[ZS] New Loyalty Items Coming Wednesday, October 19

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    Loyalty Items will be refreshed on Wednesday October 19. Here’s a sneak peak of the new lineup from Gold that will be available; if you want to grab any from the last rotation now is the time!

    You can pick these items up from the Loyalty section of the UN page next Wednesday, but for now, feast your eyes:



    Gold Khukri (282A/282D)
    Gold Ceremonial Helm (395A/169D)
    Gold MBT (168A/412D)



    Platinum Nadesledge (187A/458D)
    Platinum Space Helm (452A/194D)
    Platinum Hoverjunker (331A/331D)



    Diamond Lever Action (363A/363D)
    Diamond Visor Helmet (508A/218D)
    Diamond Landship (216A/529D)



    Alexandrite Eliminator (234A/573D)
    Alexandrite Blast Suit (565A/242D)
    Alexandrite JLTV (414A/414D)
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    And when the next update?
  3. mi7ch

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    April 2017.

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