defense. That is an edge in an attacking game. KANO screwed the KP line.
  17. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member


    I dont mind the idea of increasing the the limited items numbers....but Im not really feeling the whole drop in price thing. If I were around the 1 k level and still able to adapt my account how ever i saw fit in short order then the price might very well be worth it to me. If it was too affordable than everyone would have them and pretty much make the whole thing a wash with no great benefit to anyone, at that point why even bother with new characters and save everybody the FP. In addition to that....the extra affordability will only insure that even more players will get a huge advantage not afforded those of a higher level. Im more of the mindset to either eliminate them altogether or price them so high that a very very few would even buy them....thus lessening the negative affects brought on by this injustice of epic proportions being perpetrated on the long standing higher rated players. As if this hadnt already happened enough .....now theyve decided to do it on a more grandious scale than ever before. Nice of Kano to provide a shaker of salt for the never healing wounds they keep inflicting on us....lol
  18. Thank you once again, Polish and Biel. I knew if I kept quiet for a couple of days that one or more of you would do all the typing and save me the trouble. You both are correct. Once again Kano is delivering a slap in the face to the higher level players who slugged it out tirelessly to reach the rewards we current enjoy. Of course, once again, we are left waiting and spinning our wheels waiting for new content. Doing adventures long completed over and over while those behind us catch up.........but I digress.

    I think a combination of things need to be done if Kano is going to institute updated characters to VC and PC. 1. Institute them at a much higher level than 1k, as Biel suggested and 2. Pro rate their cost for players who have reached levels higher than the level at which they become available as Polish suggested. That should be the least they could do in order to make this even remotely acceptable to their most loyal supporters.
  19. polishpimp

    polishpimp Well-Known Member

    Nice post JJ. I agree with your agreement with me.....lol. I would only add that the more I think about it the more I think something needs to be awarded retroactively. the amount of coin, xp and drops that would be lost between level 1 k and level 10k + is just way to much to accept

    EDIT...I had posted some numbers here but my calculations were way off so I deleted them. I will rework them and repost later
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  20. Das liebe Beil

    Das liebe Beil Well-Known Member

    Now you did it Pimp, now I'm tempted to calculate possible losses. I'll take my level 6600, which should be telling enough for the losses.

    I'm using the Double Agent as it would be the one I will be using as soon as it comes over to VC.

    Bonus in Helheim: ~3k Energy. Averages may vary. Which would have been about 42 more adventures and ~15B Coins
    Bonus in Vingolf: ~3,5k Energy, 33 more advenutes, ~23B Coins
    Bonus in Asgard: ~5,9k Energy, 50 more adventures, ~39B coins
    Bonus in Midgard GT: ~5,6k Energy, 45 more adventures, ~45B Coins
    Bonus in Alfheim GT: ~9,6k Energy, 70 more adventures, ~75B coins
    Bonus in Nidavellir GT: ~5,5k Energy, 40 more adventures, ~50B coins
    Bonus in Muspell GT: ~5,7K Energy, 40 more adventures, ~84B coins
    Bonus in Helheim GT: ~6,4k Energy, 40 more adventures, ~180B coins
    Bonus in Vingolf GT: ~12,1k Energy, 63 more adventures, ~380B coins
    Bonus in Asgard GT: ~7,8k Energy, 40 more adventures, ~275B coins
    Bonus in Hel's Rising: 10,1k Energy, 55 more adventures, ~390B coins

    Well totaling this up, if I had gotten the character at level 1000 I would have gotten: 1,721T more coins. Not really important, given my current income figures, but still nice to have it and be able to invest it. The real kicker are the adventures, I'd estimate about 1M lost XP. 5 Levels at the least. That's without factoring the increased regen times for energy in. Another nice kicker is income. Being able to have 36x income a day earlier will boost your cash flow if you have at least a bit of understanding as to how you invest money. The possible gains there are simply staggering.

    While I will continue to hold the characters themselves in high regards, the level threshold for them is simply too low, the outliers of the game get screwed over with this, badly. Raising your income from 500B to 1T is far more easy than raising it from 3 to 4T (unless you milk the lottery, which is something I will have to consider to simply stay able to compete with newer players.)

    Let's face it, the idea is great, the boons are nice, but the people I like to call the old guard are getting the short end of the stick, things they fought tooth and nail for are now available for everyone and they feel threatened, cause whatever they do, if they want to stay able to fight the people coming after them, they feel they will have to spend lots of money to be able to equate the boosts the smaller players got almost for free.

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